What is a Master of Legal Studies? | MLS Degree Online California | The Colleges of Law

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Do you want to learn about the law, but not
practice law? If so, the Master of Legal Studies may be right for you. Nearly all professions
encounter legal issues, ranging from risk management to identifying potential liability
concerns to understanding ever-increasing government regulation. The Colleges of Law offers a Master of Legal
Studies program that is entirely online! It is designed for those who workóor aspire
to workóin fields that routinely intersect with law, such as business, education, health
care, human resources, and law enforcement. By studying the legal system and its workplace
implications, students gain the expertise needed to navigate the legal challenges that
now arise in every field. Core classes equip students with a strong
foundation in substantive legal areas, as well as practical skills that support effective
communication in legal contexts. In elective and capstone courses, students pursue subjects
related to their own professional interests. To learn more about our Master of legal studies
program visit

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