Waldorf School Education


Waldorf School Education

Waldorf education is based on the principles of Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner. Steiner founded the first school
in 1919 Stuttgart Germany to educate the children of the factory workers from the Waldorf Astoria Zigaretten Fabrik – hence the name. All kids, independent of social status or talent received the same instruction, which made the school a pioneer of social justice in education. The goal of a Waldorf education is to develop free, but morally responsible individuals equipped with a high degree of social competence and creative capabilities. Factual knowledge, homework and tests scores receive less attention. Storytelling and experimentation are the main method of instruction, Over the twelve-year curriculum, students learn math, literature, history and science as well as a wide variety of arts and hands-on skills. Elementary students paint, knit, weave and sculpt with wax. Older ones make patterns, books, pottery and sculpt in stone. Everybody learns to do music. First all play the flute, then some play string instruments and others join the choir. Students play non-competitive games and learn to dance eurhythmy. They do organic farming and learn two foreign languages, which in the first years are taught through songs, storytelling and conversations. In grade 8 and 12 the entire class develops a classical drama which they perform in front of their parents and friends. Waldorf uses a unique project based approach to almost all main academic subjects. Instead of repetitive schedules, a specific subject, such as history, math, science or even gardening dominates the first two hours in the morning for a period of 4-6 weeks. After that, a new subject gets the main focus. Steiner also invented an experiential
approach to science whereby students observe and later describe scientific concepts in their own words and drawings rather than learning about them in a textbook first. Waldorf schools therefore consider computers useful to children only in their teens, after they have mastered fundamental, time-honored ways of discovering information and learning. In the spirit of personal development and empathy, competition and grades are being avoided. Teachers instead assess the student’s individual growth of character. Tests scores and grades are only slowly introduced to older students as they prepare for college and entrance exams. Today there are over a thousand Waldorf schools in 60 countries, making it one of the largest independent school movements. Waldorf has become a recognized educational theory in Europe and its schools have received state funding. Famous Waldorf parents include Clint Eastwood, Lenny Kravitz, the Forbes family and many parents from Silicon Valley’s tech sector despite Steiner’s critical view of technology and mass media. Steve Jobs once told a tech journalist who asked whether his children like the new iPad that they haven’t used it and continued: “We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” Acclaimed psychiatrist William Glasser famously said that we learn 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, but 80% of what we experience. one could argue that despite their low-tech approach, the experimental learning method of Waldorf education is exceptionally contemporary. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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100 thoughts on “Waldorf School Education”

  1. Joe King says:

    The TRUTH about WALDORF:

    February 27 (possibly 25) 1861, a “bull-headed” Austrian by the name of Johann(es) and his feisty wife, Franziska brought into this world a son who would be named Rudolf.

    Young Rudolf’s life would step out to a rocky start through the temper and convictions of his father. The former gamekeeper in the service of Count Hoyos took one of the Count’s housemaids in a marriage void of the Count’s permission. After re-establishing themselves in another region of Austria, the young couple brought Rudolf into the world.

    Rudolf was home schooled for a short spell after a conflict between the school and Rudolf’s father, Johann. It seems to me that a combination of his home life and the system under which he started his education lead Rudolf to escaping into his mind at a young age.

    By age 15, Rudolf believed that he understood the full concept of time, and furthered his thinking into what he later would term as “Spiritual Science”. His education took him from the teachings of an herb gatherer, to years of science related courses mixed with spiritual endeavours to shape what would become his firm belief system. Anthroposophy was born of this blending of spirituality and science. Anthroposophy would later become the foundation of bigger things for Rudolf.

    At the turn of the 1900’s, Dr. Karl Kellner who was a manufacturer from Vienna, paired up with Dr. Franz Hertmann, a German theosophist, and founded a secret Occult lodge they named OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis. Not long after the formation of this secret lodge a man with many connections to other such lodges joined the Order (OTO). Soon after joining, this man, Theodore Reuss brought Rudolf Steiner into the fold, making Steiner a member of this secret lodge.

    Reuss, named “Brother Merlin” under the Occultist lodge, made contact with Aleister Crowley in 1912, inviting him to become a member of the lodge. Crowley took the name, “Brother Baphomet”. Baphomet is the symbol of the satanic goat. The body of a human with the head of a goat.

    The O.T.O. focused on the “inner kernel” of sexual magic. The O.T.O. developed its sexual rites under Reuss but later expanded them under Crowley. Crowley soon after took over the leadership of the lodge. Like many secret lodges and Satanic cults, the O.T. O. used ceremonies, sacrifices and rituals to garner strength and foundation in their members. Like other secret lodges, members may not speak of their secret knowledge.

    Originally intended to be modelled after and associated with European Freemasonry, such as Masonic Templar organizations, the O.T.O. was reorganized around the Law of Thelema as its central religious principle under the leadership of Aleister Crowley,. This Law, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" was promoted in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law. It was such “laws” that became evident in associated thinking of other members of this secret Occult lodge. One such member that seemed to carry within many of the same beliefs as Crowley was in fact Rudolf Steiner.

    Steiner would later go on to form what is now The Waldorf Schools. Waldorf education, often referred to as Steiner Education is based on the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Its teachings emphasize the role of imagination in learning, trying to integrate the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils in a holistic manner. Although in principal, these methods may sound inviting if not attractive, one must take the time to look deeper. Waldorf schools do not adopt the same rules or disciplines regarding bullying in their education system. Relying heavily on artistic expression, spiritual connections, racial profiling and offering liberal helpings of freedom of expression, bullied children are often seen to have little to no protection from their offenders.

    I mention racial profiling on account of Steiner’s very well pronounced belief that different races stand at different levels, and each has its proper place on the Earth. He believed that humanity would have to go through racial Armageddon before we could proceed to the next stage of evolution. Steiner goes on to state what each colour stood for, putting the Whites at the top, leading the way to the future with nothing less than a painful and violent demise for those born with more melanin.

    The Waldorf Teacher’s Survival Guide is a 67 page pamphlet written by Eugene Schwartz in 1992. At the time, Eugene was the head of the Waldorf teaching program at Sunbridge College in N.Y.. In this guide, on page 54: "Most of that which contributes to our work as teachers, preparation work, artistic work, even meditative work, is under the guardianship of Lucifer. We can become great teachers under his supervision, for he is responsible for much that has blossomed in the unfolding of civilization and culture in the past."

    It is worth noting that since 2005 Eugene Schwartz has been tied up in legal battles surrounding allegations of child pornography being found on his home computer. Although to date, no charges have been laid regarding the claims, there was evidently a trove of child pornography found along with a stockpile of photos of his female students in bathing suits as well as at least one photo of a student described as “inappropriate” in nature. Schwartz is said to have admitted to being attracted to young girls and child pornography. These admissions to “having a problem” came to light in 2014, when two other teachers at the same facility that Schwartz taught at were identified in an investigation into pervasive past sexual misconduct at the school.

    In Anthroposophical doctrine, Lucifer is the god of light. His antagonist is Ahriman, the god of darkness. To balance these two opposing forces, Christ comes to earth as a sun god. This pairing of Jesus and Lucifer as the father and son, are bound to create discomfort in most believers in Christianity. It can certainly create a level of discomfort even to those considered Atheist or Agnostic.

    Danny Aguirre, access line director at the Spiritual Counterfeits Project in Berkeley, California stated, "I think that it's a curriculum that attempts to be palatable for public consumption, but there's a strategy to subtly influence the children toward Anthroposophy." This was stated in reply to questions raised regarding whether or not Waldorf Teaching is intended to indoctrinate children in an occult religion.

    Waldorf Teaching is based entirely on the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, a man closely associated with Aleister Crowley among other high level Occultists, Satanists and Secret Lodge members. Rudolf’s brainchild (Waldorf Schools) went on to be lead and further modelled under the similar influences of such degenerates as Eugene Schwartz.

    Perhaps this article sheds light where light was not meant to shine. If nothing else, I hope it brings awareness to the topic that inspires open conversations and some insight into why Waldorf schools carries with them so much controversy around their methods of educating as well as the funding that keeps their doors open.

    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Crack the blinds.

  2. jon bilgutay says:

    If I ever have children, I'm seriously considering enrolling them in a Waldorf school.

  3. Alias says:

    I don't have one of these close by, but this is the kind of education I want my kids to get

  4. Tönt Ungen says:

    I'm rn practicing for my "drama" and yes I'm a waldorf kid

  5. lucyrose679 says:

    Such a good video! I am study Steiner Education at University and rate this video a A+ thank you !!!!!

  6. BobTheBuilder294 says:

    i learned about Waldorf education through an episode of the Simpsons.

  7. videoattac2 says:

  8. Momerathe says:


  9. omsnaga says:

    Going to a waldorf high school was the weirdest time of my life, it's amazing how many of the adults seemed so smart yet they believed in magic and couldn't explain their reasoning in a way that anyone could understand.
    I loved the arts though, got to try a lot of things that I'd never been able to experience anywhere else

  10. RAHAGIRI-FOOD By Dr. Kaynat Kazi says:

    We desperately needed a school like this as the schools around us are so high tech and they are doing everything except teaching. Big pomp and show, unaffordable fees, unnasasary luxury etc…

  11. The Luna Mage says:

    Sounds gay

  12. LaLeLu la says:

    Wo sind hier die Waldis?????

  13. genevieve says:

    I am currently in Waldorf and feel like it’s one of the the best schools I’ve heard of. I’m glad I have the privilege to go here

  14. MothWizzard says:

    i wish i went to such a school

  15. Meme Witch says:

    I go to a Waldorf school in South Africa and gardening is the best lmao

  16. Liz Cooper says:

    Unfortunately students who attend these schools are intellectual behind. My daughter is 7 and goes to a local primary school and can read amazingly. A group of 9 year olds who we know go to the Steiner school cant read or write or do maths.

  17. Adna Sokolović says:

    Please do the video about Friedrich Froebel and his contribution to the pedagogy and education. 😊😊😊

  18. Yasemin Gurses says:

    İ go to a steiner school

  19. Marcus Cross says:

    Rudolph Steiner believed that white people were the superior race and that people with difficulties such as autism were like that because of something bad they did in a previous life.

  20. SHAMA R says:

    Really enjoyed your presentation .

  21. Anonymous y8 says:

    Lol I am in a Waldorf school. 8th grade, the stuff he is saying is true.. But as a student I most say its really stressful.

  22. Leftoverciccia says:

    Our Waldorf school lost "Waldorf"….

  23. Philip Binder says:

    yes amazing education, a bit that not available all over the world

  24. Belen Vargas says:

    un claro video de lo que es esta extraordinaria forma de aprender !!!

  25. Taisto Tammilehto says:

    I went to steiner, studied for 9 years.
    Instead of teaching us important things that help us in life, we were dancing eurythm. I struggled in math and my writing was terrible. What I liked about steiner was that they provided us the artistic possibilities in education, but they were not optional. We were forced to do art. Art is not something that should be forced, it should be an option we all are given. I personally like playing piano, drawing, editing videos and painting. Instead I spent 5 years playing fucking flute. The idea is nice but the execution is terrible.
    I would like to see a Waldorf school where kids choose what they do instead of doing what they are told.

  26. Andro_ St says:

    As I learn in a Waldrof school myself in Moldova I would like to say that you should really try to search not only in Wikipedia as it is not always the best way .

  27. Lukas Konrad says:

    Used to steal the eurythmic shoes of others

  28. jayxfrost says:

    Waldorf alumnus here!

  29. Elli Fuhrmann says:

    A friend of mine went to a Waldorf school here in Germany for elementary school and after that swapped it for a common Gymnasium so she would have better chances at finding a job later on. She told me that she really had problems talking the test to get into our school because she didn't know a lot of things concerning maths, German etc. The focus points in these schools are completely different what isn't necessarily bad but it makes it seemingly really difficult if you want to or have to switch school systems. Mainly school systems where the teaching methods are so completely different from Waldorf (means literally any other school system, university). I think Waldorf is a great approach which is so much better for the mental health of kids and they are learning some really useful things there but in a society like ours that isn't always wanted.

  30. Antonia Izabella says:

    I’m currently in my final year at a Waldorf school in Germany and it’s pretty tough..No woodworking anymore haha. I guess we have to proof we’re not stupid because we’re “Waldorf” and that’s why we get testet in one more subject in our finals

  31. Jodolf Staler says:

    the waldorf school hir in tromsø, norway is shit. i hate it like 5 day old gum.

  32. High Castle says:

    I went to a walforf school

  33. Marcus Meisters says:

    Once a year we are celebrating THE WOW DAY…. 🙂 (World of Waldorf)….Better than a mmorpg 🙂

  34. David Reed says:

    I grew up in Waldorf schools, in America and in France…

  35. Christian Swensen says:

    I think that Waldorf developed his model in an early industrial world, where 90% of everything necessary could be learned by observation.

    That's not the world we live in now.

    I would easily agree that within its limits, the Waldorf model probably generates good results. But, putting off the empirical sciences and maths until middle school is a time deficit that won't ever be overcome. Today's schools are failing at many levels. But the area of failure that will most profoundly affect our future is the lack of foundational science and math. These are the things that make the world work, and 100% necessary to advance in any technical field.

    The Waldorf model, just like every other model focused on "soft sciences" fails to deliver the ONLY really necessary learning.

    Without science and math, we'd still be a species living on the edge of extinction. By thinking that feelings and philosophy is more important than math and science, we can be on the edge of extinction again.

  36. Elefteria Rom says:

    Beste Schule ever!Leider unbezahlbar in der Schweiz…

  37. Maikaaa says:

    Well I’m at a Waldorfschool and it’s really compective

  38. feast 4 good knowledge says:

    What is that music in the background????

  39. Taco chan animationz* says:

    This came in my recommend…How dose youtube know what school i go on……..ಠ_ಠ

  40. Taco chan animationz* says:

    My school has Euruptmi but it's dissliked by mostly everyone

  41. Taco chan animationz* says:

    The waldolf school i go on is bully free.If you bully someone I'm pretty sure you get expelled

  42. SeraphinOM says:


  43. Kim Mathis says:

    What this video doesn't tell you: Rudolf Steiner was a racist. Apart from this appalling detail there's plenty of utter nonsense in his works, e.g. his believe in Atlantis as an actual historical fact…

  44. Michelle Conroy says:

    I go to Waldorf school of Baltimore

  45. Leila Immediato Martins says:

    I'm in Brazil and I know Waldorf's School. It's só fantastic! In love! Steiner was ahead of our time

  46. tms says:

    Waldorf schools are not state founded in Germany…

  47. Nathan Price says:

    Graduating this year, Tbh i’m sad to leave. I think any school that someone can remember fondly has something to be said for it. I love waldorf, i think it’s very important and should receive more attention

  48. Lotus Song says:

    Love it!

  49. Danya und Yeetus says:

    I might be going to a waldorf school after summer break. Not completely sure though

    (Edit: I'm pretty sure I'm going there :D)

  50. Schokolade Pudding says:

    An die Deutschen hier (falls hier welche sind). Bin ich die einzige, die vor diesem Video Eurythmie-Werbung bekommt?😂

  51. Jan-Erik Ella says:

    These are the bright sides of Waldorf, and the ones worth perpetuating in the future (although I'd argue that some of their aversion to new technology is overblown and based on shoddy esotericism instead of rational arguments or pedagogic considerations).
    We should also mention that there is such a thing as Anthroposophy fundamentalism, with teachers insisting that evolution is a lie, the heart is not a muscle, and the moon landings must have been fake because Steiner wrote that the moon isn't solid.
    Not all schools or even many teachers are like that, but they do exist.

  52. Thirza m. says:

    lmao im going to this kinda school in the netherlands

  53. immer fcb!!! says:

    ich bin ein waldi😅

  54. alex sealive says:

    I love this video. You have perfectly explained how it works (i’m current stundent at Waldrof School) I guess most people don’t know about the following but it’s very annoying; in Germany people who go to different schools are constantly making jokes about Waldorf school. They ask things like “Can you spell your name dancing?” (Eurythmie) or “do you grow trees?” It’s incredibly how ignorant people can be, making fun of it when they have never experienced it themselves. I mean sure, it’s kinda easier for students at Waldorf school but I truly believe we get better prepared for life and learn not only academical stuff but also a lot about humanity and being social! Great video, thank you!

  55. Sharmee Divan says:

    I am a proud Waldorf parent and I truly believe that this is the best school system ever crested by mankind

  56. Elizabeth Schmid says:

    I go to a Waldorfshol in Stuttgart

  57. Aaron Kamalkhani says:


  58. Janouk says:

    HandOfBlood und Nebel Niek waren auch auf ner Waldorf Schule lol

  59. Hypersomnie says:

    My boy is higly intelligent, has autism and is in a special waldorf school. He hates it. He's bored the most time.

  60. Eva-Maria Wispler says:

    Hello I'm a waldorf student🤓

  61. Ryan Cooper says:

    My experience of going to a Waldorf school was closer to the movie "Wicker Man".

  62. Queen Kathy says:

    If I want to study art ¿is Waldorf a good school for that? ¿Or is better go to a highschool focused in art?

    The problem is that the Waldorf school that my parents want me to go is outside of the village where I live (that means that the friends I make will live in another places), is expensive and because the kids begin primary school in Waldorf at 8 years, they want me to repeate a year so I dont be with kids of 15. In the public school there are more kids per clase but is inside of the village and is more easy to access.

    Sorry if there is an error, I'm from Latinoamérica.

  63. muzna malik says:

    One point is missed out that during those 4weeks of project students prepare their own files and at the end they have their own books made based on their own knowledge and experience. There are no predefined text books for any project or subject. It's mostly through Teachers careful listening and memory. First 8yrs of schooling are crucially important while Self is more given weightage. Then comes the world and I.

  64. Nilo Cappelletti says:


  65. Clorox Bleach says:

    I'm going to a Waldorf school soon ^^

  66. Fluffynator says:

    I'm so glad I never had to attend Waldorf. Would probably have been terrible…

  67. Linnea Kähkäniemi says:

    Im in 7th class of my Waldorf school

  68. S N says:

    I m from India. Here people are running so called "waldroff schools ". Fake , only money makers. They are spoiling waldrof system here. All talk no work, putting pressure on parents, huge fees .

  69. Laura Vergo says:

    This is too accurate…

  70. Alexi Vandenbussche says:

    i am on a Steiner school and i'm suprised that your expination is so correct, now it's my second year there, i'm in 11th class and i think it's one of the best schools.

  71. Adrian Høiland says:

    I went to steiner school from 2005-2009 and 2009-2018

  72. Adrienne Le Pelley says:

    I go to a Waldorf school in Auckland, and I'm loving reading through the comments here where people understand it! I've been at this school since I was 3 and I absolutely love it to pieces but it's so annoying having to do a ten minute explanation every time anyone asks what the heck it's all about😂

  73. I have no idea for a name says:

    Als ob es die auch International gibt…😂

  74. Olivier's World says:

    The future!!

  75. Myaa Bolck says:

    I'm on a Waldorf school in Germany for still 1 month, before i was on a Mary Ward School and it was a completly different education. I like to work with hands and not only write that's so Boring. I like the Waldorf school more than the other school because its more chillig so where are the Waldorf Kids?😄

  76. Alexandria Monetto says:

    It's not the flute, it's the RECORDER

  77. hallie scott says:

    Lol I didn't know Waldorf is from Stuttgart

  78. Brooke Z says:

    I did a 2.5 month exchange to a Waldorf school in Germany and I liked it but I think it's important to use computers/other technology in school, even from a young age.

  79. Magnus König says:

    This looks alot better than it really is.

  80. laly says:

    New Age bullshit luciferian education! Read about fraud Rudolph Steiner, people!!

  81. J Kohler says:

    I went to one of these schools and I turned out an anxious wreck of a human being so that tells you all you need to know about these bullshit schools lmao

  82. Nivedita Tinna says:

    Please guide what is difference between montessori and woldrof system of education

  83. Jonas Comb says:

    Which is better Montessori vs Waldorf??

  84. Bob Urmom says:

    Hey fellow hippie cultists! (Aka fellow waldorfians)

  85. AdoringFan says:

    Wish my parents sent me to a Waldorf School.

  86. Bob Snoopy says:

    I didn’t have a good experience in Waldorf and was not prepared for high school for stuff like homework and actually learning stuff .

  87. Fion Lam says:

    WOW. I was so touched by the respond here. I see you guys are glad to be a Waldorf Student! In Hong Kong, Waldorf Education is also expensive as not supported by the Government. But after seeing the responds here, I'm sure I've made a right choice to send my son to a Waldorf Kindergarten (Though as a parent it's stressful~ haha)

  88. Anna Vanhooghten says:

    Yee I'm go to an walldorf school

  89. On the Corner of Theory and Truth says:

    New World Order / One World Religion funded by the United Nations. Plain and simple.

  90. Sarnnox says:

    I used to go to a Waldorf school during my elementary and middle school years. It was great 👍

  91. Chloe Carpenter says:

    Only 1000 schools around the planet!? That’s such a small number!

  92. Ellie ! says:

    So what is the difference between this and Montessori education?

  93. Little Cutie Pie says:

    Cool Video! Subscribed and Big Liked. Could you subscribe to my channel too please?

  94. Júlia Lilla Baktay says:

    I watched this and was like no shit!
    I go to waldorf

  95. Jenny Valdes says:

    I was on one in germany 12 years ago was my last school year :3

  96. Alexandre Koch says:

    I would like permission to propagate the narrated video in Portuguese, obviously keeping the credits. Am I allowed?

  97. jerking off in a tree says:

    I go to a Waldorf school the works kinda hard and the whole things kinda gay tbh and the teachers are all wacky, and stinky

  98. Emmet Foley says:

    ich bin 1.3 E T

  99. Tamar case dixon says:

    love it

  100. Ricardo Ant says:

    Thank you for shared this with US! 💓

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