WE’RE MOViNG OUT! | Going to College


WE’RE MOViNG OUT! | Going to College

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100 thoughts on “WE’RE MOViNG OUT! | Going to College”

  1. Brooklyn and Bailey says:

    Where do you want to go to college? Comment below! Remember you can order your CVX tickets HERE! 💋's -Brooklyn

  2. Camila Flores says:

    I cried very much

  3. Wvytoecollecter says:

    Stember 21st is me and my dad,s birthday 🎂

  4. Oda Rossi says:

    I cried when Brooklyn and Paisley hugged

  5. Itzmarina L says:

    The saying good bye made me cry to like this if it made you cry

  6. Ella Smal says:

    All of your siblings were so cute saying goodbye. If I was to leave my sibling, I think they would be happy. They would fighting over my stuff

  7. Ice BarPP says:

    Wonderful video

  8. Aileen Espinoza says:

    I was crying

  9. t-rex and opii says:

    i’m not gonna lie i started crying during the goodbye😭❤️

  10. Gabriela Reyes says:

    I even cried. Like if you cried to. 😭

  11. Melissa Vazquez_375 says:

    I started criyng

  12. komila Murodova says:

    I am so sad and when they were crying I started to cry also😞😞

  13. Abrar Salama Ibrahim says:

    Can someone tell me if paisley and paxton are adopted or not

  14. Alexis Nelson-Best says:

    My mum and dads wedding was on the 22nd of September 2018

  15. Tilly Poterica says:

    You should teach a class for the day

  16. Princess Pooper says:

    Brooklyn and Bailey all I wish you is a happy life and a good couple years in college and bless you and your sibling hearts they are soooo sweet btw love you vids

  17. Mariam Shah says:

    9:25 is where the goodbyes start😭♥️

  18. Lowri _ says:

    92% of the comments “I started crying when Brooklyn and Paisley hugged”

  19. Timia Fraser says:

    Omgg I loves you 2❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Andreja Stankovic says:

    I’m litterly crying watching this video omg 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰👑👑💖💖💖

  21. Kyleigh Robinson says:

    I cried when paisley starting crying

  22. Kaitlyn Cotton says:

    Ahhhh the tears just keep on coming!! 😅😅

  23. Kaelyn You says:

    For some reason I was mainly crying when Brooklyn hugged Daxton.

  24. Sarah Magic says:

    I have never moved before but my mom met my dad in Ireland (where I live ) and got married then moved to New York lived there for 7 years then had 2 kids (out of the six kids) They moved back to Ireland and lived in my antys house then built a house and that’s when my life began

  25. Ysabelle Purple Super says:

    Too ysabelle 21 goodbye

  26. AllaroundAva 10 says:

    Poor paisley.😓

  27. Julia Cornejo says:

    bruh this actually makes me want to cry my eyes out.

  28. Trista Farni says:

    Who saw moving into college then this vido

  29. cluelessgabs says:

    I rewatched this and it always makes me cry 😢😭😭

  30. Kamila’s Wonderland says:

    I started boiling my eyes out when u guys were saying goodbye BTW I love y’all soooo much

  31. Serina Wright says:

    I'm watching this really late but OMG I can't believe you guys are moving out! Like I can't believe you guys are just starting college, time flies so fast. Also brave for moving out..😅 I just graduated from college and am now barely working towards moving out.

  32. Makenna Biggin says:

    Did anyone else cry when brooklyn said goodbye to paisley?? I know I did

  33. Lily Freistadt says:

    why did i cry omg so saddd

  34. Julie Hoffman says:

    Good luck😊😊

  35. We Got Talent says:

    shouldn't you be blurring license plates?

  36. aldie jo says:

    I haven’t watched your channel since I was little. I’m now crying why are we old now

  37. Shantelle0514 says:

    I want to go to Virginia Tech, because it’s a really good school in where I live! Love all your channels!

  38. Porcupine Paw says:

    I know how it is to say goodbye! I moved to another country, so i had to say goodbye to my friends. Then, by brother had to come back to the first country, to the army. It was hard to say goodbye.😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  39. mallory michael says:

    my name is mallory:0

  40. ALISHA S says:

    now their freshman year is over

  41. Kayleigh Wiesmann says:

    Where did you get the removable wallpaper? 😊

  42. Charlotte Bakker says:

    So you're moving just for one year? And after the summer break, you move back in? How does that work? Here in The Netherlands you just move until you want to live in another place when you're at the university.

  43. Humaira Ali says:

    I was so emotional at 9:25 –10:20

  44. Safia Alexandriya says:

    Anyone else watching this after you saw them move back to their house 2019??

  45. Storm Lee says:

    I remember when I went to college back in 2008. I didn't even go shopping before hand….and I didn't have much to move. No bed, no furniture, everything was provided by the dorm. I brought a mini fridge, and a small TV. Thats it.

  46. vanesa burgos says:

    i was legit crying😭😭😭😭its so sad poor paisley

  47. Ricky M says:

    IT was so sad when Paisley was crying!

  48. Kayla Hernandez says:

    I cried😭😭😭

  49. Sasha Rao says:

    Does anyone else think it will be so fun to live in a dorm

  50. IyannaTV says:

    Where y'all at Costco for the last shopping trip

  51. Gisele Jimenez says:

    Lol it’s late and I’m crying 😂😅😭2019 anyone?

  52. azal azal says:


  53. Annie Parker says:

    When Brooklyn and Paisley hugged my eyes drowned 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  54. kaleigh sohn says:

    i have wanted to go to Baylor University since i was in fifth grade. the english program there was super enticing. i am now a sophmore in high school and it is still my dream

  55. Morgan Adamske says:

    Can we just appreciate Brooklyn and Baileys friends😂

  56. Gracyn Bissonette says:

    Is Baylor in texas

  57. soyoung im says:

    I started crying

  58. manaswini prakash says:

    Who else cried seeing them crying

  59. Nevaeh Hypes says:

    You made me cry I hate seeing people cry

  60. Bella and Maddie says:

    Every time I watch Brooklyn huge paisley I cry……..LOL

  61. Bella Rossum says:

    I almost started crying when they were hugging and saying goodbye 😭😭😭

  62. alani akins says:

    Lol I’m rewatching this and it was uploaded on my birthday!

  63. mr jn says:

    Hey. Brooklyn and Bailey you forget to donate barbie and other toys to sunny side daycare. And please give Woody and other toys to Bonnie.

  64. KAV says:

    Umm excuse you , they're a MAN BAND

  65. Lewis Poulter says:

    This video made me cry❤️ this touched my heart💜

  66. Raquel Navas says:

    Man I teared up seeing your little sister cry

  67. Ader Family Homeschoolers says:

    college life is fun!

  68. Ash M says:

    This made me cry!!! 😭😭

  69. Emma Bartel says:

    Who else cried when they were saying their goodbyes

  70. Karissa Sanchez says:


  71. Karissa Sanchez says:

    the part when they said good bye made me cry and the music made it SO much better {NOT}

  72. Ice Cream Narwhal says:

    Paisley and Brooklyn are so adorable

  73. Emma M says:

    they get to choose their roommate?

  74. sharine mcdougall says:

    I hope your family can live a happy awsome weeks with out you

  75. Melanni Perez says:

    Omg who else started to cry whan thay were saying good bye😢😢😢😢

  76. Ana Rosenthal says:

    This is so sad, with goodbye and everything. I mean, it’s the end of an era! Good luck in college!

  77. Olivia Christensen says:

    Did anyone else start sobbing when she hugged paisley 😭😭😭

  78. Thea Trimmingham says:

    you guys made me cry

  79. rangus41 says:

    when Brooklyn started crying I was crying to 😭😢

  80. Raquel Navas says:

    So many tears

  81. EaglesCards86 says:

    Whats the song on the last few clips?

  82. SaffronSparks says:

    i swear paisley is the cutest sweetest little bean awwhh

  83. Stacey Mitchell says:

    9:45: “I’m coming back you stinker”

  84. Brooke Shepherd says:

    Dessembled? Um don't you mean disassemble

  85. djpaco982mx says:

    Oh paisley

  86. Keerat Gill says:

    Tears were coming out of my eyes idk why

  87. Hannah Steele says:

    I Sstarted cring because my friend I have known for soo long is moving away tomorrow

  88. Julia Bergen says:

    Paisley and Brooklyn made me cry 😭❤️

  89. Mac Gulley says:

    oh my gosh my brother is a senior in high school and he is about to graduate and when yall said goodbye to yall's siblings i started bawling but anyway love yall so much

  90. EllenG says:

    Hello 👋 what brand is Brooklyn’s red jacket?

  91. Lieo Erakdrik says:

    You guys make me cry at the end

  92. Gracie Santiago says:

    I’m not crying I just have a cold 🤧

  93. Aysel Amr says:

    I started crying when brooklyn was hugging paidley

  94. Meet The Bratchers says:

    Who’s watching this in 2019?💙⬇️

  95. Animals,vlogs and More says:

    I randomly just thought that now I half to go to college in a couple of years and started bursting out into tears cause I will so miss my family and that Brooklyn + paisley were crying 😭

  96. Callum Pratt says:


  97. PRO GAMER SINGH says:

    I'm in year 10 and still watching this its 👌👌❤❤

  98. Bryan Stubbs says:

    I love you guys and hope you are safe!😘😃😄

  99. Bryan Stubbs says:

    I am a girl just on my dad's old phone which is mine know😀😃😄

  100. Bryan Stubbs says:

    My real name is Savannah Stubbs 😀😉🙃💝❣️💟

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