Washington Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

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Washington Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

Washington Connections Academy
is an online public school. We serve students across the whole state of Washington. We provide a lot of social events. Today there will be some learning, some science
experiments as well as fun for students to connect with each other and parents to connect with each other and get to know each other. We are at the Bi-Zi Farms and
we scheduled this field trip so that families can gather together and it gives them that
ability to see each other face to face and meet some of their teachers. We just did a corn maze and
we’re going to go get some pumpkins. A lot of relationships were built
today and we got to go through the corn maze with the older kids and experience that problem
solving that builds team work. We chose Washington Connections
Academy because it let us be flexible with our schedule and that my kids could concentrate
on what their interests are as well, so I could be involved in their education, which
was really important to us. You can completely rearrange
a schedule and it fits for you. Doctor’s appointments, my son just had his tonsils out. It’s awesome. Some days we have Jiu-Jitsu, some
days we have gymnastics, some days we have swimming, so every day is a little different,
which really works for my kids. Usually I’ll get up and then
I’ll let my goats out and then after that, I usually go to my computer and sit down,
I check what I have to do. Check my WebMails, get on my
LiveLesson and if I have one. A LiveLesson is an online
classroom. Essentially it’s a space in which the teacher
can convey information and students can receive it, but there’s also different features like a chat
pod, where we can all type to each other. The teachers are very nice
because you can call them whenever. You can also talk to them when you have a LiveLesson. Students can contact my by
phone, by WebMail, in my LiveLessons. I have open office hours every Monday. A lot of phone calls with my home room. I make sure to call them once a week so we can hear each other’s voice. I try and make myself super available. My favorite thing about teaching
at Washington Connections Academy is the ability to work with my students. I think just the ability to
work one-on-one with students and the ability to build such strong relationships with families and students and provide all the support that I can and have always wanted to as a teacher is one of the best aspects. Washington Connections Academy
is focused on the student. I’m thankful for being able to
work at home and having really nice teachers that help me with, if when I’m struggling. I’m thankful for Connections
Academy for helping me get As and Bs.

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