What’s In My Travel Bag 🎒


What’s In My Travel Bag 🎒

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Lavendaire. It’s Aileen. Today I want to share what’s in my travel bag. If you don’t know, I’ve been traveling for
the past three weeks. I went on a road trip in Europe with my family. Basically, every day I carried this backpack with me. It’s a pretty big backpack, and today I’m just gonna unpack it and show
you what exactly I have in here. Basically, I made a replica of how I would
pack it every day for my travel. So let’s get to it! Here is my backpack. This I mentioned in my July Favorites that
I got it at a random stand at a Chinese supermarket. I don’t know where you can find this online,
so I’m sorry. When I open it, this is what it would look
like. This is the little sleeve where I would put my phone for easy access. I’ll take that out. And this is a jacket. This is a really light jacket that I got from
Forever 21. Basically, this is a sporty jacket that’s
super, super thin. It’s not exactly waterproof, but it has a hood. And I used this whenever it was kind of cold. Or when it was raining, I would just put this on top of whatever I
was wearing. I love that it’s just so light. I could literally just roll it up and it’ll
fit in any bag. Obviously, if it was super hot, I wouldn’t bring my jacket. But most of the days, when I was travelling
in Europe, were pretty gloomy and rainy so I definitely
had this in my purse for most of the trip. Alright, next: I’m gonna take out the star
object, the object that I revolved this whole bag around. My camera! Let me open this up. This is my Sony camera that I take with me for my travels. And honestly, the reason I got this bag was
because I wanted a bag big enough to fit this camera. This is a 24-70 lens. It’s a zoom lens, perfect for travel photography
and videography. This is just my sidekick. Literally, I take this with me everywhere
and I love this camera. It’s my best friend. Next, I always need to carry a bottle of water
when I’m travelling. This is not the bottle I was traveling with. I was using a bunch of European water brands, but I threw them away. This is just a demo water, just to show you
that hydration is important! Yeah, totally. Especially when you’re traveling, it’s so
important to stay hydrated because you’re walking every day. What I do is: I always keep this regular sized water bottle in my purse, but
what I actually do is I buy those big water bottles. I’ll keep those in the hotel room or the bus. And then, whenever this one runs low, I fill
it up with the bigger water bottles. Next most important thing is in this pouch
in here. These are my external chargers. Basically, this is for charging your phone. I don’t leave without this. Especially when I’m traveling, the worst fear
is having a dead phone, having your phone run out of battery. So this is super important. I’m always charging this every night at the
hotel. Next up, I have this other pouch and this
pouch carries my camera accessories. Right now, I have my two extra batteries for
my Sony camera and an extra SD card. Because I’m a camera-video junkie, I need
these accessories. It’s totally unnecessary for people who don’t take that many photos
or videos when they travel. But for me, this is important. As you can tell, I love pouches because they keep everything nicely organized. I can’t get enough pouches. Next I have this thing in the little pocket
in the front: yet another pouch. This one carries my earbuds for listening
to music, audiobooks, my meditation music while I’m in the bus. We were on a road trip so we had a lot of
time on the road, actually. We were on the road for five or more hours
every day, so I definitely used this a lot. Lastly, I have this zipper in the back of
the purse, and this is where I keep my wallet. This is the pouch that I use as a wallet. I like using these pouches because they’re minimal. They’re flat, so they don’t take up so much
space. And all I do is put some cash, my coins, and
a couple cards in there. Here are the things that I’ll keep in the
front pouch of my backpack. It’s pretty simple. I have my lip balm which is most important. I have a hair tie, just in case. I have a panty liner. Usually I have multiple of these because you
need to stay refreshed when you’re traveling. I have this which is like a throat syrup. It’s a Chinese– I think it’s loquat and honey. And this is just in case I have an itchy throat, I have cough, this is good. I have a lipstick to go. These are just some random mementos that I got. I think I got this from the EU office. This is when I went up the mountain. If I ever go to important places and I need
to put my ticket somewhere, I’ll just put the ticket right in the front
pouch to have easy access. That’s about it. I also have this extra compartment in the
back where I stash my receipts. I was traveling with a big group of family
and, most of the times, we would pay for each other, just because
it was faster or easier. Even though we wrote down all of the expenses
on our phones, I just wanted to keep the receipts just as
a second backup, you know? It’s always good to have your receipts, just
in case. Alright, that’s it for today’s video. I hope you liked it. If you are interested in more packing or travel videos, then I’ll
post the link to those playlists in the description. I also have a packing checklist for you guys
to download if you’re going on a trip soon and you want an easy checklist of everything
to pack. That’s also in the description. Let me know if you guys want to see a travel
vlog of my trip. I have a ton of footage. I’m not sure if I want to make it one big
vlog or section it off into little vlogs. If I make little vlogs, I might just put them
on my vlog channel so I don’t clutter this channel with it. So the link to my vlog channel is down below. I don’t update often, but when I have a vlog,
I put it there. Alright, have a beautiful day. And I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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