University of Advancing Technology 360º Campus Tour #VR360


University of Advancing Technology 360º Campus Tour #VR360

360 Experience Begins Main Entrance Electronic Classroom Commons SW Corner New Technology Lab VR Gear & 3D Printing UAT Restaurant Commons SE Corner Computer Commons Engineering Lab Cyber Warfare Range Motion Capture Studio 3D Printers Digital Media Studio Classroom Maker Lab: 3D Printing, Vinyl Cutter, CNC Router, Vacuformer The Quad Founder’s Hall Founder’s Lobby Think Tank Billiards Room Dorm Room Founder’s Theater with popcorn maker, comfy cushions, and giant screen Founder’s Kitchen Get Tech Respect Be The One Make It Happen

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5 thoughts on “University of Advancing Technology 360º Campus Tour #VR360”

  1. Woah Robby says:

    Went to one of the college visits great campus and college can’t wait to try this college out

  2. WickedOne 223 says:

    I tried to watch the 360 video,but it didn't work out so well

  3. Moona AS says:


  4. Dennis Zuchelkowski says:


  5. ZackyMcSlice says:

    Woah! Looks awesome.

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