Video Game High School (VGHS) – S3: Ep. 3


Video Game High School (VGHS) – S3: Ep. 3

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100 thoughts on “Video Game High School (VGHS) – S3: Ep. 3”

  1. RocketJump says:

    Only 3 episodes left! Keep going!!!!

  2. Brass Shells says:

    I’ve watched 2 seasons in 2 days shit record achieved

  3. Roman Poh says:

    there's 400 student at vghs they say….half of the student of vghs voted

  4. Kevin Boga says:

    I don’t think it is a great idea having a video with high school in the title, an the thumbnail being somebody with a Assault Rifle

  5. Coptian 'MURICA says:

    I just realized how similar field of fire is compared to CSGO

  6. martin eric says:


  7. cristian says:

    so you’re telling me that Jenny threw and let napalm win…

  8. Bradley Williams says:

    Your fucking ugly dont deserve her

  9. Bradley Williams says:

    Quit being such a bitch she's just a girl

  10. Bradley Williams says:

    Quit crying like a baby

  11. Ethan Wright says:

    Ki: I can do this

  12. Mr_Xavior-Gaming says:

    Poor law

  13. Mohammad Saklayen says:

    anyone realize brian and jenny are married In real life

  14. Sasha Nicolaas says:

    Yo i love this show man!!!!

  15. ACE-神 OFFICIAL says:

    Best series ever watch! Loving it mofos! ♠😍

  16. ZuRriX says:

    You guys tried making a serious series from a kiddy show and have failed miserably…

  17. ZuRriX says:

    29:08 – Yes, because that is how games work….

  18. Slop Top says:

    Wait, when did games dean become a decent actor?

  19. FRIDGE TF2 says:

    Dang everything has gone to shit

  20. The 5th King says:

    I never noticed when I first watched this, but Jimmy Wong looks badass when he's tatted out! lmfao

  21. Vicky Machin says:


  22. AriSoCool 602 says:

    I am sadd 😟😭😭

  23. Taylor Nguyen says:

    Brian D heard it was awesome to get the puss cuz his friend said so…
    And starts to go maniac on the game to get the pussies XD

  24. Robert Ruelas says:

    Josh cry on a

  25. Isaiah Bell says:


  26. Your_Pal_Music says:

    Wow everthing went to shit for all the characters…

  27. Loversushiboy says:

    This episode hit me in the feels

  28. Ameer Jaffery says:

    Directors*how much hearer bre-*
    Rocket jump yes

  29. _Jeric says:

    Jenny wants the Brian D

  30. Ian Stiehl says:

    FREDDIE? tHe FuCk ArE yOu DoInG hErE?!

  31. Reddwarf10 says:

    Classic Brian's D

  32. Lucas Magnan says:

    Ashley has THE most punchable face in THE world

  33. Christoph L says:

    This is just so emotional and well done and, and

  34. Lucas Magnan says:

    Brian is such an asshole

  35. HYPR d0nutz says:

    2019 and this show still don’t get old

  36. NadVic17 says:

    o'doyle is a noted dirty "social gamer", a subspecies of "casuals" ….

    ecks fckin dee

  37. J dero says:

    Less than 300 people in an entire HS?

  38. asd says:

    12:51 is the exact same cheer soundbyte from DDR.

  39. Matt Perez says:

    Games got that masterful glow up after season 1

  40. classman says:

    Lawrence is just like squidward, when you grow up you start to say "poor guy".

  41. Peter Westenthaler says:

    Ted is such a dirtbag.

  42. Grenade Lovers says:

    11:00 so many double entendres

  43. Fistedwaffle says:

    14:33 dude he is shooting like a stormtrooper bruh….get shroud up on there lol

  44. you got gnomed says:

    Brian's a melee pro

  45. AdamCF says:

    Freddie is the ducking law what the hell

  46. JellyBelly 69 says:

    Alright now this is an epic gamer time

  47. The Creators Mini Movies says:


  48. smd says:

    new law vs beaulo

  49. Alan Chen says:

    peer pressure be real

  50. Ethan Leung says:

    20:15 "I WANT IT!!!" 🤣🤣🤣

  51. you got gnomed says:

    Drink Napalm

    Drinking OJ

  52. BoZo says:

    This man scared of having sex…lmao

  53. The RedPanda says:

    i remember watching this for the first time. It shocked me on the ending.

  54. Nick Pritchard says:

    0:42 his name… Freddie Benson… his game? Fencin’.

  55. Davi Krisnawan says:

    "Yeeeahh.. It hurts

  56. Nhem Tola says:

    So sad

  57. Phillip Pompura says:

    Was that Nathan crest?

  58. connor rk800 says:

    Now they can never do the four way highfive dammit

  59. Riverside county rp says:

    21:09 what is the song

  60. HG 80 says:

    I love that montage

  61. AceFX YT says:

    Isint the new LAW from nick?

  62. Raymond Chen says:

    Watching this in 2019

  63. Raymond Chen says:

    Wow the misunderstanding

  64. tantanrevidad says:

    Youtube: "No mature content"

    Brian: literally talks about sex the whole episode

  65. S a d says:

    Theres too much tragedy for these characters it aint healthy..

  66. RandomVids 4472 says:

    Wait,Ki didn't let it die,why did she slap Ki?

  67. Scarf v ? says:

    Sometimes I forget this isn’t a school anime love story

  68. young night says:

    Freddy from icarly ?

  69. Abu Mariam says:

    0:42 Dick head…. (no mature content)
    9:42 also no mature content…
    10:42…. as well

  70. The Killing says:

    Then new law aimbotted so he goes hell for the god of sake.

  71. Zat Puff says:

    I Carly charecters in other tv shows !!!!!!

  72. NotSoGorgeuos Works says:

    It's better to lose than cheat

  73. Stove Minecraft And More says:

    season 3 is dark

  74. Rough - Agario says:


  75. NotWoomy says:

    Why is Ki like: O_O
    All the time?

  76. Real A2 says:

    The new law sucks !

  77. Michael Daly says:

    Red just became a mobile gamer

  78. CawlusGames says:

    brian is like a younger copy of elon musk

  79. Aran Farazi says:

    The new law camping the roof basically shows how much of a scummy player he is, like all campers in games

  80. 10,000 Subscribers With epic comments says:

    Jenny matrix, with years of video game training, fails to hit a walking target with an awp.

  81. MatSaja ML says:

    Whats wrong with cheating, I mean our historian lie to us

  82. Ben Kupka says:

    The pain in 28:11

  83. Bismark Gonzalez says:

    my WASD'S!!!

  84. Aden P says:

    What type of jacket is Brian wearing at like 10:11

  85. Doodle my Noodle says:

    This is the 21St time I've re-watched the whole series.

  86. LOEKASH says:


  87. shantell jack says:

    no ki left

  88. Jobro110 says:

    My man went from filming ICarly to climbing the ranks of an energ drink company

  89. Alex Luck says:

    “I WANT IT” 😂🤣

  90. Calvin Qian says:

    One hell of an episode

  91. I May Not Exist Productions says:

    I live how the new law is just cool Freddy benson

  92. Bryson Orosa says:

    Ki the incorruptible…
    has been corrupted.

    Go home, everybody…..

  93. Bryson Orosa says:

    This show has… changed.

  94. marleymator03o3 says:

    Brian just stares at the banana XD

  95. OPVG says:

    This election had more drama than house of cards

  96. Jordan Rotert says:

    Nathan kress!

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