What’s Your Status | Web Series | Episode1 – Sunday | Cheers!


What’s Your Status | Web Series | Episode1 – Sunday | Cheers!

Manipal!!! I’ve fallen in love with this city! Though I had never thought that I’ll ever step out of Delhi… So, falling in love was unimagined! Neither would I’ve gone crazy for doing MBA… Nor would I’ve developed the obsession to bell the CAT! And then 8 months back, my luck along with the CAT percentile… …got me here, 2000 KMs away from home! In Manipal! And then… I fell in love! Just like that! Love just happens… What is that love, which is planned?! Fell in love with the city already, now I hope to fall in love with someone… …and change my relationship status on Facebook! Oh no! Dad will see that… And then I’ll be gone! In a relationship, the committed status is not just a Facebook update… It’s a responsibility! Being committed means being COMMITTED! That’s it! You can’t just say you’re committed… Commitment calls for sacrifices! Like how I’m sacrificing my Sunday early morning sleep today! The guy who hasn’t sacrificed his sleep till date, even for his school or college exams… It was my best friend’s wedding at 5 AM, I know him for past 20 years… I didn’t attend his wedding! Why?! I didn’t want to sacrifice my sleep! That guy sacrificed his Sunday morning sleep today! Because… I need to catch a Sunday early morning flight to go and surprise my girlfriend in Mumbai! So, I’m going! Gurgaon! Gurugram! It’s not just a city but a peephole into one’s future aspirations! The millennial city of India! No, no! I’m not from here… I’m from Pune! Kulkarni… Bharat Kulkarni! Pune is my first love and will always be! But ever since I’ve got a job in Gurgaon, respect for this city has just increased! Yeah, Monday to Friday just passes by in juggling between home and office… But we live for weekend! We have a simple rule… Slog for the whole week and then enjoy the weekend! The morning of a holiday is just something else! Just keep lying lifeless like this… Till the time you want… Like a bloody king! Celebrating life! Not if you’re married! Shit! Shit! Shit! Let’s just have a tea before leaving! Let’s have lunch also! We’re getting late! Try and understand dude! Just finish quickly dude! Above all, it’s Chawla’s class… He publicly insults on reaching late! Please dude, finish quickly! Just because of your cravings we come so far for breakfast… We’re really late dude, let’s go! I’m eating! Take this! Eat and let’s leave quickly! Please bro please! Chawla will take our case! Let’s go bro! Why do you want to pursue MBA?! Somebody should just try and answer this question for me… Yeah, you too would have said some big lies in front of the interview panel… Now put your hand over your heart and say the truth… Because my previous job after graduation [email protected]#ed! And bloody my boss was an MBA and we were just working class! And whenever the neighbour’s MBA son would share love stories from his campus… I swear to God, my heart would blossom like a garden! I worked harder than I did for my board exams… To bell the CAT and enter the top MBA college! There was too much to gain and too less to lose… And I cleared the cut offs… Packed my bags, wiped the tears from my mother’s eye… And here comes Baljinder Singh… To Manipal! To study MBA! Don’t friends say that… Bro, you’ll forget your friends when you find a girl! They’re absolutely right! No, they’re absolutely right! There’s no scope in that, they are correct! You’ve to do it! You don’t even put half the efforts in friendship compared to what you put in relationship! Today is 9th January! Today is the 2nd anniversary of my long distance relationship! So, I’m really happy! And I’m going to Mumbai… To surprise my girlfriend! Who has 0 expectations from me when it comes to surprises… So just to show that I care and also because it’s a cute couple thing to do! Here I am! From Hyderabad to Mumbai! These wives just get up before you in the morning… To prove that you are an absolute useless existence in this house! Even if they would’ve gotten up 5 mins back they’ll act like they’ve been up since long… And then very subtly and sarcastically you’ll be told that you’ve no idea about the house! The only thing you’re aware of is the stock of beer in the fridge! According to wives… Right after we leave office, we switch on sports channel and sit in front of TV! From one screen in office, to another one at home! “Why did you even come home?!” “If you just wanted to watch the match, you should’ve gone to some pub with your friends!” Every wife has used this dialogue on her husband, some or the other time! Then they’ll start commenting on your stamina and health… Which in some way will prove that you don’t care about your health! If you’re not worried about your health, you’re not worried about your wife! Coz if you would care about health… Then if not for you, you would at least go to gym for your wife! You can never win against them when it comes to logic! There’s no scope for that! On every weekend, every husband is in the same state as… An Indian batsmen is while facing a swinging ball in overcast conditions! When and which random delivery… Will take your wicket, no one can say! In short, our Sundays are not our own… First, listen to your boss for the whole week, then listen to your wife on the weekends! The whole Sunday is still left… As soon as this bedroom border line is crossed, the weekend at home will begin… God knows how’s the pitch going to be! All the best Mr. Bharat! However the pitch is, put your solid defence on! Put your Rahul Dravid mode on Score on every possible opportunity! I’ll have to score a century today! What are you doing dude? As in? Aren’t you ashamed of wasting your youth like this?! Dude, everybody is not as lucky as you! Bro, there’s nothing like luck… You just need to identify your target audience, make your strategy… Go for it! Bro, I should at least like someone… It’s a batch of 400 students… and you didn’t like a single girl?! Dude, they’re not my types! Silence at the back please! By the way, Balu bro… Beggars can’t be choosers! Let me focus on the class or else Chawla will take our cases! Tell me one thing… Have you ever done your SWOT analysis? Mine?! I’m not mad! Let’s do it right now! Seriously? C’mon, tell me your strengths! Smart! Handsome! Intelligent! And… Cute! Let me put all of these in threats! And here, your SWOT is ready! Rahul Srigyan, Baljinder Singh! Up! Sir can you please explain the Transfer of Property Act, 1882? Was just checking if Rahul has got it! Oh yeah, he has written the explanation on the chit, is it? Yes absolutely sir, we didn’t want to disturb the class so… How considerate! You’re welcome sir! Do I look like a fool to you? Is that a trick question sir?! Get me the chit! Which chit sir? One that’s lying behind you! No sir… Tapajyoti Kumar! Can you get me the chit lying behind you?! Strengths- Caring nature, One woman man Weakness- First relationship Opportunities- Upcoming junior batch students Threats- Competition from handsome, smart and intelligent batchmates What the hell is this? Sir… SWOT! What? His SWOT sir, this is his SWOT! Get out both of you idiots! Harmony… Which one will fit you!? Excuse me! Hi! Yes! This is gonna sound really random, but… I was just trying to pick a gift for my girlfriend And, I have no clue if this is gonna fit her. And, she is kinda similar in built as you, so… I mean, if you don’t mind can you tell me which one is gonna fit her? I just can’t tell the difference, it’s just… This one! This one? Yeah! Hey, Thank you so much, I… Welcome! Thanks! Ahem! Ahem! Who has kept the newspaper like this? Oh! Shahid to take a month-long paternity break in September… Shahid… Second child… Oh no! How many times have I said to keep the books in the shelf… Why is this charger lying here?! Charger… Here… Hi Chinnu! Chinnu Darling! Hello! Chinnu! Chinnu darling! It was too cold today, didn’t realise only that it was 10:30 already… What are you making?… I have not called the cook today… There should be something at home to cook! Right?! Shit! Again I forgot to order grocery online… Chinnu… Listen… There were two slices of bread left, I toasted it for myself! That’s okay! Anyway I’m not a breakfast person… You have… You have… Shweta c’mon! I didn’t forget, but deliberately didn’t order from there… It’s Sunday man! We should buy fresh vegetables from the market… Rather than the stale ones sold by Online apps Wait! Okay! I have made the list now. Today you’ll taste the true freshness… I’ll just be back! Bharat! Your beer is over, right?! Chawla will remember this Gyani! Where are you? Library! Ok, ok… I’m reaching in 2 minutes! Bro, I’ll go and meet Divya, she is in the library… Even Reddy is there with her. He is trying to hit on her… Just because they’re in the same project group, he is taking full advantage of it. Bro, aren’t you tensed about your grades? It’s third semester now, very crucial… Be careful! Balu bro, don’t take too much tension man! Alright?! It’s a premier B school… Everyone gets a job here, even we’ll. I’ll go to library now, bye! Why does Chawla keeps class on Sunday man?! Well, he is Chawla! Welcome to management studies Baljinder Singh! Good morning ma’am! Niyati! Who was that aunty? And who was the girl with her? Something she told us… Maybe Ash! Are you sure? Nisha… Nisha it is! But why are you showing so much interest? She looked like a family friend… Don’t think that we are stupid *croons hindi song* You guys are a waste of time man! Hey! You’re also going to Mumbai? Obviously! Your girlfriend also stays in Mumbai? Obviously! Obviously! I like the whole acting pricey bit you got going! You have to do it! You know, strangers can be very irritating at times… Once someone asked for my number, after customary greetings… So I have a trick for strangers! When I don’t want to talk them, I put my headphones on… Then I pretend like I am listening to some music… Now, I am actually reading Ruskin… You can’t use that trick on me! I mean you can… I get it! TJ! Sandhya! Nice! How come 2 boarding passes? After finishing work, I like coming back to Hyderabad. You are flying back tonight? Yeah! Last flight? Yeah! I’m on the same flight! Oh! Nice! I will bother you again then. I will have my earphones on. You can’t use that. So, TJ… You’re going to meet your girlfriend, and coming back the same day?! Yeah, have a review meeting at office the next day, can’t avoid that! She won’t like it, but what to do now?! Is TJ your full name or initials? I was just hoping the conversation wouldn’t go there, but… So, TJ is a cooler version of… Tejkiran! Tejkiran?! But, call me TJ! Okay? My friends, family, everyone calls me that… I don’t even know who Tejkiran is! So, Tejkiran… I think your girlfriend is gonna love the dress, good choice! Yes, thanks for helping me! I think it’s nice! I hope Harmony likes it! I love your girlfriends name, Tejkiran! Please, please… It’s hard enough to live with the name! Saying it, just so you remember your name… You think a person whose name is Tejkiran, can ever forget his name?! Just say TJ, it’s so much nicer! Tejkiran… Oh God! Okay fine! Buying groceries buddy! Bro, thank your stars that you are not married. It’s been 4 years we have been married, but I still can’t cross my heart and say that I know Shweta. Yeah, I know I’m a star batsman… But, Shweta will always have those mystery deliveries which she bolds me with! The evening match plan at your place, is it still on? Of course it’s on man! Shweta wouldn’t mind right? No, no… You guys just be on time! I know Shweta’s mood is little off… But I’m also her husband… I know how to convince her! Hold on! Please add cheese and curd also! Add one cheese and curd! Fast! Everything fine?! Yeah! Write it in the accounts… Okay! Buddy, I know how to convince Shweta! Or else why do you think I’m in a grocery store on a Sunday morning… Tricks of the trade bro… Superb! See you with the gang! India! India! Hello, dad… Tell me! How are you guys? Good! You say… Just made dessert for your mother… Wow! You made?! Congratulations son, congrats on the 4 year milestone! Happy anniversary to you guys! Let me talk to Shweta! I’m actually outside dad, you can call her directly…. 9th January Bharat! 9th January… Happy anniversary! Happy anniversary!

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