Virtual Tour of the New George Mason High School

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Virtual Tour of the New George Mason High School

We can just pause right here for a second. This just looks at the building from the fifth floor Apartment of the future mixed-use development looking to the building You see the plaza there in front of the new high school that Plaza extends into that good neighbor space which is 300 spaces of parking required by the school, also could be shared by development We’re hoping that at one point Perhaps there’s an opportunity if that would ever be structured parking then you can imagine the green space, a true community use green space in that area where there is currently proposed parking you can also see by leaning the road Away from the school how much yard and frontage you actually create and so you can see right where the blue stair area is That is the current loading dock. So by taking the loading dock out and restoring that to yard You also then create a little bit more space between the traffic and the building And all of that then can be very nice queueing space for buses and so forth in the afternoons So a lot of attention given to just the arrival and the experience of coming and going every day by students and staff and visitors And the face that have presents to the community in the future You can see also just from a massing standpoint, the middle school is a three-story structure and then the building Is simply two academic bars, very simple diagram One is four storys and the other is five storys. You can also see in this view, all of the PV panels That would go toward making up that 25% Power generation toward the Net Zero The existing roof is kept clean. I’m sorry, The new roof is kept clean, which will allow for all of those PVs Again you can see the crossing over the bollards keep the pedestrians and the cars apart Going through the main entrance This is the main arrival for everyone every day. On the left is the main office, all this is ballistic glass We’ll pause and we’ll say hello to the security officer Someone’s getting busted And then this is the heart of the school, we pay a lot of attention to the design Principles that were put forth in the study, I want to just acknowledge the good work by Perkins Eastman as well very nicely done But we know the strength of the Performing Arts program in Falls Church So, if you could just pause here John, what you’re seeing here modeled is the mezzanine The mezzanine is an alternate to provide the additional hundred seats So we’re showing the mezzanine in this model and then, if you would go forward And then what we had done with some high schools recently is the back half of the auditorium can be treated as a flat floor with Retractable auditorium style seating, upholstered seats and backs, it retracts so that you can use it as a flat floor flexible space and you can close a Partition so that the forward half can be used for large group instruction and the back half can be used for some other use Simultaneously. So that’s what’s in our proposal, is using the auditorium in this way Going back into the lobby. We know that there is a great deal of History and culture and legacy around athletics and academics. There’s your Mustang medallion from the library. We’ll come back to the legacy wall on the left in just a moment but working our way down The main crossroads here at the main level the elevator bank is right here on the right, and then just turning and looking back toward the middle school, the Mustang cafe and That is a grab-and-go Scrambled type of a food operation, backing up to a common food Kitchen, that then would also share separately the middle school serving line, so a high school and middle school serving line Served by a common kitchen. And then we’ll be renovating the middle school We’ll be moving the serving line to the vocal music room, and then we’ll be renovating the serving line from vocal music when we’re done to make that all work So very open and then go forward, if you would please and then we’re looking At this point down one level into the competition gymnasium You can see the stairs down on your left It will look all the way through, you saw the elevation in the video that Jen just showed, but we’re looking all the way through The gymnasium north, out onto the existing football field And a couple of those banners I think are for boys and girls soccer and boys tennis this spring If we just continue down the way The next space is the auxilary gym with the elevated running track again accessible off of this heart of the school We’ll just take a moment, take a look at that Again you can see right through all of this You can see the branded graphics in this area of the building Mustang graphics for looking up to the makerspace That is on the second floor there. So bringing you back to the beginning, going back up now the stairs on the left graphics Anything that would acknowledge the history of academics, the athletics, the culture, the history here in Falls Church arriving here on the second floor Again, rethinking the media centers as a more contemporary kind of a space. It’s right over the cafeteria So the glass there at the end could connect right down. This may be a place that you might allow students to bring their lunch, for example We’re accessible to the community and at the end of this axis then again, still in the heart of the school, at the end of This axis then is one of the two maker studios The overhead cord reels, movable furniture, 3-D printers Robot, drones, and still connected to the other activities of the school, athletics Looking back over that main second-floor main floor heart of the school and then on out to the athletic complex to the west Moving on to the third floor This is the third floor again in the heart of the school right on that main corridor This is the feature we call the learning stair. It provides convenient access up to the fourth floor But it also provides large group instruction And meeting space in the form of an amphitheater Looking back out over to the outdoor learning space that connects to your STEAM labs on the third floor Again, a collaborative learning space right in the middle of your building. Looking back out to the front now of the school So if you can imagine out those windows would be the future community commercial development This is on the fourth floor, in that academic bar All of the classrooms, great deal of visibility into the space have high lockers Below the windowsill overlooking and that’s the third-floor, double-height space so you can imagine all of the various types of learning that you could have here and offer your students in a space like this You saw a moment ago a skylight on that fourth floor ceiling and I’ll show you that in just a moment Typical classroom. I think we have a space X launch going off on this day Again, lots of transparency going out. Now we’re on the fifth floor, the highest floor of that northernmost bar. And a portion of this floor is depressed as an outdoor learning Terrace Racetrack of classrooms that are around that central space, but you can imagine allowing students actually outside into that terrace, completely secure Or any number of things And a space like this. There’s that skylight bringing light into that Third and fourth floor double high space there right on the right So again this is part of the fifth floor and then if we just raise up And look back The roof, again all of the PV array to get to the 25% generation. You see the overall massing of the building It feels very compatible with the middle school As the Sun sets over our shoulder The crowd goes wild

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