Universal Class – free online learning courses


Universal Class – free online learning courses

Have you discovered the online learning courses
available through Essex Libraries yet? Courses are free to all members of Essex Libraries.
You can learn about something you always fancied, or discover a brand new interest in something
you’d never even thought of. There’s a huge range of courses covering everything
from photography to physics and even party planning.
Try your hand at a new hobby, just have a look at the complete range, and see what inspires
you. You can improve your skills to find a new
job. Get a CV that will get you noticed. Find out how to be your own boss.
Considering going to college, or to university, Universal Class try a taster course before you commit yourself
to a particular subject. The great thing about these courses is that
they can fit around your life. You can learn at home, at work, or even in the library.
And there’s an online tutor to help you if you get stuck.
The library is always open for learning. So what are you waiting for.

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5 thoughts on “Universal Class – free online learning courses”

  1. Essex Library Services says:

    The Festival of Learning is taking place throughout May. Whenever and wherever you want to learn, Essex Libraries can help! Try free, flexible Universal Class courses on a wide range of subjects.
    #UniversalClass #ALW14

  2. Louisa Steel says:

    Great stuff

  3. Essex Library Services says:

    Last year, 1731 people did one of Essex Libraries’ “Universal Class” or “Transparent Language” courses. This year, will you be among their number? The most popular Universal Class courses are:
    • Basic Maths 101
    • Typing and Keyboarding 101
    • Excel 2010
    • Psychology 101
    • How to Create Web Pages
    but there are over 400 to choose from!

  4. amanda843 says:

    I'm thinking about getting a good job I've been thinking about interior decorating and I want to know if I take this course and successfully complete it and will I be able to get a job in that with the certificate?

  5. Cassadis art says:


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