WATCH LIVE: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on free expression at Georgetown – 10/17/2019


WATCH LIVE: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on free expression at Georgetown – 10/17/2019

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38 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on free expression at Georgetown – 10/17/2019”

  1. jim blair says:

    WTF do you think you like are?

  2. jim blair says:

    You are a leftwing wanker,
    You only allow leftwing bigots on you platforms and sensor anything and everything right wing.
    You words are meaninglessness along with sportsmen and Hollywood.
    You are nothing.

  3. callmedeno says:

    stfu zuck, sooner yer company implodes the better

  4. Olivia Moore says:

    Free speech isn’t the same as freedom of consequence. Conservatives only want freedom of consequence. Conservatives wants to be able to bully without consequences, Time to fight back against conservatives, time to man up and fight them with their own rhetoric and tactics

  5. Greg Brock says:

    He talks the talk… so why am I and millions of others suspended or restricted on Facebook???

  6. Patrick Jamison says:

    Freedom of memes.

  7. Deborah Victoria Edwards says:

    Gotta ask Mark why y'all keep banning me. You tube is awesome but F.B. HITS RIGHT AT HOME.
    CHEERS 🐝🔥💖

  8. Mark Dice says:

    So when is Alex Jones going to have his account restored? And the dozens of other conservatives Facebook has censored?

  9. CRYPTO 420 says:

    good job 👌.. like if u want trump to get reelected

  10. dfreshness2006 says:

    Voice and free expression? So if I pay FB enough $, my voice can scale louder and further, even if what I say are lies? GTFO

  11. gary proffitt says:

    He is the most corruptible individual FaceBook and boy, I treated about 5 years before Russians
    attempted my passbook away from FaceBook ( 2014 )

  12. tobey knolls says:

    This was preceded by a Mark Zuckerberg ad lol

  13. idkYeyeDo says:

    out of touch

  14. Micheal Kelm says:

  15. Ignacio Arreses says:

    The real voice of people will be in

  16. T. Michelle says:

    Great job!

  17. Benji Sun *Moxie* says:

    ah, so that's why you are ok with allowing people and groups to organize racism against Chinese (and to a lesser extent to Koreans), but censor racists like Alex Jones. because you're "not biased" and believe in "free expression". sure sure. explain to your wife why you're ok with imperialist racists like the president of APA Hotels rewriting history or Emi Aoi, founder of the anti-Chinese and Korean group Yaezakura no kai again? or is your ignorance and bias proving your message here just hollow bullshit. we can't all afford to be so partially impartial like your highness and stand on your moral high ground built on the foundations that only people who agree with your views deserve more free expression than others.

  18. Butch Davis says:

    Its takes a lot of gumption to get up there and fold to white supremacy the way Mark did in this one. Great job buddy

  19. Olivia Moore says:

    Freedom of speech isn’t the same as freedom of consequence. It’s never been the same.

  20. slthlrdz says:

    FB started as Hot or not, had fuck all to do with lending people a voice on the Iraqi War. Give me a fucking break.

  21. Chickennoises McGillicutty says:

    Expressing your opinion openly on facebook allows the algorithm to learn about you. Facebook then uses what it learns to sell prediction products about your future behavior. Zuckabird is talking about freedom while his business model is anti-freedom. Die lizardman.

  22. Bell's Theorem says:

    Deleted my account. Won't go back until they ban political ads.

  23. Richard Depaola jr says:

    Too late, Facebook has betrayed the WORLD for far too long. I can only imagine how many gays they got killed by handing over lists of gay people to governments where its illegal just as they did to French people who said things they government did not want said. Facebook is a scummy company and so is every single person using ANY of their products, yes, even Instagram.

  24. celeb no.1776 says:

    clapping for a false god that has 2faces! adoreing false gods means the end of an era has begon! thinking he can silence a part of the people had the reverse effect that got us here! the jew fears a narrative so he must silence it!

  25. celeb no.1776 says:

    never ever ever trust a jew they reason from an "my people almost got annihalated" standpoint, and they would do annything for sheckels and power to get on top! the 6 major media conglomerates in the us are al jew controlled!!!!

  26. Jack Sheehy says:

    Notice when he was talking about underlying issues he didn’t mention income inequality

  27. bcoverss says:

    Freedom of speech on FB, WTF are you talking about! Expressing your opinion openly and freely on facebook gets your account put in FB jail or suspended. Zuckyouinberg is a major hypocrite, and having him speak about free expression is like having Pol Pot speak about human rights.

  28. Mechura Tejano says:

    Facebook is the best. Do you know that everything big discoveries about technology is our Holy Almighty Creator of this world plan!. Then, we must appreciate everything, facebook servers for the best, to connect people everywhere around the world.

  29. Mechura Tejano says:

    I love you so much Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg .. go..go..go.. always keep it up.. Everything is plan by our Holy Almighty Creator of this world.

  30. brykam71 says:


  31. brykam71 says:

    The supreme court ruled in Marsh vs the state of Alabama "just because you own the public square(facebook) don't mean you can deny freedom of speech" So with that Said just because you have the freedom of speech don't make you immune to the damage of what you say.

  32. gary proffitt says:

    FaceBook is a Fantasy Land with peppermint grenades, Kiddies with House wreckage's and street party with Tyre Barricades ( Ukraine 2014 ) 👀

  33. 1zero8dragon 14 says:

    Any excuse will serve a tyrant"- Aesop The wolf and the Lamb Zuckerberg is both a coward an a tyrant

  34. gary proffitt says:

    More of Corruptos y Corruptelas on Facebook ~ Corruption with Mexico & Barcelona ( Trump & Putin ☝😲)

  35. Dragomir Marinov says:

    He is either fucking clueless, or entirely corrupt.

  36. Gus Glue says:

    Phoney salesman preaching how great his products are.

  37. John Smith says:

    Extraterrestre Hipocrita!!!! Mark SuckLaVerga is un Socialista que le besa el culo al Chino Winnie Pooh!
    Talks about free expression yet he censores conservatives for "wrongthink"… Or anyone who disagrees with "progressive" POVs!
    Also if you insult this Extraterrestrial asshole, you can get banned, so much for freedom of speech…
    Of course backed by CNPC Television…

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