UC Online’s Criminal Justice Degree Program

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UC Online’s Criminal Justice Degree Program

I’m here in Cincinnati because of my graduation for my master’s degree in
criminal justice. It’s a day I’ve been waiting for for quite a long time it’s
my graduation day. I’ve always wanted to pursue higher education. My mom was
there 24 years ago with my first masters and she’s here today. I wanted to do an
online program where I was able to work and then both you know further my
education and this was a great program you know I typed in criminal justice
online program the first page that came up was the University of Cincinnati and
it was really ironic because I had researched Dr. Ed Latessa when
I was teaching criminal justice I would reference some of his videos and so
forth and then it just so happened wow of course he works here. Professors
in the program are world-renowned in terms of their research we’re ranked as
as one of the top if not the top programs in the country and so it’s not
a fly-by-night program we’ve been doing this for a long time we’ve had several
thousand graduates and we’re proud of each and every one of them.
I felt really connected. I was talking to my professors and my teachers is every time
I had a problem every time I needed to find a solution so they were always
there it is very different working with someone that I’ve never actually
physically met and only have met digitally but I try to go that extra
step and all the other facilitators try to take that extra step to make sure
that students feel connected and involved with the classes and the
teachers and other facilitators and with the other students themselves. The first
day of class everything was posted videos were there for you like I don’t
have one complaint I really enjoy the process definitely
can vouch for this program I never felt it was in – you know is not personal I
never felt disconnected or anything like that. Next for me is starting to search
for new jobs and try to further my career and provide for myself and my family

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