Uni Park Campus – Derby Hall tour (catered accommodation)


Uni Park Campus – Derby Hall tour (catered accommodation)

[Background Music Throughout] Hi guys. I’m Maddy, and I’m a first-year
Business Management and French student And I’m going to show you around
Derby Hall on University Park campus. So all of the halls have a reception area,
which is where you’ll come and pick up any parcels that you might order. They’re in the
office 8am – 5pm in the week, which is really handy if you’ve got any questions, any problems
with your room, the bathrooms – that kind of thing. And then in the evenings and at
the weekends, there will be a porter or a member of security who can help you out if
anything happens out of those office hours – so that’s really good. This is the Derby dining room, so you can
come here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. My favourite thing about catered
halls is the fact that it’s catered – I find it so sociable. You can come down with
your corridor, or with someone you know from your course, who just happens to be in your
halls. We also have four formals every year. So everyone dresses up really nicely, comes
and sits in the dining room – and then we’ve got the top table (which you can kind of see
at the back), and that’s where the warden, members of the JCR (which are students who,
kind of, represent the hall) and, sort of, academic guests will sit for formals. Most of it is self-service. There’s always
three options – so international, vegetarian, and homely, so there’s always something. And
if that doesn’t suit you they can make a jacket potato or that kind of thing for you, which
is really good. And then things like fruit, yoghurts, salad, hot drinks in the corner
– that’s all unlimited, and you sort of help yourself to that as well. I’ve really
enjoyed the food this year, and I find it a huge benefit that I didn’t have to do any
washing up. So breakfast is 7:45am – 9:30am every day; lunch is 12:30pm – 1:30pm; and
dinner is 5:30pm until 7:30pm. If you can’t make any of those times (so for all three
meals, you can request the day before), just fill out a small form saying what you would
like. So dinner is probably the most convenient one; they’ll give you a microwave meal which
could be, like, chilli con carne, a curry – there’s about six or seven different
options, so if you missed quite a lot of meals it doesn’t get too boring either! And then
you just come and pick it up when it suits you and take it back to your room. We’ve all
got fridges in our rooms, and then microwaves in the pantry. So it’s really, really handy,
yeah, if you do miss those mealtimes – there’s always something to sort yourself out. One of my favourite things about Derby is
it’s got one of four of the hall bars. So this is Echo, which specializes in burgers,
and it’s open every day 11:00am – 11:00pm. And you can also get, like, drinks here; it’s
not just food. And catered students get their student card topped up with £5.30 every day,
so you can come in here and spend that. And the food is seriously good, it’s so nice in
here – but it’s also like a really nice place to chill out. There’s a football table,
TV, darts – that kind of thing – so it’s a really nice place to come with friends. This is the Derby Hall library, and every
catered hall has its own library. Derby’s is quite big, obviously, because, I think,
it’s the third biggest hall on campus. It’s obviously really quiet because everyone’s
just finished exams but it’s a really nice space during exam time. Obviously there are
two big libraries on University Park campus, but then there’s like this space that you
can just use and, yeah, it’s not too intense. And then you get to, like, see people, obviously
– that sort of thing – and then there’s, like, computer facilities and some books as well. There’s two mailboxes: so an internal, if
you need to send something to maybe, like, your personal tutor, that kind of thing – someone
who is based on campus; and an external, so you don’t have to go all the way to the Portland
Building to post letters, which is quite handy. And then there’s two communal areas just through
here. So this first one is like a games / TV room; there’s like a ping-pong table and a
TV in here, and there’s loads of different board games as well available. Quite a lot
of people come in here before, like, going out; or instead of going out in the evening,
just to relax. And then this is probably the most important communal space – it’s the JCR, and it’s just a really nice place to sit and watch TV; come with friends. So there’s
like another dart board, pool, table football, a Wii in here, a Sky Digibox, DVD player,
amp – that kind of thing. And they’re just things that our JCR have decided to buy
over the years. This is the safe bike lock. You don’t actually
get the key when you move in, so you’ll have to go to reception and request a key, because,
obviously, not everybody has a bike. I bought mine just after Christmas, and it’s been so
good because, obviously, I’m half the time on Jubilee campus. There is a Hopper Bus service,
which can literally take you straight from outside Derby Hall to the other campus, but,
yeah – so you can lock your bikes up in here.
So, this is the laundry room. There’s loads of washers and dryers, which means at the
start of term I found myself waiting quite a lot, but now it’s gotten far better. We
hardly ever have to wait for washing machine or dryer – I think people get a bit excited
by the concept of washing, and then it kind of wears off and you realise you don’t need
to wash half as much as you have been. You’ll be given a wash station card which
you can load online and then you just like hold it to here. I’ve never actually loaded
mine because the one on the end you can use cash. This is like the master key – so this lets
me into my block, to my bedroom, to the laundry room, to the JCR and the games room – so a
really important one but obviously it’s slightly different for everyone’s room. Matlock is made up of three floors and there are roughly 30 rooms on each floor, which was a bit daunting
at first but I really liked it because it meant from the second I’d moved in I already
knew about 29 other people which was really, really, nice. And these are all single study
plus, which just means that it’s a sort of standard room but with a double bed and
that means that we do share bathrooms. So there are three main bathrooms distributed
across the floor but you don’t just share with 10 people – the ratio is still you have
one bathroom (so one shower, one toilet), between five people. I’m really lucky because
I’m right next to the bathroom. So, this is my single study plus. I originally applied for just a normal single study – I thought that it would reduce my space but it’s actually
been really nice. We have movie nights that kind of thing with friends and I really do
like my room – so it came with, obviously, the wardrobe, the sink and storage space which
is really handy obviously. I share a bathroom but it’s nice to not always have to go to
the bathroom every time I just want to wash my hands, wash my face, in the morning. And
the towel rack, pin-board – which I thought it just made it so much more homely for me.
Got the bookshelf and desk, desk- chair and sofa chair as well as then a mini-fridge.
My sister was also on this corridor in one of the rooms just a little bit further down
from here but when she was here they were single beds – so I thought I wouldn’t have
very much space but it’s a really spacious room even with all the furniture in it and
with a sink. So, that concludes my tour of Derby Hall – I hope you’ve enjoyed it as
much as I have. Good luck with your results and we hope to see you in September.

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    Nottingham Uni has the largest campus in Great Britain thanks to the generosity of Jesse Boot – of Boots the Chemists fame – who donated the land to the university.

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