Virtual School: A Day in the Life of a Connections Academy Family


Virtual School: A Day in the Life of a Connections Academy Family

On Screen: Connections Academy On Screen: A Day In The Life of Two Connections Academy Families Craigo Family: Hi, we’re the Craigos, and
we love Connections Academy! Martin Family: Hi, we’re the Martins, and we love Connections Academy we love Connections Academy!
On Screen: The Martin Family Carla Martin: My name is Carla Martin
Eric Martin: My name’s Eric Martin, and I have two students enrolled in Connections.
Caleb Martin: My name is Caleb Jordan Martin, and I’m in grade 12 at Connections Academy.
Kelsey Martin: My name is Kelsey Paige Martin, and I’m in eighth grade at Connections Academy.
Caleb Martin: Normally, I wake up at 7:00 in the morning. I get my breakfast. I’m either
meditating or working out. Then I get myself mentally prepared for the day, and then I
go into my work starting around 8:00, and I normally do maybe about a total of four
lessons before I take my lunch break, which is at 12. Through my breaks, I normally like
just to walk around and kind of refresh myself. If I’m having trouble with a lesson or subject,
I normally get away and get some air. Then, I’m normally back at work at 12:30, and then
I complete my day. Jeanette Craigo: My name is Jeanette Craigo.
Jason Craigo: My name is Jason Craigo, and I currently have two students enrolled in
Connections Academy. Justin Craigo: My name is Justin Craigo, and
I’m in eighth grade. Jaelen Craigo: I’m Jaelen Craigo, and I’m
in sixth grade, doing seventh grade work. Jeanette Craigo: A day in our family starts
very early. We usually begin school at 8:00 in the morning. My children will come down,
turn on their computers, check to see what lessons they have for the day.
Justin Craigo: Usually I do my history first, and then my science, math is usually near
the end. Jeanette Craigo: They’ll have a LiveLesson
in many different courses that they can choose to go to, especially if maybe a test is upcoming,
it’ll help them prepare for that exam. Jaelen Craigo: We finish the day and then
we work ahead for the next day, and maybe the next week, even.
Carla Martin: I just like to be here to make sure they’re grasping all the concepts, so
I like to help them manage their time, budget their time, and budget their days.
Kelsey Martin: Your schedule is really flexible. There’s no classroom distractions. You can
call your teacher if you’re having a problem. Jason Craigo: Being able to learn at their
own pace is an excellent advantage. They can really get one-on-one attention so that they
really learn the content well. Jeanette Craigo: We’re able to supplement
their course lessons with activities of our own, as well. We often go to the science center,
natural history museums, the art museums. There are classes offered through our metro
parks in the area, so it’s very easy to go online and find something that’ll be new and
exciting for your student to do that gets them outside of the house and away from the
computer, because there’s lots of things to do and different ways for your student to
learn. Jaelen Craigo: When I’m outside of school,
I do things like dance. Justin Craigo: I love playing my guitar, and
I love hanging out with my friends on days when I finish school ahead.
Caleb Martin: I am now in the National Honor Society, so I’m doing a lot of volunteer and
community work. Kelsey Martin: I like to take pictures. I
usually go down to the lake, or my mom will drive me to Wildwood, or to the greenhouse
to take pictures. Eric Martin: It has really helped us just
become a family that’s really involved with the child’s education.
Jeanette Craigo: We can ask any kind of questions. We can go outside and have our lessons outside
if it’s a beautiful day, and they still get the same education, no matter what.
Eric Martin: This is a real school, this is a real education. It is top-notch curriculum.
It is well-developed by certified teachers, by professional educators.
Jeanette Craigo: I get to see what they are doing. I get to be engaged with what they’re
doing, and I get to enjoy what they’re doing. Connections Academy® [logo]
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  1. Alex Zamora says:

    I'm considering enrolling with connections academy, i was just wondering if i have to have a face-to-face talk with teachers? I'm rather shy so those types of things make me nervous

  2. maddy gonzalez says:

    Is there any state grants or help if you don't have a computer up to speed?

  3. maddy gonzalez says:

    I live in Utah and have heard of programs in my state that provide art supplies , as well as science and entire curriculum projects is this the same state funded program?
    Or is this a Federally funded program

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