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(gentle music)Hi, my name is Dr. Cherry Daniel.I’m the head of school for the South Carolina Virtual Charter School. We are a tuition-free public charter school, offering students throughout South Carolina an education in kindergarten through 12th grade. Our teachers are highly trained, they’re certified in their respective area, and they are from South Carolina. They go through extensive training to teach students online. Our students are offered live Class Connect sessions. These sessions are meant to keep students engaged, offering a wide variety of methods, live chats, breakout rooms, small group sessions, one-on-one. Our teachers also offer tutoring sessions on a daily basis for those students who need extra help. At the middle school, we offer students the opportunity to take high school classes. We also offer our middle school students the opportunity to take foreign language, in Spanish, German, Russian, and Italian. Our staff connect with families in a variety of ways. At the high school level, each student is assigned a counselor or advisor that regularly touch base with them to make sure that they are going to be successful in their high school career with our school. South Carolina Virtual Charter School also offers dual enrollment where students can actually go to another college or university or technical college and take a course on their campus that would meet the requirements of our high school diploma. The number of seniors in our school continues to grow. We had the largest graduating class in the school history this year, earning over $3.4 million in scholarships. I’m proud to say that we offer a wide variety of clubs and honor societies for our students. We have National Honor Society, the National Junior Honor Society, the National Art Honor Society. We are also looking to offer other clubs in special interests that students want to become engaged in. Being an online school, we offer many opportunities for our students to meet face-to-face with other students, and all of our families are invited to these field trips or academic outings offered throughout South Carolina. My favorite part of leading this school is working with the fantastic students that attend and watching them grow academically and achieve their success.

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