UW-Stout: Finish Your B.S. Management Degree (Online)

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UW-Stout: Finish Your B.S. Management Degree (Online)

(gentle music) – Due to the fact of
working a nine-to-five job, I took the challenge of
doing an online education. – The B.S. in Management is
ideal for an adult learner because we recognize that people bring many things to the table. – Typically, a returning
adult is an individual who has started in a program
and stopped it for some reason. And they’re coming back now to
finish up this part of life. – The vast majority of
students are in this program because they want career advancement. They’re stuck where they’re at. They don’t have the degree to
move up within their company, because it may be a requirement
for certain positions. – It’s teaching me things here that now I can use in the workplace. – Some students are going to
choose to do an internship. The internships are going to
be done at your current job. We believe that you’re
successful where you’re at, and we want you to take
that step there to stretch. – To get a chance to show
a different set of skills to people within their organization. – And we are finding that it helps people take that next step. – Promotions aren’t
expected in this program, but it is fun to see how many times students do receive a promotion. – You’re gonna find when you come into this particular program that we have a great
team that supports you. – Where do you sign
up, who do you talk to? – The first thing to do
is have a conversation with myself or the program director. – Where are you at? What do you wanna be doing? – We’ll use the credits
that you brought in and apply them to the
program the best we can. – For students, typically we’re finding that they’re actually
completing this program within two years. – I’ve also worked with students who, slow and steady wins the race. They’re a class every semester, and five or six years later, they’re done, because that’s what worked for them. We’ll offer flexible classes, so that you can still
work your full-time job. – And you’re going to be
in courses with individuals that are very similar to your background. – [Mandy] You’re with other
online management students. – Our goal is to get you toward graduation and advance your career. For returning adults,
commencement and graduation is very big in their life. – When students want to come to campus and celebrate their achievement, you’ve put a lot of time
and effort into this. – When you complete
something that you started and you finished it, and you actually have
accomplished that goal, it’s very big. – You can do this, you
can earn your degree. – You can be successful
and have bumps in life. We’ll take you where you’re at and help you figure out
the next steps forward.

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