What is Online School? | Connections Academy K–12 Curriculum

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What is Online School? | Connections Academy K–12 Curriculum

Connections Academy is national leader in
online schooling for grades K through 12, offering accredited, tuition-free public schools
in many states. At Connections Academy, we build the entire
learning experience around the student. Students learn from home, working both online
and offline using our high-quality, proven curriculum. A Learning Coach, usually a parent, provides
daily support to keep the student on task. Caring, certified teachers reach out to students
regularly through phone calls and email. Teachers also create a personalized learning
plan that supports the student’s learning style, abilities, and needs and help ensure
academic success. Independent studies are strengthened by attending
LiveLesson sessions in the online classroom, a safe learning environment where teachers
instruct students in real-time. Students and their families can participate
in our field trips, clubs, and activities or socialize in their own communities. With Connections Academy, your child receives
a complete, personalized education designed to help each student reach his or her full
potential. And it works—that’s why parents recommend
us to other families. Discover the school that breaks the mold. Enroll today.

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