What Can You Do with a Business Management Degree? 7 Potential Careers [2018]


What Can You Do with a Business Management Degree? 7 Potential Careers [2018]

When it comes to starting or switching careers,
many people want to know that they’re earning a degree that will provide them with options. The last thing you want is to be pigeonholed
into one career once you’ve obtained your degree. The good news is that you’re considering
a degree in a field with careers that span across a wide range of industries. Love working with people? Put your interpersonal skills to use in sales. Enjoy healthcare? Overseeing a hospital billing department is
a viable option. Want to help change the world? Managing the finances of a nonprofit could
be where you make your difference. Luckily for you, employment opportunities
in these careers are growing — some projected to grow by as much as 19% by the year 2026. This field has a variety of opportunities
for those with an Associate’s degree, and even more-so for those holding a Bachelor’s. But you may still be thinking: “What can
you do with a degree in business management?” More than you might think.
Let’s take a look. Sales representatives contact new and existing customers, explain product features
and answer any questions that customers may have. Some sell directly to consumers, and some
to businesses and other organizations. Marketing managers estimate the demand for
products and services that an organization, and its competitors, offer. They identify potential markets for the organization’s
products and oversee a team that develops strategies to maximize profits. Sales managers direct an organization’s sales teams — setting goals, analyzing data and developing training
programs for organizations’ sales representatives. Management analysts propose ways to improve
an organization’s efficiency. They advise managers on how to make organizations
more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues. General and operations managers review performance
data to measure productivity or goal achievement and identify areas that may need cost reduction
or program improvement. Financial analysts provide guidance to businesses
and individuals making investment decisions. They assess the performance of stocks, bonds
and other types of investments. Financial Managers oversee the financial health
of an organization. They produce financial reports, direct investment
activities and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals of their
organization. And there you have it. We hope this video opened your eyes to the
many career opportunities out there for those with a degree in Business Management. Head over to for more information,
and thanks for watching!

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    Thanks this helped open my eyes to what my degree can hold for me. I graduate in december 2018!

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    Hello thanks a lot for this video, it was helpful. Please I have a question, please is there any difference between these two courses "Business Management" and "Business & Management"?

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