UW Master of Aerospace Engineering


UW Master of Aerospace Engineering

The University of Washington is situated in the heart of the largest density of aerospace
industries, of course dominated by Boeing, but then there are so many other industries
here. SpaceX is coming to town. Blue Origin, Andrews Space, Aerojet, just to name a few.
Recently we started this master’s in aerospace engineering, which is catered to people who
work in industry. [Ed]
So this program is our professional program. It’s at the graduate level, but it’s about
preparing people to understand the advanced research and apply it, rather than a research
program, which is about teaching you to do the original research. [Kaleigh]
So the program is three years. There are some people that do the one year option, and they
take off time off from work and they do it one year, but most of us are doing in three
years. [Anthony]
Our classes are offered in the evenings, usually. The timing is chosen so that it allows people
who may want to travel to campus to travel as well. [Ed]
You can come to class in person, which is certainly something we encourage. A lot of
people enjoy it, but you can’t always do it. You might be sent on a trip for business.
You don’t have to fall behind. You can log in, and you can watch the lecture live as
a webcast, or if you’re in a different time zone, or if your shift doesn’t accommodate,
you can watch the archive. [Kaleigh]
Also, I’m a visual learner so I have to watch things a couple of times. So I’ll go to
a lecture and stay here at UW, but also I’ll go home and re-watch the lecture. [Anthony]
The curriculum has been a very traditional aerospace curriculum. [Ed]
You can choose a specialty in the area of controls; structures, meaning sort of metallic
structures; composite structures; or fluids, which also includes propulsion. And so students
will choose their specialty. They’ll take five classes in their area of specialty, plus
three classes outside their area of specialty. [Kaleigh]
All the knowledge that I’m getting in my area of interest, control engineering, I mean that,
that’s great. That will help me go on to do what I want to do. Maybe work on, you know,
aerial vehicles, autonomous aerial vehicles or drones or submarines. [Ed]
One of the key things, I think, to emphasize about this program is that it is a fully fledged
part of our graduate program. Our faculty teach these classes. In some cases we might
bring in an expert from industry to teach a class on aircraft noise, for example, but
that person’s going to be working with a senior member of our faculty. [Kaleigh]
The professors here at UW have been great. I’ve been really pleased with the program
so far and how they have interacted with us. [Anthony]
If you have a master’s from the University of Washington aero department you’re well
prepared to enter industry and also have a very, very good career. [Kaleigh]
Having an advanced degree has a lot of benefits for us as engineers. It can lead to promotions.
It can lead to better job growth. You could become a lead engineer faster. [Ed]
We’re, you know, a leader in the field not just regionally, not nationally, internationally.
We’re attracting students from all around the world. We’re attracting faculty from all
around the world. People want come here and work, partially because we have connections
to, you know, the long history of aerospace in Seattle. But also because we have connections
to the future of aerospace, the places that we’re going, the new frontiers.

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