When you meet your College Crush after a Long Time | Chai Bisket


When you meet your College Crush after a Long Time | Chai Bisket

why did’nt they come at? told me 6 right why are they not picking up the phone after all for this get together, they created a group, they planned let’s go hi hi how are you? did she identify who I am? how should I start now? at what time did you come? where’s everyone? just now…. that’s what I am waiting for waiting??? they told us 6 right?? yeah thats’s what… maybe… even I’m looking for that when did you come? just now..(girl) ohh…. sorry sorry came just now right? yeah just now yeah just came now…. this way… reyy what are you talking (inner voice) where are they (girl) what happend? any problem? nothing I’m mechanical right? while talking to girls I’m bit obligated still? is it? I heard it in different way. what’s that? that.. your mech boys are too fast can I tell you something? ha half of our discussions are about you is it? haha yes! okay cool! so… how are you? what are you doing now? yeah! fine. its been one year since I joined in wipro nice then you? I have joined in amazon. Marketing! aaaa… there’s no relation for what I studied and this but yeah! hah! that’s okay. atleast you did’nt start canteen in our college hahaha… you are far better hey… he is earning more than us you still remember him? why not? he flattered our ramya mam he flatterded her with some foolish stuff he is a @#$$&%….. hahh.. what..? you and your friends used to talk to her pretty well in canteen right? ohh actually we all used to be with him just because he used to give informatin about every girl is it ??? wht kind of details are they? like.. house address, phone number, etc.. oh shit! did you guys discuss about me anytime? achaa.. no no! I did’nt ask anytime and no one asked about you when I was there who wants to know about me? what will they do if they get know? I did’nt ask about you because.. I already know about you.. achaa… what do you know about me?? your bike number is TS07-EJ-2706 I guess I dont know weather you are currently using it or not your favorite colour is majenta you were very big fan of nagarjuna in college days now you shifted to vijay I guess you were mad about “punugulu” in college centre when all girls are eating pani puri you used to eat “punugulu” standing at the corner still….. your fathers name is ramesh babu, mothers name is vijayalakshmi, sisters name is manjusha, dogs name is pluffy mmm.. your father is working in BSNL I guess is he still in survice or got retired? 1 sec chaaa….. (inner voice) how beautiful she looks when she does that.. those eyes.. that smile.. no one knows her this specific I guess when will she come to know these all things I would have told then itself may be..! thats why she came now. I might not get this chance again.. let’s say can I call you after some time yeah tell me, how do you these all things about me? we hardly did’nt even talk for 10times, maximum 4 to 5 times I know mind reading when I met you for 4,5 times I read your mind is it? its true can I read your mind now? cha.. don’t do then anu! hmm.. I used to love you back then I dont know weather it is love or crush. But.. I used to like you alot so.. I used to stock at you you might be knowing that I used to feel so happy after looking at you the place I saw you first is VKJ audi came to pay 1st year 1st sem fees right? then I felt so happy after knowing that we from same block you one thing? when you were in crowd also you I can see you clearly where ever you are.. finally when you turn back also.. I can find you easly when your father went out of station you used to come on your fathers bike right.. soo then I used to follow you. I even know your home I did’nt tell you because you might think I’m stalker.. I remember each and every conversation with you last time I saw you is at exam centre you wore red dress… you kept hall ticket in bike.. wearing yellow scarf.. you went with your friend if I did’nt tell this now… I felt like I can never tell you again, so….. so.? you gonna propose now? umm hmm maybe I have regret that I did’nt propose you in college so I told you now will this come under proposal? umm hmm may be not why did’nt you tell this to me thern itself? aa…. when I thought of telling you, were in relationship with ajay that’s why.. so! even after 5 years they plan this kind of reunion right.. then I’ll come again and stay in your flat for the whole night then you make me emotional saying that I came to your marriage by showing all those things that you kept in as my signs then after dropping me in airport you remind every memory of mine. thats it right? what? I did’nt get you “kadhalee…… kadhale…… ” oh.. now what? you’ll be happy after marrying and I’ll be crying by seeing all your memories may be I may come to your home to invite you to my wedding it might happen so.. who’s present? its not at confirmed, but I’m pritty confident that it’ll happen a! 1second awwww.. you are looking cute thank you. I heard that you and ajay broke up what happed? some ego clashes some one might have prayed hard to happen like that it happened but, how did you come to know? I got to know. I really felt sad is it? really! I felt very bad then…. you did’nt feel like proposing me again? but by then I got comitted to some other you were also broke up.. by then everyone will be trying to you. that’s why I took it lite to be frank if you told me then I would have took it in that way that’s why I took some time for getting clarity later I proposed to a guy what? seriously.. you proposed a guy? yeah if he flattered you. then he is not a ordinary guy who is he? please.! please.! dont feel bad heyy no no! he is looking nice he is very good guy you know? but I’ll always make him feel emotional no no he is looking good he looks average in pics but he looks good! hmmm congrats thank you you look very pretty while laughing setting your hair at the back.. in those days I used to feel happy reminding that I was trying to tell you this from that time but, I felt something.. even I know when you were stocking at my home, when you were looking at me in canteen, even when you talk to me also do you think that I dont know! sometimes I was feeling happy, but sometimes I used to feel very uncomfortable but now, when you are telling me like this I felt like “ayyoo” I have scolded you unnecessaryly you scolded me?? tell me okay dont judgme I’ll kill you what is this guy? what is he thinking? why is he being so despirate? he came near my home! he don’t have any work? he don’t even have minimum common sense ! is he gone mad? my god! am I this stupid? oyyy I told you not to do that, did you forget? sorry! sorry! I feel very releaved now. from that time I’m feeling very uncomfortable you know? there’s nothing strange in this. you have done the same since 4 years right? anu! hmm incase if I have proposed you in college and you accepted how it would be? hmmm ha! 1st I should make you to stop wearing those flower shirts we can’t bear it you know? me too, I should stop you from uploading those insta stories why do you post too many? aaaa…. time pass! do you smoke? no! not at all very good maintain the same and I don’t know cooking no need to worry, we will be having daily offers. NEXT…. that’s it! everything else is ok but I’ll get anger soo soon you can’t bare me I’m annoying person tough! you can’t bare me. oh, is it? but.. I’m the one who is gonna take all that right? that’s not a big problrm for me. also trust me they are going to be cute is it? as we are living in the same city we can rent one flat in madhapur hey.. madhapur is too expensive either manikonda or kondapur will be okay! “abhaa” madhapur will be near to my office we can”t bare the rents. if so I’ll drop you to your office morning is fine. what about evening? take the call where are you guys man? we are waiting from that time where are you? you guys need to inform when the location is changed right? when did they tell? who told? is this a prank? okay! where should we come now? okay okay, its already late lets move? we should right? common during college days I always wanted to take anu for a ride on my bike somehow! it finally happened now.

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