Virtual Reality at Roosevelt Middle School

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Virtual Reality at Roosevelt Middle School

(upbeat music) Cultivating 21st century learners calls for 21st century tools. Helping put these tools in the hand, or in the case head in hand is the McElroy Excellence in Education Grant with the funding of virtual reality headsets for Roosevelt Middle School. Once you put them on they’re kinda like a big giant screen and, like, everything’s kinda 3D so it’s kinda like you’re there. I wanted to use them all the time, just because it was really fun and interesting. These Oculus virtual reality headsets are helping our students reach an untapped level of learning by allowing them to directly engage with classroom lessons. It’s more interactive, you know, because they can see it. I know that is has helped them learn the content because they’re interested in it. Any time we can make things interesting, you know, their gonna soak that information up a lot more. Why virtual reality when we can just use reality? Well, with these headsets, our students can transport to worlds that no school bus could ever reach. So far, our students have stood onboard the Titanic at the end of her maiden voyage, to an Anne Frank’s hideaway as military planes flew by without warning, and travel through the anatomical structure of the human body. So we were visualizing the bones with the VR’s. They were telling us what they’re used for and, like, why we need ’em and what they’re called and what’s their scientific name for it. Virtual reality is supplementing the classroom experience by creating opportunities for our students to explore, connect, and plug into learning. It’s so exciting. I don’t know one student out of my 140 kids that didn’t enjoy the VRs. I mean that’s just further diggin’ that information into their brain. It’s fun for me to watch too. This new virtual lens is just one of many tools the Dubuque Community School District is using to continue fostering the 21st century skills of our students today and tomorrow. The question now is, “Where to go next?” (upbeat music)

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