UW Certificate in E-Learning Instructional Design

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UW Certificate in E-Learning Instructional Design

The access potential for online learning is one of the most exciting things about e-learning. People who would not normally have access
to these educational and training opportunities can when the learning environments are online. [Matt]
So we try to walk the line about balancing the content between the educational world
and the corporate world since we have people in our program who are working in both environments
and pursuing career advancements in both areas. [Liz]
In the academic world, that means broad access to people who are working full time, have
families and other responsibilities, can’t go the path of the traditional student. It can mean geographically diverse access. [Matt]
In the corporate context, it usually manifests as producing learning materials for staff
training and internal training, and often e-learning is turned to because it’s a more
scalable resource and a lower-cost resource than in-person training. [Liz]
The first course, which is the one that I teach, it’s designing e-learning environments. So students learn how to use multi-media effectively,
how to include elements that engage the learner and keep them interested. [Matt]
The course that I teach, the managing and developing, is more about the practical hands-on
application of developing that content with authoring tools, working with subject matter
experts, managing projects and tasks, developing story boards and executing prototypes and
eventually a final product, whatever that product is. [Liz]
And then, in the third course, it focuses on evaluation or assessment – how do you
tell if your e-learning is working, what metrics do you use to evaluate your ROI. And then we also have a very exciting practicum
course, which is the last course in the series. And that’s when students work on a project
of their own choosing and leverage all that they’ve learned throughout the previous
three courses to create a module, or part of a larger sequence, that’s relevant to
them personally. [Liz]
The designing and developing e-learning certificate program is entirely online and asynchronous. Students can access it anytime, anyplace. [Matt]
This course is great for working professionals in that most of the readings and the exercises
can be done on their own pace within, usually, a general week time frame for the assignments. We have great instructors in this program,
and we have a lot of guest speakers who are part of our advisory board and they span all
of the top businesses in the Puget Sound area, from BECU to Boeing to Amazon to F-5 Networks,
and it’s really the best and the brightest talent in this industry in the region that
participate in this program. [Matt]
Some students go on to get instructional designer or training delivery roles or e-learning developer
roles within big, large corporate corporations like Amazon and Microsoft. I’ve also seen students advance in their personal
career, whether that’s in an educational environment or a university environment. [Liz]
I would say having a credential from a well-respected institution, like the University of Washington,
really increases your chances of being hired out of school. There are other programs, but very few of
them focus this intensely on what’s really necessary in the field.

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