What is the best online ESL teaching company? PART 2


What is the best online ESL teaching company? PART 2

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57 thoughts on “What is the best online ESL teaching company? PART 2”

  1. Nadia Sakhakorn says:

    Love the video and very informative! Thanks!!

  2. Randall M says:

    What is your favorite thing to teach?

  3. OETJobs says:

    Excellent and informative video as usual.

  4. toni fortes says:

    this video is informative and with a good quality like always

  5. Madison Hourihan says:


  6. Serena P says:

    youre so pretty!

  7. George Romero says:

    Do any of those companies hire non-natives ?..

  8. Marian Schiff says:

    Which would you say is easiest to get classes booked? I’ve heard with VIPKID you have to wait weeks or months to have a single student.

  9. Marian Schiff says:

    Thanks for the info!

  10. Terrie Logan (OW - Speech Language Pathologist) says:

    Great! I prefer group to 1 on 1. I'm a Speech-Language Therapist and work with small groups of 3-6 kids. So groups are my jam!

  11. LingLab says:

    Do you work for Magic Ears?

  12. Beauty says:

    don't trust magic ears, they are liars. I have been invited to the interview and before I even schedule an interview they sent me an email saying I didn't pass the interview. I asked them to clarify they didn't reply to me. I posted a comment in one of the videos they asked me to give them my email to check and again they didn't reply to me they are a joke not a company.

  13. yo yoli says:

    Really good info! TFS!

  14. NARFCA says:

    Q kids is now 1-4 students per class

  15. Matthew Douglas says:

    Hi, Carli. As a person of color I have to ask you, have you had any difficulty with applying for these ESL opportunities? I was reading some reviews on VIPKid and I've seen some pretty alarming things about the interview process, I appreciate the video!

  16. LikeClockwork says:

    What do you think about some of the new 51talk changes?

  17. Mz Phat Peachz says:

    so im assuming the top 3 ESL online programs are vipkids and _______ __________?

  18. Lezbehonest88 Queen says:

    Is Q kids apart of VIPKids?

  19. Wonderful Counselor says:

    Will you be my teacher? I'll bring you an apple everyday or whatever else you may desire. How much for you to skype me for 40 minutes? $15?

  20. Wentra w says:

    I wonder what companies are most popular with the parents and children.

  21. NotUrAverageJoe says:

    Where do you live?

  22. Chrissy Lyman says:

    Out of all the companies you've researched, which one has the highest earning potential? Let's be honest, pay is a motivating factor.

  23. Gibran Escobell says:

    Just got fired by 51 talk but i deserved it ,due to absences.. 51 talk removed the ability to get promoted in rate so pay is bad . I was one of the last teachers that had the ability to get a higher rate. There are better companies out there that offer good rate since the beginning

  24. 42elliott says:

    10:45 (you're welcome)

  25. shortmemory says:

    You are the most beautiful woman I've seen on youtube!

  26. J Noellea77 says:

    I went through the interview process with qkids but could not handle 5-6 kids per class. It was a bit much as they all talked over each other.

  27. Magic Ears says:

    Thank you, Carli! For teachers with a great on-screen energy, we will overlook the experience requirements! All you need to do is submit a short video showcasing your teaching style!

  28. Jenny Goodman says:

    how do you do feedback for each of these companies? Do you do individual feedback for each kid after your work day? How do you remember all those kids individual skills if so?

  29. tread dole says:

    Does 51talk hire not native speakers (specifically Russian)?

  30. Jonathan Shmulovich says:

    Does Q Kids require you to have a decorated background? It would be nice to not worry about having to carry around/ set up a background haha

  31. Atefeh Hajiahmadi says:

    Hi dear Carli
    I am so happy that i watched your video. I am from iran and i wanna come to spain.could you please guide me and be in contact with me? That would be my honor to talk to you personally.
    This is my number and you can send me a message on whats up

  32. louis drose says:

    hi Carli it is me again louis d'rose truly these videos are feeding me with the right knowledge I need One request kindly look into your email i need your guidance kindly spare a moment for me dear

  33. Patryna's Writings says:

    Thanks A lot

  34. Patryna's Writings says:

    Thanks do you wear your nose ring when you're teaching or doing a demo? I like it

  35. Tanya S. says:

    ESOL- English for Speakers of Others Languages.

  36. Natalia Koscielska says:

    Thanks for the video. Very informative. But ESOL doesn't stand for English Second Official language hehehe

  37. Carli Mitch says:

    Apply Here!
    Magic Ears-
    Say ABC-
    Qkids- USE the referral code (Courtney6662) to have someone mentor and help you through the process
    51Talk (my company) – send me an email so I can help you through the hiring process.

  38. lisa love says:

    Is it possible if i could speak with you off line, iam female subscribed without any teaching expericence

  39. Windy Nicely says:

    QKids requires a B.A. or that you're working on a B.A.

  40. Luke Kryt says:

    Also check out iTutor! They are great

  41. krissi faith says:

    Would it be beneficial to apply to all and get different offers before deciding or would that be too much work?

  42. Apocalypse Skum says:

    I'm 29, and I've honestly been lost in life and as to what I want to do. Then I came across an ad for one of these companies, and watched your video, and I decided this is what I want to pursue as a career. I don't have any college experience or anything, but it's just nice to know I finally have an idea of what I want to do with my life.

  43. Alicia Moore says:

    Hi Carly! Thank you so much for your videos. I have a couple of questions, first, have you heard of Gogokid? I work for them and love it! I'm thinking of adding Qkids but am wondering if the pay is per student since its group teaching?

  44. English with Julie says:

    A few things have changed with Magic Ears since you posted this. You do need to be a native North American speaker. Either have a BA degree or actively seeking one. Base pay is higher if you have a TESOL and an actual teaching certificate. The sick policy is incorrect here. They do not penalize you for being sick at all actually. Unless you no call no show. All you have to do is send a message before your class start time and you’re good. I am an interviewer for ME so if anyone has any questions I’m happy to help. Thanks for making this video! I’m always trying to learn more about new companies 💜

  45. English with Julie says:

    Oh, also forgot to add they recently added to their hours!

  46. Lakesha Butler says:

    Hi Carli, What was your experience with fees for HAWO?

  47. English Teacher says:

    Hey Carli! I have been asked by Hawo to build a recruiting team. I would love to have you as part of my team. Please contact me at [email protected]

  48. Somer May says:

    thank you love!!! <3

  49. saira jabbar says:

    So dada ABc is the best watching your previous company for someone who is starting?

  50. Neila Rotisiv says:

    ESOL Does not mean  'English Second Official Language. It refers to 'ENGLISH for SPEAKERS of OTHER  LANGUAGES'  Just thought you should know.. :0)

  51. BIKE & PONY says:

    my god your sexy!

  52. Cristina Schoonmaker says:

    Will you be reviewing GogoKid?

  53. C₁₇H₁₉NO₃ says:

    you don't need a degree for Qkids

  54. Jay Mo says:

    Hey ya'll avoid Dada like the plague. This company SUKS BIG TIME! Started in 2017 with dadaabc, formerly. Then in December 2018 it all went to sh–t. Dada has zero people and communication skills. Irionic for a org that's supposed to teach English.
    To make a loooong story short, stop watching these videos, they are not updated. And some of 'em are posted by current teachers who , for lack of a better term, are brown nosers.
    Dada terminated all regular student bonuses when the greedy new owners took it over in Dec. 2018. They didnt even have the professional courtesy to inform the teachers. I can go on and on. Heavy and frequent penalties for things like sickness, power outages, other legitimate reasons or events out of your control. They dont pay you for writing class reports or student assessments. Whenever there's a dada network system failure, which is like daily now, dada wants the teachers to perform an I.T. test during your free time without paying you. FK THAT. Recently they screwed me out of pay because of a power outage in May. Sent them proof, my landlord's statement and videos from that evening. Dada still rejected my claim. Then they sent me a BS email informing me of reducing my regular scheduled hours I've had sinde 2017. Claimed they had a negative comment from a parent. BS, I asked for proof. No rresponse. I re-read the forced agreement teachers had to sign in Dec. 2018. The agreement clause they cited doesn't even exist in my E-Agreement copy, which I received from Dada-doodoo.

    Dada-doodoo is not legally liable to comply with what many of us are used to in worker, employer, independent contractor-labor laws and practices. These Chinese online schools are all controlled by the CCP-Communist Chinese government. Says it all there folks.
    Don't waste your time and you've been warned.
    Like I said I can go on. Only reason Im there is my students. But its time to go. Dada-doodoo truly is a sh–ty company.

  55. Annette Monkey says:

    Your videos are fun. You have really beautiful hair. I would love to move over to Spain, it is something I am considering form the future. 👍

  56. Ginny says:

    For the degree, do you have to show them a picture of the degree for the interview?

  57. sofia coimbra coimbra says:

    Carli, is 15$ per hour or per lesson? thank you

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