What Is an IEP? | Individualized Education Program Explained


What Is an IEP? | Individualized Education Program Explained

An IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. You’ll hear people talk about IEP in different ways. There’s IEP teams. There’s IEP meetings. And the IEP, it stands for that plan itself. It puts into place what’s called specialized instruction, which can be help in the general education classroom. It can be small group instruction. It can be one-to-one instruction. It can even be outside the classroom to help your child get the skills he needs to be able to work in the general education classroom. But sometimes it can be as simple as something called accommodations. And those accommodations are simple changes to the way things are being taught in the environment to help your child get there better. So, for example, a child who needs glasses— a child who needs eyeglasses needs those eyeglasses to see better. A child who needs accommodations might just need a change in where he’s sitting. Or he may need a change in the way the information’s presented. For example, he may not do well with verbal directions. But if the teacher provides them in written form, it may be more helpful to him. There are also related services that can be put into place, things like occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling services. Those are all related services that help your child meet the
goals that are put into place by his specialized instruction. The IEP plan has goals. It has services. It talks about your child’s strengths and his needs. And it has what’s called a present level of performance. And the present level of performance talks about how your child’s doing now. And all the other pieces fit together with how your child is doing now. The goals talk about how we’re going to put those services into place to make sure that your child is moving forward, to make sure he’s getting the same free appropriate public education as other children his age. If you have an IEP, the federal law is very clear about who needs to be on that team. The parents are a very important part of the team. You have as much expertise about your child as you can bring to the table, and that’s specified that you’re part of that team. A general education teacher. An administrator, so the principal of the school or the special education director. A special education teacher, and anyone else who might be part of your child’s team. A school psychologist, an occupational therapist, or a physical therapist are all supposed to be part of this team by law.

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33 thoughts on “What Is an IEP? | Individualized Education Program Explained”

  1. Syn 2nd says:

    She is not totally correct.

  2. Joey Berg says:

    No it means your not smart

  3. Mari Castellanos says:

    Thanks so much for thos video. It helped me so much, I am taking my PLT soon and was very confused with this two terms.

  4. Jean Irwin says:

    my question can i obtain an IEP in 12 grade as I am a 12th grader and just now found out about this?

  5. Jason K says:

    This means you retarded like me

  6. Crybaby Emo says:

    I have a IEP and I don't think anyone I know in my school with a IEP has gotten awards or student of the month like normal students to be honest we get treated like we don't speak English.

  7. Jeffrey Baggett says:

    I have an iep but I take all accelerate class and ap classes

  8. Tragically Sara says:

    I was put in a IEP class. I was taken out of my regular to go to that classroom everyday for a couple of hours, I think having an IEP made it harder for me. They took my out of my classroom to teach me something else, so I missed on learning on things my class was learning. This was in elementary. I remember on the first day of 1st grade, I told my mom I needed help just because I was scared and thought I was going to be alone. That’s all.

    When I got to middle school, I was pulled out occasionally, very rare, they treated me like as if I was incapable of doing thing, they thought I was incapable of learning stuff in a classroom. I’m in highschool, they continued to put me in classrooms with two teachers thinking it would make a difference. No. It did not. I was in a regular class, just with kiddos without it, and some with it.
    Having an IEP made people sorta treated me like I had a mental disability and I couldn’t do it on my own. I really don’t even need this dumb iep. Having an IEP is now embarrassing, I do not have special needs or need special help.

  9. Dylan likes to Draw says:

    Cool I have IEP I guess I'm an idiot

  10. Dylan likes to Draw says:

    Well I guess I'll swing by my mom with

  11. Princess Kiara says:

    Ok someone answer my simple question is and does a IEP consider you special ed, slow or a unique way of learning that only a teacher can help with or does that just mean you need a classroom with two teachers?

  12. ariana wolfhard says:

    I’m on a IEP

  13. Resse & Ty says:

    I have an IEP

  14. L.O TRAPGOD says:

    iep is not someone that is stupid and has autism. it is because your not really good at a subject or yiu dont know how to di stuff at your grade

  15. L.O TRAPGOD says:

    i used to have an iep now im in grade 6 u just get extra help

  16. Keylimeicus says:

    Can a person from mental health be in an IEP meeting? If so or if not please reply to my comment.

  17. Polarbeargirl03 says:

    I’m smart in all subjects especially writing and readings, but i have an IEP in math because I need stuff explained simpler i’ll understand the lesson but I just need more help

  18. khaliaforfun 1 says:

    I'm in 6th grade got held back in kindergarten I had got one the second week of school now it's the 3rd week now they took me out of the regular class for language arts it's so hard on my test for math i got an 40 percent I struggle every day and sometimes the teachers talk me like I am a special need person I try hard but nothing works

  19. SalmonInYour Rice says:

    Oh, this is what I was in when I was in 1st grade! 🤣🤣🤣 I thought it was a class for kids with really good reading skills 🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. Revel G says:

    I have iep

  21. Iconical says:

    Well my iep class is fun because she doesn’t make it seem like we’re slow she helps us like normal kids

  22. Brandon Velasquez Del Real says:

    thank you bc I did not know what is a IEP bc my teacher said that I need my parents to come to the school

  23. Serena Jocelyn S. says:

    I have an IEP. I feel like a lot of people believe that having an IEP mean that you're not as smart, dont know how to speak, or socialize normally. Students can have an IEP for different reasons. We can also have different accommodations. For me, I have the option to take my test in another room. I also have the option for my test questions to be read to me. However I read it myself because it's easier that way for me. A lot of teachers are very lenient and will allow for other students to do the same even without an IEP. But haveing an IEP just insures that options are available.

  24. Dee Campbell says:

    I don't know if this is a Canada thing, but I got an IEP, not because I couldn't learn, but because I got high marks

  25. famous Zackthatgoat says:

    I'm in the 11th grade and I have IEp 😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😥😢😰😱😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤

  26. Kamryn Gleason says:

    I have an IEP too and I just hate the IEP meeting because all they say is the word "Struggle" or "Needs help on" a lot. God I'm stupid.

  27. Jonathan Messer says:

    If I didn’t have iep I wouldn’t be going into 12th grade

  28. it's Nyiaa _ says:

    Where I’m from they put IEP kids in regular classrooms and put a together in the back of the room if they need help

  29. Aisumeiji says:

    I have a IEP in 11th grade because of my High functioning autism and it sucks. I signed up for a Algebra 2/ Trig class and they put me in a math that’s for people who failed 9th grade math (and I am really good at math and got good 90’s on my exams). I feel like I don’t have control over anything I want to do in my school because of my IEP. I want to challenge myself with harder classes, but the IEP teachers will say “it will be stressful for you.” I’m already gonna be stressed out about classes and homework in the lesser class anyway. I like the extra help, but they treat you like you have a mental illness or something to the point where you start to get saddened and depressed because you don’t think you can do anything right without an adult there to help. I’m tired of being told what is the right class for me and having good classes that can help you in the future being held hostage from you because you made ONE mistake.

  30. Best CombLAT says:

    I got iep

  31. Jayden18749orsomthinlikethat says:

    Why is everyone saying it’s horrible I don’t even notice anything, maybe cause like 30% of the kids in my school are too😂

  32. kuu says:

    i used to be on an iep. it was the worst thing ever tbh. i never needed extra help with anything?? i was just fine but i was always watched in class by this once teacher and it was so embarrassing she would pull me out of class and ask me dumb questions like i’m not stupid??? i don’t have a learning disability i’m fine

  33. GD Sparky_01 says:

    I‘m in 504, and I heard some sketchy things about it. I heard that it’s more difficult to get a job or be accepted into college if there are records of me being part of this plan. Is this true? The last thing I want is for my education to rely on an accommodation.

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