Van Loan, Endicott College, ABA Master’s Program

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Van Loan, Endicott College, ABA Master’s Program

I found out that I needed to get a Masters
degree, I thought that it would be impossible, that it is going to take four years and its
going to be this impossible endeavor. But, the way it actually happens is in small,
manageable bits over time. You take a couple of classes at a time, you
have a couple of projects due, and there’s a lot of help and support there from the faculty
and the staff. It is not one big project, its a bunch of
smaller projects and there all very manageable and there manageable in the sense that can
have a life, and you can have a family, and you can still more forward. One of the things about the Endicott programs
is that we have a wide variety of formats and we can meet pretty much any preference
or need that the student has in terms of instructional format. So we teach exclusively face to face, we teach
hybrid face to face and online, and we teach exclusively online and depending on your lifestyle
needs and your preferences as a student you can find the program here that will work for
you. Endicott is really, seriously committed to
research in behavior analysis. So there is a variety of different ways that
you can structure applied behavior analysis within all sorts of other professions and
you can sort of marry the two. About 97% of the people that walk out of ABA
graduate programs are immediately employed. With a masters degree you are looking at making
between $60-70 thousand dollars a year right out of school. It’s a very attractive profession to get in. You can help people, you can make peoples
lives better, and you can earn a reasonable living at the same time. I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t
for the Endicott program that I went to. They gave me the tools to succeed in the career
path that I was on. I was more working to work before the program,
and now I work because its a career choice and something that I want to move forward

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