Ubuntu causes girl to drop out of college — h3h3 reaction video


Ubuntu causes girl to drop out of college — h3h3 reaction video

[H3H3 theme song plays] – “That’s when she called me. She thought her laptop was coming with Windows, instead she got that thing called: Ubuntu. pronunciation was the least of her problems.” – Have you guys ever heard of Ubuntu? Well, I had neither until I saw this news report. Apparently, it’s a linux based operating system that Dell’s been just pawning off on people, on their PCs and completely ruining their lives. – “Well, odds are you don’t use the word Ubuntu very often or maybe not at all. It’s a type operating system for your computer,
similar to Windows, but it is not windows and what works on Windows doesn’t always work on Ubuntu.” – Well, odds are you don’t use the word Ubuntu very often. [pretentious laugh] UBUNTU?! [pretentious laugh] What is that? Oh, it’s Linux? [pretentious laugh] Ubuntu? Pleeease! Ubuntu? [Ethan Klein Cough™] – “Abby Schubert’s life was supposed to start getting easier with this new Dell laptop, but let’s be clear. It’s not.” plop ploop ploop ploop plop
[Ethan imitates computer sound] I’m on my computer. WOOOAH?!
What is this? It’s not Windows! AAAHHHH! – “Ubuntu might look a lot like Windows, but it sure doesn’t act like it. That’s because her Verizon Internet CD won’t load on Ubuntu.” – Holy fuck, man! She’s trying to get-, she didn’t have the internet?! [Shouting] UBUNTUUUUU! Not again, it didn’t give her the internet! They forgot to install the CD-ROM the internet. – “The entire internet is located on this CD-ROM.” – I’m not one to judge a book by its cover, but that is a ffff-, ssss-stupid- stupid, vacant face. I mean, there’s not much behind there.
I can tell just by looking at her. She’s out to lunch, She- She went out to lunch she never came home, okey? That is just the empty attic right there. Boy, just a couple marbles and couple cobwebs; couple of tumbleweeds just blown around in the- dusty, dusty noon. – “They tried to-, umm. Get on the internet on it and that did not work.” – Try Again. She clearly did everything, guys. She- She opened up the internet. It didn’t work. she clicked “Try Again.” She’s clearly done everything! It’s time to call the local news here. “Um, did you try clicking the a “Try Again” button? Oh yeah, I tried that. Okay, well, I see you’ve done-, you’ve exhausted all your options. So, let me go ahead and just get you the a-, white knight. Who is going to take care of all your problems. A fine young man, 30 years old, he’s virgin, by the way. Makes him a real GO-getter. He’s gonna come out to you. He’s gonna help you out with all your problems. Oh, terrific!” – “And I found out that Microsoft Word is not compatible- And Ubuntu comes with OpenOffice and not Word.” By the time she found all these out, Dell said it was too late to go back to Windows. That’s because her Verizon internet CD won’t load on Ubuntu. And the internet is simple to install. Dell said it was too late to go back to Windows. And this semester? It’s too late to go back to MATC. Extremely frustrated I am- just I’m sick of it. and I wanted to get back to school, but I need the computer to be able to do that.” [Shouting] – You don’t need to drop out of college because you got a different operating system! And you thought it doesn’t matter, you can just tell them! And enter you college though- by telephone or go there! [slow] – “I need the computer to be able to do that.” [Shouting] – Or you can just uninstall and reinstall Windows. That would- That would work just fine! [Shouting] Can you hear me?! Can you hear me, please?! I can help you! You don’t need to go to the news for this! Please, listen to me! – “Well, that was the course before she called 27 News and we were able to help her. We’re still waiting to hear from Dell, to what they have to say about this. But we are going to be able to help Abbey get back to school.” – Great! He’s helping her get back to school. I guess he got her a new laptop, right? That would make sense. – “I called MATC this afternoon they said, “No problem, she can enroll in any of their classes with what she’s already got installed on her machine.” Then I called Verizon about that CD that wasn’t working. And they said the CD might not work, but they will still be able to get a tech support crew to her house so she can start using the internet with her current machine, Ubuntu.” – Well of course, that was before she called us at Channel Fuck Me News. Well, I’ve made couple phone calls on behalf of her and I acted like an adult for her. What I did is I called the school. They said: “Of course you don’t need a laptop to enroll. What are you? Fucking Brain-Dead?!” And then I called Verizon and they said: “Of course you don’t need to CD to install the internet. What are you? Fucking Brain-Dead?!” and I was like, “No, I am just calling on behalf of a-uh stupid, young woman. Completely vacant, brain dead in the head. In the hopes of me getting in to her panties. Cause I’m 30 years on and I’ve never had sex and- my father got me this job in broadcasting. This is the only thing I can do to bargain to try ‘n get some pussy. ‘Cause I’m just a complete fucking wet towel. I mean, my life is completely worthless! This is what I do. I can’t believe it!” – “Pronunciation, she might have to work on that a little bit, but at least you can get back to school and start doing what she wants to do. What a huge hassle? Yeah.” – What a huge hassle. Oh! Boy! What a huge hassle [pretentious laugh] UBUNTU?! [pretentious laugh] [Ethan Klein Cough ™] – “A dumb girl, lazy, not worthy of a college degree. Unscrupulous reporting! 27 News is incompetent. A new low for local news.” [Shouting] – HELLLOOOOOOO! Sometimes, I get the feeling that nobody’s really listen to me. ♫ An unoriginal ♫ [horn sounds] pew-pew, ♫ Production ♫

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100 thoughts on “Ubuntu causes girl to drop out of college — h3h3 reaction video”

  1. Daniel Egan says:

    This is someone who was looking for any excuse to not go back to school.

  2. Marty Peters says:

    Maybe because she has a old ass laptop🤔

  3. Holly Plyler says:

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

  4. Csyk says:

    So you guys pronounce it "Ubuntu" or "Yoo-bun-two"?

  5. Sonjoy says:

    My mom abandoned me because of Ubuntu

  6. SapphFire says:

    "I couldn't figure out how to press the WiFi button so I had to drop out of college."

  7. MySplatterhouse says:


  8. Question says:

    That intro was fire.

  9. Squeakers The Gryphon says:

    6 hours to fix that "Ubuntu problem". But you need brain.

  10. Jack McCready says:


  11. Dawson 7599 says:

    she is one of those people we can blame for INSTRUCTIONS ON SHAMPOO BOTTLES.
    "my Ubuntu made me drop outta college".

  12. 0hopscotch0 says:

    Ubuntu raped me and ate all my food

  13. konsta lehtonen says:

    Michelle Obama complimenting Evan on hi's moves will always be funny😁

  14. Matt Nes'heim says:

    What a huge asshole

  15. hellobooom says:

    Bitch is so dumb she can't make a simple phone call. D'ohhh I can't go to college guesso…

  16. WillWam says:

    sudo apt-get install brain body arms legs extremities vital-organs -y

    Reading package lists… Done

    Building dependency tree

    Reading state information… Done

    E: Unable to locate package brain

  17. mickey Odom says:

    Goodness… this must be so embarrassing for her , my lord … I mean her first option ( which she thought was her last option ) was calling her local fucking news station ?!???! Some ppl are beyond help

  18. X. R. says:

    That's obviously a satirical piece, c'mon.

  19. Brok Homz says:

    The internette.

  20. Brok Homz says:

    I lost the national spelling bee because my word was “ubuntu”. Fml.

  21. 4wd some says:

    Ubuntu is literally better than Windows

  22. 4wd some says:

    “Waiting for what dell would say”
    I guess they would something along the likes of “you purchased a laptop clearly sold as Ubuntu, it already has the internet and a perfectly suitable word processing application, worse case install a windows iso, a stupid cunt could do it”

  23. GamerZ Log says:

    And this is why you should learn how to install operating systems on computer. all she needed to do was grab a windows OS disc.

  24. Flux3on says:

    Jokes aside, ubuntu is p good, although it bankrupted me and my family

  25. Jack Tee says:

    Must've been a real slow news day

  26. cimbakahn says:

    h3h3Productions: She looks more than brain dead. She looks like she's drugged.

  27. Cody Shell says:


  28. TheGhoulishSword says:

    Did you see how aggressively she put the disc in?! Of course it's not working!

  29. Dontknowdontcare says:

    I bet you she bought the computer with Linux so she could have shitty excuse to not go to college

  30. Archer V. says:

    ubuntu give me cancer. Basters!

  31. YSV Rao says:

    ubuntu killed my father. And raped my mother.

  32. acidtooth says:

    HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! i love UBUNTU linux. i can't afford that CD that contains the ENTIRE INTERNET! i used ubuntu linux all through college. i used LibreOffice and you can save your files in *DocX microsoft word format. Had a 3.5 GPA.

  33. Random Guy Studios says:

    When was this? 1970? Just fucking google windows install you pathetic degenerate lmfao.

  34. tim tabutops says:

    Jesus Christ why is she complaining about a computer that

    A. She can switch the operating system on it.

    B. She bought the laptop. It says what operating system is included.

  35. mario9078 says:


    it sounds like this "uh boo to"

  36. mario9078 says:

    the news is so dumb

    if you learn to use ubuntu it will easy to use

  37. Game Thogic says:

    its not too late to turn back….literally remove linux and install windows

  38. MISCHIEF says:

    It’s almost like you’re supposed to be aware of what your computer specs are when you buy it.

  39. Jay S says:

    She couldn’t use the computers at the library…

  40. JoeCnNd says:

    0:16 hila reminds me of an actor and I cant put my finger in it. Like Brandon Lee from the crow comes to mind.

  41. Derangedxzombie says:

    … You could just do what everyone probably does and download an ISO file of any windows OS with a serial crack/certificate authenticator, burn them on to a CD. System wipe, install OS from CD, use authenticator, job done. The only time I used ubuntu was to use an emulator of an android phone on my shitty netbook, I really can't remember why I felt the need to try that. And who buys a linux computer, they're within the realms of obscurity.

  42. Meowoofius says:

    " the entire internet is located on this CD rom" – Discoverer of CD with entire internet on it

  43. Ron Bhm says:

    Rumor has it, she’s still trying to figure out how to download twitchthot.exe from the CD-RW

  44. Kyouko Toshino says:

    I installed ubuntu on a w8 machine. I'm a retard with computers, and I figured it out. Just do the reverse

  45. Dr Phil says:

    Linux based operating software is for people who understand computers not for dumb blond bitches who only know how to handle their iphones

  46. 2Legit2Quit says:

    I know for one thing, I wont be getting a Dell laptop soon 😒

  47. Juan Lopez Villegas says:

    Getting back to school won't do her any good, she is a lost cause anyway. There is no chance that she could remotely pass any semester while living with 2 neurons in her brain.

  48. What Zit Tooya says:

    Props for the T&E reference, I was thinking the same thing

  49. Robin Obinray says:

    Ubuntu is HQ now

  50. LowDownFox says:

    I forgot how good old H3H3 was fucking hilarious

  51. cocaineinmyvein says:

    The internet is just a cd? Man I really need to start paying attention.

  52. TheToughCrab says:

    sudo rm -rf /

  53. INeedAttention exe says:

    I mean how would she know how to install windows, honestly. If everyone did I would be out of the job, especially when they say, "it has a whole bunch of virus' and it crashes all the time".

  54. SSnoX says:

    and she is blonde

  55. Em Alpha says:

    5 years later and you're still cracking me up

  56. Tokyo and the Sexwhales says:

    It's pronounced "oo-boon-too"
    It's a word from RSA, I am from RSA… Don't ask for a set definition (there is some debate over its comprehensive meaning) but it roughly means "Everyone Gives and Everyone Receives." If you don't give, you can't get.

  57. Shahzeb Rizvi says:

    She needs a tutorial to install windows not get reporters on it.

  58. Nori says:

    As a Linux user I can't stop cringing while watching this

  59. G A I A says:

    Honestly, though. Coolest opening sequence on YouTube.

  60. Vykantos says:

    Once Ubuntu entered my life I'd nothing left but a noose to hang myself.

  61. unite entierly says:

    She's in college… Just leave her alone. She already tried try again.

  62. Nicklas Pikhoved says:

    Believe me, you are better of not wasting your time going to school.. you to retarded to gain anything from it, so might as well drop out

  63. Kevin Moore says:

    …and now I'm $150K in college debt because of The Ubuntu.

  64. Wafflez says:

    I had ubuntu on my chromebook lol

  65. Carrie Olinger says:

    Wow! Ethan! Great commentary! I'm over here LMAO!

  66. Randy Watson says:

    Lmao…does her name happen to be Debian?

  67. Alanna McGrane says:

    lol wtf I used to use Ubuntu on my dad's old laptop all the time. Internet included. She's really stupid.

  68. rebornreaper says:

    How did she order the laptop?

  69. kjell159 says:

    'Similar to Windows'
    More like, similar to UNIX.
    Trying to use a Linux distro like it's a version of Windows is like trying to make coffee out of tea leaves, it functions differently.

  70. gueruno vt says:

    hes name translates to little ethan

  71. farmers says:

    "She's out to lunch"

  72. theultraman 20 says:

    Anybody see “Ethan Klein Cough ™” on closed captions Im dead 😂

  73. Gzus70 says:

    somehow this nigga got 3 chins while having no chin

    what the fuck bruh

  74. Winston Nips says:

    God forbid you face a little bit of adversity huh

  75. Dora Smith says:

    Ubuntu caused a girl to drop out of college? Says who?!!!!! You must be a Microsoft troll.

    Or mabye you're just a complete idiot and the girl was your girlfriend. How, please, would one "install the internet"? Can't be done – the Internet is huge!

  76. aLilBabyOtter says:

    It's pronounced ooboontoo.

  77. Julian I says:


  78. weird science says:

    holy fuck she reallllly looks like my ex girlfrend she was a vacant mongaloid looking bitch

  79. Jussie Crowder says:

    You know when I first saw Ethan I didn’t understand him. But my hate was rooted in misunderstanding and jealousy. H3h3 is awesome and his wife is quite lively

  80. Jussie Crowder says:

    Virgin by the way

  81. Jussie Crowder says:

    What a hugeassle

  82. No Name says:

    I bought a laptop that has Ubuntu without a graphical user interface. So I obviously called donald trump, the army and santaclaus. What else is there to do?

  83. William Brinkley says:

    This is pretty pathetic as far as local news desperation, but nothing takes the cake from last years 10 minute news segment focusing on an overflowing dumpster disaster behind an apartment complex. They added dramatic music and interviewed several residents that made this dumpster sound like a total landfill with hundreds of rats etc.,……they finally show the dumpster at the end of the segment and it turns out to be simply a full dumpster with three trash bags stacked next to it and someone’s old couch leaned against it.

  84. the yoyo master says:

    I've known how to install windows by myself since I was 8. She's an idiot.

  85. 801Milcah says:

    Well, if she's that dumb and lackwd common sense, its no wonder why she drop out of college. The real question is how did she even got accepted to college in the first place.

  86. Entr0py says:

    >it was too late

  87. Jett says:

    Ubuntu users unite!

  88. Jett says:

    Just buy a Windows DVD!

  89. Joey K says:

    Was this lady from 2001? Why did such a simple ass problem require the local news, a call to the school, a tech support crew, and a call to her service provider?

  90. APEX ARCHETYPE says:

    How to internet: plug cable into PC.

  91. Emily says:

    How was this a news story?

  92. Natalia Shi says:

    Ubuntu saved my computer many times tbh

  93. Pineappleprince444 says:

    I miss that acid reflux cough.

  94. Dubz says:

    amazing video, thanks

  95. Daniel Eaton says:

    Is that, Michelle Obama?

  96. Merv says:

    wtf, just install windows or download wine…

  97. Sasha Reaper says:

    I used Ubuntu for 8 years. Was great

  98. Paul Lombard says:

    sudo rm -rf /

  99. Lasky Labs says:

    I know what my next OS is gonna be.

  100. Clamb_J says:

    How many genders does this wench identify with?

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