UNL Online Special Education Master’s Degree

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[MUSIC] I’m getting my special education endorsement online at Nebraska. Nebraska’s special education teacher preparation programs are respected nationally. There’s always gonna be a need for teachers to go into the special education field. And this equals what? Excellent. BEN: As far as the special education endorsement goes, you have a wide range of students with disabilities in your classroom most of the time as a general education teacher. So having that knowledge base makes accommodating for all kids that much easier. Whether students are eligible for special education supports or not, many students will face social and economic challenges from time to time. Courses in special education help prepare teachers to know how to support these students. I just retired a year and half ago from Omaha Public Schools teaching special education for 33 1/2 years. It’s best to keep abreast of new research and new things that are going on in the field of education. Our online programs allow current teachers to advance their skills and specialization. It makes them more marketable. It makes them more available to more students and able to help more students. And it definitely increases your paycheck. Our master’s program in special education is offered at a distance to students and covers a variety of specializations. Everything from understanding the infant with developmental delays to the high school student with learning and behavioral challenges. We meet once a month together where we simply just get online with our computers. The technology used for our distance classes allows for a lot of interaction between instructor and students and between students and students. BEN: I can always tie it back into my teaching every day. The special education courses that are offered at a distance are taught by the same expert faculty who would be teaching the courses here on campus. Many of these faculty are recognized for their outstanding teaching and their leadership roles in their areas of specialization. For me becoming a special ed teacher was not for the benefits of having a job. Just the feeling you get when you’re working with a kid and the look on their face when they’ve figured out how to do something that they’ve struggled with before is just enriching and very, very rewarding. Having that flexibility of online classes makes things so much easier for me as a professional. STUDENT: Bye Mr. Lytle. You guys have a good day. You did an awesome job today. We’ll see you later. [MUSIC]

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