Virtual school helps people finish high school

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SCHOOL DIPLOMA – IT’S HARDER FOR PEOPLE TO FIND JOBS – AND IF THEY DO FIND A JOB – ON AVERAGE – THEY’LL MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LESS THAN SOMEONE WHO GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL. WE MET A LOCAL WOMAN WHO’S DETERMINED TO GET HER DIPLOMA – WITH THE HELP OF TECHNOLOGY. ERICA ROYER NEVER FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL. NOW — AS WORKING MOM – HER DAYS ARE BUSY. BUT THANKS TO A NEW VIRTUAL SCHOOL — HER GOAL OF GETTING A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA IS WITHIN REACH. ER: “I get off really late in the evening and it’s really convenient to get on the laptop and be able to do it right in my bed sometimes.” ROYER IS PART OF AN ONLINE PROGRAM THROUGH TOPEKA PUBLIC SCHOOLS. DD: “The virtual school is geared toward adult learners, those individuals who are 19-years or older who did not receive their diploma from their high school in four years. THE PROGRAM IS ENTIRELY WEB BASED. LESSONS ARE TAUGHT BY A VIRTUAL TEACHER AND STUDENTS WORK AT THEIR OWN PACE. DD: “There is flexibility for people who work or do things during the day or have odd hour or work on the weekends or whatever, they can do all of this work virtually. If they do have questions or need help they can always email in the evenings if that’s what they need and get a response the next day.” DICK SAYS IT’S IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS TO BE SELF-MOTIVATED — AND RORY CERTAINLY IS. ER: “I want to show my kids that I can do it and I want to advance and be a nurse someday so that I can help other people.”SO FAR – SCHOOL OFFICIALS SAY JUST UNDER TEN PEOPLE FAR – SCHOOL OFFICIALS SAY JUST UNDER TEN PEOPLE ARE ENROLLED IN THE PROGRAM. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW WANT TO GET YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA THROUGH THE VIRUTAL SCHOOL. WE’VE POSTED ALL THE DETAILS AT “KSNT DOT COM” — JUST CLICK ON “EDUCATION 21ST CENTURY” UNDER THE NEWS TAB.###

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