UA’s Online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies

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UA’s Online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies

On your screen, you’ll
see a list of agenda items that we plan to cover
during the session. We’ll discuss the program,
admission requirements, and hold a question
and answer period at the end of the session. To ask a question, just
type in the text box found at the bottom left-hand
side of your screen like this. Feel free to type your
questions into the box during the session. We’ll address your questions
at the end of the presentation. We’re recording this session,
and the recorded session will be placed on our
website for future reference. We’ll provide you with
the link to the recorded session in the email that we’ll
send out in the next few days. Now I’ll turn it
over to Dr. Meyer to tell you more
about the program. The BS in Human Environmental
Sciences General Studies allow students the opportunity
to customize their curriculum to meet their career goals. It might be easier if
I give you an example. We had a young lady whose
family owned a clothing store. And her goal was to go into
business with her parents. They wanted her to
finish a degree. So we customized a curriculum
for her that involved fashion retailing, where she took
the majority of the classes in fashion retailing. She took
entrepreneurship classes so that she learned
how to run a business. Interactive technology was
a good component for her because her family
wanted to modernize their way of
advertising, and this allowed her to gain the
skills so that she could put much of their marketing online. So when she finished, she
was prepared with the skills that she needed to be able to
go into that family business and help run that operation. We have students all
over the country that are involved in our program. All of our state– I have a student in
Puerto Rico and in Guam. They range in age
generally from 21 to 61. So you’re never too
young or never too old to start learning. And the online
environment is perfect because it allows
flexibility for you to do your coursework
when you need to do that. Every student is required
at the University of Alabama to complete 120 credit
hours of coursework. For the General
Studies, we require that 35 hours of
that coursework be from the College of Human
Environmental Sciences and 15 hours to be at the
300 level or above. And 6 of those 15 hours
need to be writing courses. And those writing courses are
a general core requirement for the University. Our classes are
taught by UA faculty. The UA faculty have
developed the courses. The courses mirror the
student learning outcomes that you would gain if you were
sitting face to face on campus. So your learning
ability online gives you the advantage of having it
at your pace and, in General Studies, to design the
curriculum to meet your goals. We take applications
all year round. We have some students,
they’ll wait until the week before classes to
begin that process. And we have others
that are already registered for next semester. So it’s never too
early, never too late. Never stop learning. Thank you, Doctor Meyer. I’ll now talk about the
admission requirements. The admission requirements for
the BS HES in General Studies has the same requirements
as campus students. There are a few
types of admissions. You can be admitted as an
incoming first-time freshman or as a transfer student. And the requirements
will vary slightly. If you have no previous
college credit, you would apply as an
incoming first-time freshman. And you must have an acceptable
high school GPA and ACT or SAT scores. If you graduated
from high school more than four years
ago, you will only be required to submit
high school transcripts and not an ACT or SAT score. If you have previous college
credit but less than 24 hours of college-level work, you
must meet the same admission requirements as an incoming
first-time freshmen applicant as well as have maintained
a 2.0 GPA on all of your college-level work. If you have 24 hours or
more of college-level work, you must have maintained
a minimum of a 2.0 GPA on all college-level
work attempted. No high school records will be
considered during admission. Distance learning students
pay a flat hourly tuition rate regardless of residency. The rate does not include
any applicable course fees or books. Students have the option
to purchase access to the Student Health Center
and to the Student Recreation Center. Unfortunately, you must be
enrolled as a campus student in order to be eligible
for athletic tickets. The College of
Continuous Studies offers scholarships to students
who are enrolled in Bama By Distance degree programs. To apply for scholarships,
you must first be admitted to the University. Applications are
accepted year-round, and scholarships are
awarded each semester. As a distance learner,
you’ll have access to the same resources
available to campus students. You’re eligible to apply
for federal financial aid. Students eligible for military
educational assistance may use their
educational benefits here at the University of Alabama. Distance learners have access
to all university library resources, including access
to scholarly databases, assistance with
writing and citation, tools and tips for research, and
the Interlibrary Loan program. In the next few days,
you’ll receive an email with information that
includes important web addresses, resources,
and contact information, as well as a link to
the recorded session. Thank you all for
joining us today. This will conclude our
presentation portion of the session. I’m going to ask Dr. Meyer
a couple of questions that I commonly get and let her
talk about that a little bit. Dr. Meyer, I know you spoke
a little bit about students can come in– and you gave
an example of a student whose family may want her
to get a degree. Typically, we have
some students that want to do stuff in business
and not necessarily concentrated in Human Environmental Sciences. So we have a student that’s
interested in, say, business and psychology. Is a General Studies degree
a good degree for them to consider? It really depends on
their goals and what they want to do when they finish. Our degree allows
them the flexibility in designing a curriculum
that would be good for them, knowing that they need
35 hours within the college. So if they want to
combine the business and take marketing
with those hours– as long as they are in
a focused area of study within the college and take
35 hours of our courses, then it could be a good
curriculum plan for them to incorporate some
business courses. OK, and we have a question. Do you accept transfer credit? If so, is there a
limit to how many? We do accept transfer credits. And we evaluate those
transcript credits according to what
the goals and what the curriculum plan that the
student is trying to achieve. So the answer would be yes. And we have to
look at the courses and see how they fit
into the plan for meeting the requirements
for the University. Thank you. And just to add on to that,
with the applications, once you submit your application
and your official transcript, that’s something
that will be done once you have submitted
your application and been admitted
to the program. Another question,
since applications are accepted year-round,
you can start any time once we’re admitted? Yes, you can start any semester. Some courses are
offered in a sequence that you have to take
the prerequisites for. But there are a variety of
courses offered each semester, and many of our courses
are offered every semester. And one last
question that I have. Since students get to develop
their own courses based off of their career goals, is
there an academic advisor that helps with that? Yes, we have several
academic advisors that will help
students make that plan and will help them in advising
for registration for courses. They will be assigned
an advisor once they are accepted into our program. And that advisor will
reach out to the student and let them know
that they’re there for them when they need them. Thank you, Dr. Meyer. Do you have anything
else you would like to add about the program? The program is
completely online. At no time will you be
required to come to campus. We’d love to have
you come to campus, and any time you
do come to campus, we hope that you’ll knock
on our door and say hello. And especially at
graduation– we have a number of students that
come back at graduation just so they can put a name to
a face, see the faculty, talk to the faculty,
tell them how much they enjoy being on campus. And then it’s a great way
to be able to celebrate at the University of Alabama
and walk across that stage. Awesome, we also host
a reception as well. So we would love to come and
meet you guys and talk to you and see you and celebrate
your accomplishments with you. Another question,
how are exams taken? Exams are incorporated
into the online courses. Different programs use
different methodologies. But some will ask that
they be monitored. Some are timed. Some are multiple-choice. Some are discussion. Some are open-book,
some are not, and some courses
don’t use exams. But they’ll use other
methods of assessing the student learning outcomes. And to just add onto that, we do
have a Testing Services Center that if you do have
any proctor exams– if you’re in the area–
we have a testing center that you can come
take the test at. And also, if you’re not
close to Tuscaloosa, our testing associates will help
you find an approved proctor in your area as well. I think that’ll wrap it up. This will conclude
today’s session. Thank you all for participating. Thank you, Dr. Meyer, for
participating with us today. If you have any questions
that you think of later on, please feel free
to give us a call. Reach out to us. You’ll see my contact
information as well as Dr. Meyer’s contact
information there. So please reach out to us. We would love to talk
to you and help you with your scholastic journey. I hope everyone has a
great day and Roll Tide.

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