Unlocking Information Security| IsraelX on edX

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Unlocking Information Security| IsraelX on edX

Information security experts warn of rising security threats. …links China… Millions of webcams open… millions and millions of people were caught by surprise… The U.S. considers it an act of war. This doesn’t look too promising, does it? Well, no. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you work in high tech, and want to stay ahead of the game… Or if you’re simply curious and want to learn to think like a hacker, we invite you to take your first steps in information security. There are many ways to build strong defenses against security threats and avoid their destructive results. I’m Avishai Wool. And I’m Dan Gittik. We’ve been doing information security in Israeli military, industry and academia for many years. We’ve put together this course to give you the knowledge and the skills to become a more vigilant citizen of the digital world. Join us in unlocking information security. “UNLOCKING INFORMATION SECURITY” Prof. Avishai Wool, Dan Gittik

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