When You Unmask a Covert Narcissist, RUN, But Quietly! Counterfeit Relationship. Narcissism Expert


When You Unmask a Covert Narcissist, RUN, But Quietly!  Counterfeit Relationship. Narcissism Expert

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100 thoughts on “When You Unmask a Covert Narcissist, RUN, But Quietly! Counterfeit Relationship. Narcissism Expert”

  1. Dianna Rowlands says:

    My sister is a covert narcissistic, she stole my inheritance, property that was to be mine and my children. It was a very sad day for me to know that she was using me to gain the property. Anyone listening to this post listen to it very intently, because the cost is deadly.

  2. Carolyn Byrd says:

    Good 1 Ross

  3. Brent Thomas Nelson says:

    Hi. First off, I'm definitely a narcissist. I might be special because I'm mindful and I feel like I care about others, or it could be the narcissism talking.

    However, the way people talk about it is disgusting. It isn't a choice. People still want and deserve love. It is sociopathy, so actually making someone aware of it will help in the long run because they will CARE. I do my best every day to be a better version of myself than I was before.

    You're DEFINITELY a narcissist too, my guy.

  4. Thankful Daughter says:

    The days are over for the narcissist to make me feel my response to their behavior is the problem as opposed to their abuse. Their passive aggressive behavior is despicable. Their reward from me for the abuse is
    silence & no contact.

  5. Ethan Perkins says:

    I've have a child on the way with someone I'm sure is an absolute sociopathic narssasist. I want to stop contact but I'm afraid she will stop at nothing less than completely destroying me at all cost. I don't know what to do

  6. Ethan Perkins says:

    If anyone has experience with this please help!

  7. Diamond Cutter says:

    Mark Twain once said, "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience."
    I've listened to hundreds (literally), of videos on narcissists and this by far is the most comprehensive. Thank-you Ross. You are %100 correct.

  8. Chris H. says:

    What do you do if this is a parent?

  9. paulbsmokin says:

    I just moved out of a home I was sharing with a roomate. The guy was Dr. Jekyll when we met and became friends but after about 3 months OMG! The dude was a monster that ruined everyone around him. Every woman that he dated while I lived there ran away screaming and finally he totally turned on me and started blaming me for everything wrong in his life. He was very passive agressive and very, very selfish. I waited till he went to work and packed my stuff and left fast. I knew telling him I was planning on leaving would be a huge mistake. If you suspect they are a narcissist run! They are demons in human clothes. I went out of my way trying to be the guys friend to no avail. You cannot change them. Great advice by the way!

  10. James Hogue says:

    This video is one of the best
    calmly instructed I've seen
    and should be on the action
    list to watch everyday! 👍👍👍

  11. Mandy Pollyn says:

    Thank you so much for explaining, I understand now this is what he is. I count my blessings and my strength has for now got him sentenced, he is now in prison. I wrestled with the pig!

  12. Chris Zablocki says:

    There's a lot of emotional and verbal danger to be aware of. (not serious)

  13. Jonathan Marshall says:

    I'm a victim! My mother is one of these. As a kid she would say why don't you just do it and get it over with. Me "Do what?" Her "Kill yourself." Or "where have you been?" Me "Why?" Her "Ohh no reason I just figured you went somewhere and killed yourself." I can't count how many times she almost got me killed. I would be like what the heck you doing? You trying to get me killed. She responds "Its not my fault your not paying attention." She had people thinking I was either looking for attention or suicidal.

  14. Stephanie Sancia says:

    Too late for me at the hands of this type of professional person who has totally destroyed my reputation throughout the district as a smear campaign defence of being outed as a narcissistic personality ! SERIOUSLY, you'll never ever see justice and I've got to start afresh within the medical world in another part of the country ! It's beyond criminal with such a sensitive nature of one's medical notes and health !! My Advice ? Take notice of the advice of this video. Just run and move on fast ! THANK YOU so much for this video, gratitude and Happy Wednesday from Middle Earth ! 🙂

  15. Virginia Njeri says:

    My dad was a grade A narc. I couldn't take the abuse so i left him in my teens never to return. Almost 10 years later after no contact he wrote me a letter blaming me for my mother's death; my mother passed away when I was a little girl from cervical cancer btw so that letter was my confirmation that I did the right thing by leaving, quietly one Autumn afternoon. When you go no contact. Keep that promise to yourself.

  16. Dr. Safou Sal says:

    After dealing with a covert narcissist father also covert narcisst relationship over 6 years , I think I've become an expert narc finder !
    Thank you Sir for the advices

  17. Left Handed Hard Right says:

    Don't be afraid of confrontation. Get in there, and beat the shit out of them. Turn the other cheek, and vengeance is mine sayeth the lord. Is a bunch of hogwash.

  18. Mary Kushnir says:

    Thank you. I followed your advice. Took a year to put the plan into effect. Bought a new home in a new town
    And moved with no confrontation. Went no contact. I am free without anymore damage.

  19. Cindy Curran says:

    Great advice!!! The narc has way to many years of experience of controlling and manipulating people than the person who is not a narc, in essence, they are professionals without a degree. All you can do is make your exit plan and get the hell out of there as fast as you can!!! Thanks for the video!!

  20. Richard Morgan says:

    I exposed one a few weeks ago,I left,but I'm sure as hell not gonna run from her

  21. Karen Smith says:

    Is it possible the covert narcissist doesn’t mean to be the way they are when they hurt you? That they do it because they have a covert narcissistic parent that does it to them and the other parent so they believe what they are doing is right?

  22. Asseyez-vous says:

    Yes do a runner when they have no idea that you're even considering the thought. Thing is, watch out for the MEGA smear campaign AND stalking after you've left; this happened to me and it's not good. This was 20 years ago before I knew what a narcissist was, never mind a covert one. I'm hopeful that I can help others by giving warnings about what might happen to them.. love to all survivors ❤️

  23. Goddess Severa says:

    Very helpful!

  24. Melanie Lofts says:

    Okay, it's 2019. When is this growing, Pop love of Narcissism going to shift? Are these continued posts and videos helping or are they adding to the now massive story that Narcissists are terrible people and here's why it's 'not your fault'. Come on Youtube personalities, is this amount of content Helping or simply piling up the story that has now grown to one of the largest click bait subjects. What else are you offering to the situation? Can you produce a video that shows a narcissist how to heal? Well?

  25. Mary Miah says:

    Omg I wish I had seen this before I challenged my ex! He’s flipped the whole situation around and now I’m fighting to clear my name as the bad person. He’s taken it to court and they are entertaining him, whilst I’m distraught trying to get them to believe me.
    I just see how clever and manipulative he is, I wish the courts could see it. He’s finds gaps and exploits them to bend the truth. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever encountered and he did this whilst I was going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He even attacked me during treatment now claiming he’s the on that’s domestically abused. He’s saying I’ve fabricated stories about him. He is lying to my face about things only we know are true and I’m at a loss to understand why or even prove he’s the liar. All he’s doing is discrediting me. Even cancer treatment isn’t as bad as he is. My body and mind are battered yet everyone believes him, why? Because he’s very clever. I’m going to need copious amounts of therapy to recovery from him not cancer treatment.
    Yes, I’ve thought of running away but I keep thinking justice will prevail, now I’m not so sure. I feel if he wins what’s the point of living when I’ve done nothing wrong other than challenge him. That’s been my biggest regret, I should have walked away. For one I wouldn’t be working just to pay a solicitor while I should be recovering from cancer but more importantly I wouldn’t be suffering! 😢

  26. Filiz Williams says:

    To know the signs, is to leave and lose contact with a Narcissist

  27. Darby O'Hara says:

    This is good info here! I imagine a good support system is critical to getting away and not allowing recontact?

  28. Murisa Ziga says:

    'they can't get what they want if the world knows who they really are' wow! This explains everything in a nutshell. Amazing.

  29. Danielle Adair says:

    Ours was a landlord. He love bombed us HARD! A perfect match. His words. As soon as we moved in, the harassment began. Flyers on our door, showing up at our door at all hours. Locked gates. No notice, no keys. Lived in our house, when we went on vacation:0 Opened our mail, then raised the rent, because he read our bank statement. "You're not poor". Moved out in the light of day. Threw him into narcissistic rage. Had to call police to escape the property.

  30. Robert Valdovinos says:

    My girlfriend lives with me im afraid she might be a covert i need advice ! Please it is not easy to find people that go through this close to us

  31. theLaktionov says:

    Hi Ross. Thank you for your work, and for your channel. Is at any chance that i am covert Narcissit?
    How to self-detect this stuff? Maybe it's me some covert NPD how knows? If i am NPD i can't know right? i like to manipulate people in some cases. I say horrible things to people and i enjoy it (now less). Also i pretty Great. I have large ego. I have fillings inside me that i am something big. Althought i am very happy chap and have very happy wife, i still think that i have some NPD-ish thing in me. In past some close people says to me that i am a toxic snake. And i was do abuse and abuse damage to my family. And i (maybe it "was") feeling that its for them, for good (i feel good when i in charge i think, and helps and all this stuff). Some times it's just to feel good about myself (more in past)
    I feel sincerely care about some people (maybe for all kind people. But not for all of thim i have time). I love my wife and she loves me. We togather 7 years. In Past i told alot bad things to her.
    Also in past i always needed to be in a centre of attention in any group. And also i was host of (soft) child gang. I was founder and leader. Always care about my team. In univercity i was Star and number one in my field, teachers are loved me. And some others students was envy. When i was Star i feel good and excited. And when i am not i feel not very well. I am not always a Star in anything and some times i loose my achieved Starness. It's live, i guess now i am okey with that (now i am a Star for my wife). But still I on top of emotions when I on Top of things.
    I like myself. I think i am not bad person. Also i turn off friends like i not have room for other people. It's my inner planet me and my wife. We have our own privat planet. We not share much with others, because we are truly happy and others (most of people) not very happy bannies about this, and share ideas, goals, passion, happiness this is defenatly damage riffs for our ship. This is we and tham.

    I like teach myself a banch of stuff. I am in deep inner world. And i also deeply believe that if something wrong it's always me. And if i something have or dont have it's still me. Some times it's painful, becouse i not achive much (yet(i belive)). And i still toxic snake. I not so toxic like in past, but still. Some times I do direct agression. I think i not practice passive agression.

    In general i'd be saying i am not like people. They not interesting to me (except my wife and birth-family) and i can't find time for someone alse in all sences.

    Is at any chance that i am covert Narcissit?

    Thank you. (sorry for any trouble and for language, i am Russian)

  32. Marshall Leist says:

    Thank you.thank you.thank you.

  33. magic woman says:

    Thank you
    I am not in the relationship but we still married now I understand why he helped me I am depended totally left my country even now I am lost but he want to be friends and help me for ever … I believed him well now I must more on somehow

  34. JJ HAWK says:

    Can he be fixed?

  35. M K says:

    I work at a job, where not only does this go on, but they also play head games with you. They put thoughts in your head, and many of them claim to be psychically intuitive by there own words

  36. masieray1 says:

    💯 💯 💯 true these ppl are devils they’re masters in manipulating anything they want.
    Thank you all for these wonderful videos on narcissism.

  37. darcie emge says:

    I think so many of us keep staying in it because we believe if they will just sit down across from us at a table we can have a conversation and come to an understanding, this part of communication and adulthood is one of the thing that keeps us in because most of us cannot imagine that this isnt possible. When the rest of us are thinking all we have to do is communicate the narcissist believes it’s all out war, life or death for every single tiny little thing.You simply cannot have a conversation with them and they will not allow it if you start to gain any headway.

  38. Marion Brauner says:

    This is even good advice for you, if your father (for example) is the covert narcissist. I exposed my covert malignant narcissist stepfather 5 years ago and I really regret it. I have lost my whole family, because everybody believes, that I am instable or irrational. So, better save your energy and get away and live a life, that makes you happy!
    Thank you, Dr. Rosenberg!

  39. Amy Jones says:

    Thank you.

  40. Reni Kali says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video…and all comments! The problem is that the longer you stay, the more difficult and damaging it is to exit. It is like getting sucked in more and more over and over and over again!
    This video beautifully emphasizes the need to stay the course once you have decided to leave. It is much easier to stay in the relationship, for many reasons but Staying = Giving up on your life, your happiness and all that you have to offer and one just can't do that! Thank you Ross!

  41. CARLOS CRUZ says:

    I know, I should'nt dwell, but I really wish, I knew all this info, many years ago. The only reason, I wouldn't call her out, is because, this woman, has been depress, for a very long time, tried to commit, suicide, several times & she is involved, with Santeria. I know what ya prolly thinking. But that witch craft, really works. Plus, even though, the bitch , messed up my mind, I couldn't live with the thought, that she killed herself cause of me. I midas well, ride this no contact & keep her phone & social medias, blocked. I know, I'll eventually , bump into her, one day.but I'll be ready.I will play dumb. Keep it short & say nothing at all about myself & move away, as fast as possible. Thank for this video. They are really helping with coping.This Trauma Bond, is fierce but , little by little, I will beat this. I no longer, will, co-depend again.

  42. Deuces Wild says:

    Wise and possibly life saving advice. Engaging only puts a target on your back. Spreading sleazy and false rumors is classic for a narc. They thrive on feuds and couldn't care less if people actually die or are physically harmed. Crocodile tears outside, pure joy on the inside.

  43. Syed says:

    Thank you, sir. Question: why don't people talk about how can a father get out of the relationship if he doesn't want to leave his Kids with a covert? I can't imagine leaving my kids with her-even half of the time-and her narcissist mother. She already discriminates out younger one. What should i do? It's a 17-year marriage. Every day is a day in hell.

  44. J J says:

    God, this is a good video. Thank you so much.

  45. Candice Bekker says:

    I did take my ex narc on and went through the smear campaign and lost friends and some family members and I still exposed that troll constantly….. Finally he left me alone. I finally didn't care what anyone thought it thinks of me and the beauty of being alone in it made me realize I don't need anyone and started to love the hell out of myself. It was sooooo hard but he has a new victim now thankfully. But I did suffer emotionally and physically in the end…. It's like it crashed my health at the end of it…. It truly is a battle. And not sure if it was worth taking him on at the cost of my health

  46. tim3854 says:

    run where? they run everything

  47. Aud FosuTV says:

    Thank Ross, you speak the truth! I appreciate your wisdom so much.

  48. HAL 9000 says:

    My 77 yr old dad finally very carefully slipped away from his narcissist wife. I'm an empath so the MOMENT I met her 20 something years ago I couldn't get away fast enough, and I let the rest of my family know what was up with her.

    This nosy woman knew no personal boundaries, was an extremely fake, cheating, lying, klepto thieving, hoarding, scheming controller. If she helped you in any way, it was ONLY so she could use it as future ammunition in a disagreement or argument, or to tell everyone else in town she did it. If she couldn't do that she was bad mouthing my dad and my family, anyway. We could not tolerate her in our lives and only spoke to our dad really on holidays, and when we did she was controlling my dad's conversation with us by interjecting constantly. She had not one but TWO big life insurance policies out on my dad. We often worried whether he would survive her or come up low key poisoned.

    She's made attempts at trying to sneak her way around my dad and come into our lives but we resist and she's backed off. One of my sisters flat out just refused to speak to her in public a while back, and she got that message. Hopefully all will be well.

  49. sonoftherepublic says:

    in my experience dealing with these clowns
    they come in 3 varieties
    the baffoon – easy to spot and not very destructive – compared to the other two
    the list keeper – more difficult to spot – but once exposed one will recognize over
    time and can be neutralized easy enough by gaslighting and ignoring them
    the vampire – hard to spot – highly intelligent and very slow in plying their
    tradecraft to steal – money credit attention influence power etc – hillery clinton is a vampire in my opinion – if you watch her run her mouth and listen – it is obvious – her husband is another one – I spotted him in 15 minutes back in july 1992 when he announced his run for office
    – reminded of a friend I had in high school – narc – listkeeper – and with enough leverage
    a vampire

  50. Angael Tartar Rose says:

    Pulling the covers on dangerous people is not even needed. If they realize you quietly see them clearly, they will leave for you. Way easier way. I got really far, by just giving a look with no response. There are many dysfunctional people in the modern world. Try to come from your higher self, & let them be as they are. It is a deep~seated problem. Walk quietly away, acting like it is their choice entirely.

  51. Office Admin says:

    He's got me constantly questioning my own sanity. I can't shake this fear that I'm the narcissist.

  52. Tristan Grubb says:

    How many youtube psychologists have "diagnosed" someone else's narcissism at the benefit of their own?

  53. IQ Boy Cody says:

    Whats the big deal with these people . People make out like they are these blood sucking monsters that are untouchable .If I had to get in contact with this nac person and they really really pissed me off . I would get friends to get this person and put them in Hospital . If they show a rage thingy fit again and make my life hell after that . I will get my boys to put him to the ground , but this time I will have my baseball bat , and smash their head in like 40 times . They will be dead and there will be know narcissist bs . They are only people with a screwed up mind , sadly their way of thinking is not going to save them when they need to get real physical and fight .

  54. Queen Rock says:

    Sounds like he's perfectly describing Donald Trump .. that is just my opinion..

  55. colin crisp says:

    run away run away don't look back

  56. Mona Lisa says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  57. Julian Terris says:

    I really liked this video -I found it helpful -and timely -thank-you! (~Liked and Subed)

  58. TripleB1888 says:

    The sad thing is most people don't realise their partner is a covert narcissist till it's over. I wish I knew all this while I was with her. I made excuses and put her behaviour down to a hard time in life and I blamed myself.

  59. Caroline Condon says:

    Snakes in the grass

  60. Jill Young says:

    Such a good informative video. Thank you so much Ross.

  61. SUSAN LINA says:

    Thank you so much God Bless
    I bought you book excellent I need to read it again

  62. LAUREN TALKS says:

    I guess I've been playing with fire.I made a video on my channel outing my mother as a narcissist. Maybe it wasn't too smart but at the same time It feels great to finally speak the truth

  63. Vivienne Cooper says:

    So, walking away doesn't give me freedom from my marriage. How does a person divorce a narcissist? Yes, a passive aggressive narcissist… Thank you!🙏

  64. Dee Moon says:

    I’m in the process of having one evicted from my home now. I’m keeping my mouth shut and using the legal system.

  65. z Blink says:

    Honoring the peace within

    I grew up with a narcissists who was a tyrant to me but a pillar in society

    Because of my need for approval after such emotional dictatorship I believe I had attracted various levels or magnitudes in the Richter scale of type B personalities
    …these people really can shake up your world
    When you have experienced them and set boundaries it does get easier

    After trusting the feeling within and “the furrows ” of WTF… I learned to see the patterns of behaviors and back away slowly and quietly

    Unfortunately… with the latest experience… I reclaimed space from a mid grade covert N in which they demanded I apologize to them after they projected their negative self dialogues on to me

    No contact with narcissists
    None at all… even if they say hurtful things, turn your friends against you for not being the friend they need you to be… for them

    I have even had mutual friends try to convince that I needed to help them or be their friend 😳
    After this went on for a while I had to ask my friends to stop insisting and that if they suffer because of who I can not be for someone else then maybe our friendship is a choice they need to let me go and never ask for me to be something for someone who does not even like or respect me

    I know in the long run… which can be decades for some people to figure out they have been manipulated because sometimes narcissistic personalities pick one person to target while maintaining the victim to others

    These people are wolves and wait for the opportunities to look like they are the victim when all you can do is set up boundaries and meditation to clear my head

    Sometimes I think they have psychic abilities and feed off the influences of the struggles they create within and surface just when you feel they are finally gone

    Prayers of love and strength to all who are challenged by such personalities

    Trust your spirit to know the wolf and don’t dismiss NO Contact rule not even to justify your choices
    They do not hear anything but your sadness and suffering

    Be the peace within

  66. Samua3 says:

    My daughter's ex-husband is taking her to court, lying to the judge from the moment he opened his mouth. …e.g. he stopped contact with their child himself over a year ago, which she can prove, but said it was she who stopped him to the judge. He said she spent 5 months of rent money on herself when it was actually in his own bank account and he couldn't answer where it had gone at the time. In court he has no shame, no conscience, nothing.
    It came out he had molested a young girl and he basically said that she came to their house wearing a short skirt …yes blaming her. He and his mother, who is even worse than him, even tried blackmailing her into letting them have the child to stay there with them by threatening to reveal a serious abuse done to my daughter when she was a child. She wouldn't give in and they indeed followed up their threat but not in a small way. It is something they have revealed to the court to say she is unstable. She trusted that information to them when she first used to visit them and she thought they had been understanding and helped her put it behind her…by getting her to write the information down and put it in the bin so it was gone forever. But the mother must have got it out of the bin and kept it for the past 8 years to use against her as leverage at some point! I didn't even know about the abuse until they revealed it viciously in full glorious detail!! The case is still going on.
    SO what I am saying is, how can you run away when you can't even walk away? And a court can keep a person tied to another for years!

  67. Country Gal 420 says:

    Narcissistic people are demons ,keep away from them if at all possible.

  68. Stacey Eliza says:

    Thank You, I’ve been going through this for years. Their minions are unbelievably relentless- why won’t they let me leave? Stalking is a crime (among hundreds). I’ve learned the hard way, too. Lessons on who not to know.
    So manipulative. Very good video, and helpful. Blessings

  69. Office Service says:

    Douchbag. Have Tools

  70. J Cassel says:

    Yes they will be right,, you will be wrong, will not change, just get out and don't go back.

  71. jon doe says:

    I got played

  72. Tony Brophy says:

    These are sick people that enjoy upsetting other people. They give a damn about nothing but themselves and their bank account. They are usually pathological liars. I know this because they exist in my family. Stay Away…..they are not worth it!!!!!!

  73. Kevin Kas Colin Keith Tim Gheran Hussein Darren says:

    I unmasked my sadistic malignant covert narcissist. Now I have to go to court.

  74. j j says:

    Woman are very good at this.And yes some men Also.Women seem to hide it better. Its amazing the lengths theyll go to Slander you. And ill talk about the bible. They know nothing or believe it.But they know it all. and cant be wrong. God gave us a sound mind. This is Demon possession.They cant reason. Get away.

  75. Vikki Gardner says:

    I feel so stupid. I left and completely cut him off but when it came to the divorce.. I couldn’t do it. I went back and now I’m realizing he hasn’t changed at all… 😞 regardless of counseling or anything.

  76. Ruckii1 says:

    i doubt that you can just leave when you find out for the first time in your life what narcism is and you still love your partner and in a relationship for years – understanding "supply" by it self – is in my opinion not understandable for someone who hasn't experienced it – i agree with all other but as i said – that needs time to get this into your brain as reality ….

  77. DJ Justice says:


  78. DJ Justice says:

    Or email Molly brown with details of your investigations and findings people in RECOVERY MODE WORKING A HONEST 💪💪💯💯💪🙏 PROGRAM …. SEE HOW TO EXPOSE A PREDATOR… AND CONTACT YOUR LOCAL F. B. I. OFFICE FOR FEDERAL CRIMES.

  79. DJ Justice says:

    Sociopaths can and do HIDE OUT AT CHAPTER THREE MEN'S AND WOMEN'S OXFORD HOUSES… MORE WILL BE REVEALED 🤢💩🌚🌚👺👹👹🖤🖤👹👺🌚🤢🤢💩🌚👺👹👹👺💩😰😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😨😲😲😱☠️👽🤖👻☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  80. DJ Justice says:


  81. Scott Chissus says:

    My insight has been pretty correct . My reaction has been wrong. Thanks… you helped me understand it in a positive way. I do have an exit plan. I BOUGHT A MOTOR HOME.

  82. truth truth says:



  83. Maya says:

    covert narcs almost all have sociopathic tendencies..meaning a form of emotional sadism that will manifest itself in them injuring anything about you from your reputation to your things…i have a covert narc who deliberately breaks my things to seek revenge because she is not being given the adulation she believes she deserves

  84. Maya says:

    women are the worst covert narcs around …but oh they do keep up that image don't they ?!

  85. Dino Urbani says:

    The thing I'm dealing with right now…. I feel so ashamed and I'm so embarrassed.  I endured a 4 year "ordeal".  I truly did care and love this person.  And I believed her when she said it back to me.  She always had a really hard time telling me she loved me.  she never texted me that she loved me and when I did – she would get upset.  She said it wasn't real if it was in writing.    I ignored so many red flags.   I feel so stupid.

  86. A M says:

    i didn’t figure it out until over a year after he left me for another woman that he was a covert. i thought everything was my fault and that i was the worst person in the world. the one thing that kept coming up in my mind since he left was that he showed on three or four occasions in our 4 year relationship that he had no empathy. he laughed at homeless people/photographed them… and he dismissed his mother in very cold ways. he seemed to lack empathy but… was so kind to me? and to aquaintances? and helped kittens? nothing was adding up. and there was always this quiet superiority and entitlement even though he acted meek and introverted. he was a musician and in interviews, he seemed to humbly brag for wayyyy too long. then finally i realized i had had a right to “be mean” as he called it which was really just me calling him out for not paying rent or bills for months and months while he bought himself expensive electronics. i felt soooo bad for calling him out on this… “yelling at me” he called it. he said “you have everything. why can’t you just ever be happy”… and i thought i was the most spoiled human being in the world to request he pull his equal weight. when he left it was just like a robot leaving. zero emotion. and then he told everyone i was abusive and mentally ill. i thought i was mentally ill after all of this too!- went to therapy- and my therapist turned out to be a f covert narcissist and was also telling me i was mentally ill and prescribing me all kinds of pills. 1.5 yrs w this therapist until I figured her out…eventually- i realized i had been attracting these subhumans all my life basically feeding them. friends boyfriends so many were narcissists or sociopaths. and honestly, the ones who werent- I rejected. and yes a parent as well. the core. i realized all of this after months and months of binge watching videos and reading books on personality disorders. i thought for a long time that i was a narcissist! but in the end it seems i am a codependent. anyway the most recent boyfriend had found a new younger richer girlfriend. how many nights did i cry feeling like an absolute monster. that i had forced him to leave because i was a terrible human being. hundreds. remembering his sad face. but i never saw one tear in his eyes in the 4 yrs we lived together. it was all bullshit. so now i am really working every day to just be kind to myself and compassionate. it is something i have to be constantly conscious of. it’s getting better and I’m feeling like I have more control and peace. I have boundaries. I recognize manipulation now. thank god for youtube and particularly this channel.

  87. Amber Thrapp says:

    I am in a pickle. I attend a church & sing in the choir. Their are 2 respected people there who have constant contact with me. Avoidance is difficult. Not sure how to get them to stop verbally abusing me.

  88. atmas1337 says:

    Holy shit, those first few minutes reminds me of 90% of blue check marks on twitter

  89. zipho khasi says:

    How do you run from yourself

  90. 456inthemix says:

    I left quietly without blaming or some sort but she a malignant covered narcissist can't without some how, meanwhile our life has a gap like heaven and hell, or some called light and darkness. Some say she is a vampir sucking energies from others. 🐽🐽🐽🐽

  91. Nill Gddy says:

    what if you have kids with her?

  92. Thorn Lopez says:

    Me as a human im not sure if i am anything like a narc or a sociopath idk what i am but i grew up with a lot of truama and i have suffered when i was young such as emotional abuse and watching parentd fight and shit like that and my mom always told me to be strong so what did my brain do it cancelled out my ability to feel empathy like i sometimes feel it most of the time i dont and i also have problems feeling emotions such as feeling happiness or sadness to be honest i am not sure what problem i have but i do know something (I KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT OR WHAT IS WRONG SO THE PEOPLE YOUR REFER TO ARE CRAZY like basically i have mental problems like sociopaths and narcissists but i do know what is right and what i cannot do)

  93. Just a BTS fan says:

    The issue with this is that everyone has their own subjective criteria for what is narcissistic and what isn’t. Sometimes the person who accuses another of being the narcissist, can sometimes be a narcissist also or is the sole narcissist. So it’s important to differentiate between healthy behaviors of confidence, and that of pathological behaviors.

  94. Carol Weaver says:

    I have to admit you helped me figure out a few people that I see doing these things ( VERY WELL) and yet did not realize their problems. They do look great in the end to others. They are so good at what they do! TY! It opened my eyes. I did surmise it or knew something was wrong, but they did it so well, I began to think It must be me.

  95. NG0915 says:

    What if it’s not a spouse? Our daughter and her oldest daughter are both Narcissists… what do you do?!! Our daughter is now back home with us because her daughter was verbally abusive and gaslighting her while she was living there. My daughter is the same only not as harsh with me. In one breath she accuses me of things and the next she’ll tell me she’s crazy and needs help! She does this over and over I’m exhausted! I’ve put distance between our granddaughter and us but what do we do with our daughter?

  96. Hello World says:

    i called out my narc nephew to the point that it gave his younger brother the courage to stand up to him and not take his abuse anymore, or even talk to the asshole for that matter. I also have narc siblings that have made my life hell who I no longer and will never have contact with. feels great!

  97. andrea lyn says:

    I was raised by a covert narc – absolutely horrible, manipultive woman – few, if any, of the people around her ever wanted to rock the boat or make waves. They are weak minded individuals imho. I finally jumped the ship. And someday it's going to sink.

  98. Sergio McG says:

    It is when you have children with these people and know the damage they can do that you can feel the deepest fear of the difficult consequences.

  99. Wayward Son says:

    Most Americans are narcissists. So, where you gonna run, chump! We're everywhere🤫🤐🤗🤗😁!!!!!

  100. angela pitts says:

    Probably the best video I've seen on you tube

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