What does a class look like in a k-12 online school?

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What does a class look like in a k-12 online school?

So I teach first grade. I begin my class by singing I sing
a welcome song every morning. So the students have
their 10-15 seconds to get their headsets on and to really
get ready to start class. We use Blackboard
Collaborate as our mode for having our classes. It’s basically I
usually describe it as Microsoft Paint meets
Skype meets, you know, any other interactive thing. The students are able to talk
to each other and myself. So it’s really a lovely way we
can still have that interaction just like in a class. All right. So which one has
three corners then. Joey which shape
has three corners. To keep my students engaged. I use anything and everything at
my disposal just like my brick and mortar counterparts. I sing with with them. I sing to them I have
them do call in repeats. We type in the chat box. We engage on the the whiteboard. The students have
the ability to use a pointer so we can do sorting or racing activities
with their pointers. The students are
on their webcams interactively with myself
and with the other students. The challenges are
also the perks. The students are
in their home environment. So frequently, there’s background noise
or other distractions. So it becomes almost
a battle for attention. Sometimes. But that’s also a perk because students then have
the comfort of their own home to engage in their classes and engaged in their learning
from and also the freedom to move. It can really be a little
bit more personalized for the students and allows
the student to really progress and make make whatever gains they can
through that online environment and they have the backup
in the comfort of their own home and their learning coach to really kind of
bring it all home. I love my job. I really do. I’ve been a
virtual school teacher, a cyber school teacher
for ten plus years now, I wanna’ say 14 15. And it’s really
the only place that I think my gifts are being used. I think it’s a very valuable way
to educate and I feel the students benefit immensely
from this mode of education.

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