What is a Campus Network? – Netzgeschichten


What is a Campus Network? – Netzgeschichten

Let’s take a look at the factory of the future. In the factory of the future, our robot colleagues have to work independently with one another – and communicate with each other. For this to work smoothly, there are now so-called campus networks. A campus network is a closed private
communication network – for an industrial company for example. This mobile network
consists of a private and a public part. The private network is only available on
the factory premises and is not open to the public. The public part of the
network can be used for example by external service providers for the
remote maintenance of machines. Here in Schwabmünchen, near Augsburg, OSRAM, together with telecom is operating the first campus network of its kind.
What does OSRAM need a campus network for? The campus network opens up a new
dimension to us in terms of data bandwidth, data volume and latency and
therefore we want to invest in this campus network and see this as central
to future digitization. The factory premises therefore also has its own LTE
network – which in the future can be converted to the new communication
standard 5G. This network docks to the public mobile network. Experts call the
combination of a private and public network a dual sliced solution. Mobile
robots will be used in the OSRAM factory in the future. These so-called
driverless transport vehicles will in future move autonomously on the factory
premises and communicate with each other via the campus network. For this purpose
the campus network is equipped with a so-called the local edge cloud. There are
special servers on the factory premises, which can perform complex
computing operations quickly. How does the interaction between man and machine
work? The campus network is a new technology that also inspires young
people. And so in the future we will not only be able to inspire young people, but
also keep them. In this way, we can transform the existing traditional site
into a high-tech site. Production processes are becoming more efficient
new applications and technologies can be used – all this is only possible with the
new mobile based campus network.

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    Das der TUM ist von Vodafone, und funktioniert.

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