What do Students Want in Online Courses?

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What do Students Want in Online Courses?

Let’s dive right into my personal
favorite topic…communication! So what do students and really
wand in online courses? Well, they want communication. They want communication with you. They
want communication with other students and they want communication with the material. They want to be communicated with through
multiple channels. A lot of the students have said “You know I can’t just read something and understand it but I also need to listen to it or
see it. This addresses a multitude of learning
types that we have with all of our students. So if you’re communicating via multiple
channels you’re going to better accomplish that
connection with the students. For example if you have an assignment
sheet that’s full of text based instruction maybe you want also create
an audio recording to kind of emphasize some of that, even if you’re just repeating a lot of the information students want that. They want to
accommodate where they’re learnin and at what time

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