What’s it like to study for your Undergraduate degree at Warwick Business School?

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What’s it like to study for your Undergraduate degree at Warwick Business School?

I chose Warwick Business School
because of its reputation. And also just,
when I went around the university
for the first time and met lecturers and students
who’d been there before, they spoke about it
in such high regard. The moment I got the
offer, it was a no-brainer. I was really happy and
excited to be a part of it. Once I came to
Warwick University and did some campus tours
and the offer holder event, I really fell in
love with the campus and the whole atmosphere. I like that it’s
[INAUDIBLE] was out in the countryside, a
little bit of a bubble. It was a really good
place to spend four years. [LAUGH] This campus has literally
everything that you want. You’ve got restaurants, you have
a cinema, you have theatres. You’ve got cafes. You have a club– amazing club. [LAUGH] There are so many
different opportunities, when it comes to networking with
the people coming into campus. It opens a lot of doors
and career paths for you. One of the things
you get from Warwick is just about
real-world experience. There’s focus from
day one on how you’re going to apply your
skills out in the real world. And that was always
something I really wanted to get from university. It’s nice to see the
business school’s permanently striving to better
itself, and to know that degree is going
to, if anything, grow in value once you leave. WBS students are very much
recruited and looked for. And I don’t think I would
be able to have my job without having WBS on my CV. It’s been fantastic. I’ve loved every minute of it. I would just say, go for it. Definitely apply–
simple as that.

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