Virtual Learning Course Tutorial Video: Gray


Virtual Learning Course Tutorial Video: Gray

Dear students welcome to English 217
african-american literature. You are going to go on
a fantastic journey of learning about some of the most prolific african-american writers
from the 1700s to the present. Your journey is going to be very emotional we will hit the highs and lows of the content of the literature and the impact that this
literature has had on American society. The purpose of this video is to familiarize
yourself with the course navigation. This is the home page and under news I will
populate this location with additional information about literature, any news relevant to our course and any comments regarding
the literature of the semester. So you want to make sure that you check this
location at the very least every other day. Course content contains the home page, my introduction, and then also you will have access
to the content browser and the course calendar. The course calendar matches the schedule, the course schedule
which I’ll show you in a few moments so there are various ways in which you can access
due dates for assignments and readings. Content contains the learning modules
for the course and I do want to take a few moments to go over
how the course information is arranged. So first you have the table of contents you have this area start here but do not end here this refers to information that you’re going
to consult throughout the semester so in this location you will see you have your course syllabus you have a reading schedule you have tips for critical thinking, reading
and writing, very important as you complete this course and then you have information
about all of your major assignments. Now the course is divided into periods so first we have literature of slavery and freedom
to 1746 to 1865 and then we have literature
from 1865 to 1919 from 1919 to 1940 from 1940 to 1960 from 1960 to 1970 and from 1970 to the present so we’re going to go over a lot in the next 12 weeks. But I do just want to show you how things
are organized under week one because every week
has the same organizational pattern. So under week one and under each week that particular week is divided into an overview, read watch listen and complete. So the overview for each week just contains
specific information about, um, definitions, information that you want to consider as you read
the literature for this particular week etc. Then you also have the checklist for the week and the checklist refers to the activities
that you need to complete for that particular week. So, also under overview you have your, your, um, weekly expectations and objectives and the overview. So these are the three files that you pretty
much will find under each week. The read watch listen portion for each week is really the kind of the meat of the week so this would be all of your lecture notes,
your videos, information about each author so this is kind of the, the central part of the course so this would be all the information
that you need to read that you need to listen to or that you need to watch. Please make sure that you
go through each file and read each file or listen to each file
or view each file in its completeness. So you want to make sure that you
take advantage of every morsel in this course and you want to take the time to do that you don’t just want to kind of skip through things
because you will not understand the links um, and the objectives, the learning objectives
that need to be reached, reached for this course
so make sure that you do take the time. I understand that you’re interested in this
topic and it is a reading intensive course but please find a way to manage your time
so that you can enjoy all aspects of the course. So again this is how each week is organized you have your week you have your overview for the week you have the lecture notes,
the course material for the week and then you have the information that you need to complete for the week. So each week has journal prompts so they’re contained here
so that you know exactly the question or the topic that you need to address for
a specific literature or a specific author so you want to make sure that
you keep record of your journals because you are going to turn them in and another video will explain
how to turn in your journals. Your class discussions each week
you’ll have at least one class discussion some weeks you’ll have two class discussion prompts that you have to answer and you have to respond to two of your classmates and again there’s a video that explains more
about your class discussion prompts. If there is an assignment that is due
that particular week you’ll have the Dropbox so that you can upload your assignment for the week. So make sure you take a look through the course
so that you can find information. Here you have your assignments so you have your Dropbox
even though, um, under complete I will include a Dropbox so that you can
upload your files for an assignment here you can also go to the Dropbox and you can upload an assignment here as well so various ways in which you can find information. The quizzes, the only quiz
that you’ll have is, a um, is the final. The rubrics, you will have rubrics
for your assignments and then again your checklist that appears under overview for each week you can also access the checklist here. Communications would be your discussions and email you can email me within the course but, um, I do recommend that you email me at [email protected] because I check, um, that email more regularly and more efficiently than the course so again I will check here but if you want a quicker response
that’s probably the best way to contact me. Resources you have your calendar even though it, it appears you can access it on the homepage as well you can also, um, access it here you have your direct link to the HACC library, smarthinking as a HACC student you can access smarthinking
which is the writing, online writing and tutoring center um, so you have access to this. And your libguide and we’ll
get to this later on in the semester but you will find this very valuable and actually I, you know, you really
have to use this for your research paper again later on in the semester. So that is a quick overview
of how to navigate through the course should you find it difficult
to navigate and find information I highly recommend and encourage you to contact me because I am sure that within a 2 or 3 minute video chat I can share my screen with you
and show you exactly where information is so any difficulty that you may experience um, make sure that you contact me immediately
so that we can solve the issue immediately and you can get off and running
and enjoy the course. I wish you the best of luck starting off the first day
you are successful you are, you know, all on even ground and I’m sure with dedication
and good time management skills and critical thinking reading and writing you can certainly
be successful in the course.

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