Virginia Virtual Academy School Overview


Virginia Virtual Academy School Overview

[MUSIC] Welcome to the Virginia Virtual Academy,
I’m Suzanne Sloane, the Head of School. We’re offering a tuition free online
in public education in our program, throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are offering an opportunity for students, who the traditional public
school is just not the perfect match. We have students who have
specific learning needs. We have students with some gifted and
talented needs, where they’re really
wanting to be challenged. We also have students who just
want to be free from distractions. So at the Virginia Virtual Academy
we use the K-12 curriculum. It’s an interactive curriculum
that is very adaptive to students. So during the school day, there may be times when your students
working independently, working online, working offline with
the materials that we give you. But there are also parts of the day
where you’re logging on live and your teacher is there working with you. Teachers are an integral
part of our everyday.>>As a teacher I’m able to see real-time
data, how are the student’s doing. And I’m able to use that to
really drive my instruction for classes later in the week. Or to reach out to that student or
the learning coach and provide assistance if I think that
they’re really struggling with something. I always tell everyone I know my students
now better than I did in the brick and mortar, because I have
constant communication. I know their family, I know how
that student is being supported.>>The Virginia Virtual Academy offers a
wide variety of clubs in association with K12. We also have opportunities across the
commonwealth for students to interact and get to meet their teachers. We try to keep many of our outings
academic, but we have fun too. Our main goal for our students is that they can
achieve success at their own pace. You have lots of choices
when you’re thinking about, where do I want my child
to go to school next year? I think choosing the Virginia Virtual
Academy will be your very best choice. [MUSIC]

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  1. Destiny says:

    I’m not going to be able to enroll because it stops at 10th grade :(( I wish it went to 12th grade, it would help a lot !

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