VIdeo: Online high school gaining popularity

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VIdeo: Online high school gaining popularity

obviously not everybody learns in the same way so this is an option for kids that may be traditional brick-and-mortar school isn’t working for them it’s class without any desks or chalk boards students going to school online has become very popular so popular there are more than 10,000 students enrolled and one across Texas you must at ninety Tiffany Huertas meets a local student who spends many hours swimming who says online school was a perfect fit for her busy schedule I swim twice a day so I have multiple practices and it’s just it’s better to have something at my own pace 14 year old Marin Romine has a busy schedule she wakes up and goes to swim practice then she hits the books this is my teacher up here mr. winter stand but I do interact with some kids like we use Google Hangouts or in class we talk to each other through a chat pod because of her schedule Marin’s family enrolled her in AI University prep an online public school established through grapevine Colleyville ISD it definitely helps me to know that like I don’t have to be stressed about getting to bed at a good time because I have so much homework after coming back you know swimming in the morning going to school all day swimming at night coming home Marin’s mother works from home and says this online school not only allows Marin to go at her own pace but has taught her important life skills a lot of organizational skills and her self management as well as just continuing on your own self motivation over time [Music] director of virtual learning Kay Rogers says I university prep helps students not only like Marin who juggle sports and classes but also according to K when they opened in 2013 there were 250 students this year they will have around 975 and while this education route is not for everyone it’s been working for Marren it’s been a tremendous experience for her now this is an option for some families and it’s tuition free since it’s a Texas public school students must have be a Texas resident being good standing past exams like the star exam and they also have a few requirements that’s on their website at Tiffany you got a hold a bit of data that shows some real growth in this particular trend yes so for example we mentioned I University prep will have roughly 975 students enrolled this year going back to 2016 that was just 484 another big online public school Texas online prep enrolled 2,900 students last school year 3 years ago that number was just 936 and what’s impressive about this whole program well I didn’t think about those students that do have health conditions and this is a perfect way for them to stay on track in their education and we know that online school for colleges has been really popular for a while I’ve been seeing advertisements for high schools too that’s really interesting yeah and the University the University prep says that the students have the same opportunities because it is a Texas public school they can go to big Ivy League schools as well as schools all around Texas cool well so see how much it grows in the next year or so oh yeah well do follow up agree with him cool

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