Where is Bailey’s Boyfriend Going to COLLEGE? *surprise prank*


Where is Bailey’s Boyfriend Going to COLLEGE? *surprise prank*

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83 thoughts on “Where is Bailey’s Boyfriend Going to COLLEGE? *surprise prank*”

  1. Brooklyn and Bailey says:

    What is your dream college to attend?? Comment below! 💋's – Bailey

  2. LegendaryFoxz says:

    OMGOODNESS I HAD TO WATCH IT TWICE!!! Btw Brooklyn is taller and her nose is just different.

  3. LegendaryFoxz says:

    Allos my dream collage is any BYU

  4. Eliza Eggplant says:


  5. Shreya Karthik says:


  6. Shreya Karthik says:

    2:27 : bailey to Brooklyn
    3:47 : Brooklyn to bailey
    5:24 : bailey to Brooklyn
    6:42 : Brooklyn to bailey

  7. Clive Lewis says:

    They swapped at 4:48

  8. Emma Jean says:

    I am on a laptop so I cant do emojis but I noticed

  9. Teresa Farmer says:


  10. MyriamLC says:

    Your voices are different and the shape of your faces. I notice right away.

  11. MyriamLC says:

    Your voices are different and the shape of your faces. I noticed right away.

  12. Sydney Amber Novis says:


  13. Anniek says:

    I was like bailey is acting weird in some parts😂 then I went to the comments and it all made sense lol

  14. Jade_ Miranda says:

    I didn’t know 😭

  15. Emma Lindsey says:

    I knew it!

  16. aaron menguito says:


  17. Humaidha Moulana says:

    For the first time they changed 2:26

  18. Humaidha Moulana says:

    For the 2nd they changed 5:25

  19. Arushi Dalal says:


  20. Lily_loves Dogs says:

    Is asa older than bailey

  21. Iris Nieuwland says:

    I was like Bailey doesn't look right then when I looked closer I was like its Brooklyn!!!!

  22. Sierra Bitters says:


  23. Sophie Isabelle says:


  24. michael varju says:

    I no idea you were changing I had no idea you were changing the whole time

  25. B C and friends says:

    I found the switch up

  26. Rayi Jamona says:

    I didn’t know

  27. Quay Whitlock says:

    i got it

  28. cattuong nguyen says:

    You guys don’t look that similar on camera. (Yes I did know that you guys switched places)

  29. Kate Mathieson says:


  30. Ahn Nicole Balaba says:

    I had no idea! Cause im so focused on what Asa was saying 😂 Now I’m playing it again and totally noticed 😢😂

  31. Pink Ladies says:

    i kinda noticed

  32. Cammy Smith says:


  33. Bentley Manning says:

    😍 I told the difference the first time you guys switched

  34. Bentley Manning says:

    Also you guys are so inspiring to me and to a lot of people in the world keep up the good work and keep inspiring millions of people. I am subscribed and I have my notifications on on both of the channels. Love You Guys So Much

  35. Bentley Manning says:

    If you noticed Comment Roses are Red

  36. Maya Deling says:

    Did anyone else notice that they switched

  37. Maya Deling says:


  38. Camden Bruce says:

    Why was 2:37–2:43 sound like Brooklyn

    Brooklyn and Bailey Switched😍

  39. Riley's Corner says:


  40. Jayla Salazar says:


  41. Sofia Devries says:

    I didn’t know

  42. Amanda Vi Vian says:


  43. Chad Dalyn says:

    Omg every time you swiched i was like is the Brooklyn or baily i was so confused

  44. Arrayah Pratomo says:

    😍I new it

  45. saba says:

    I knew it! I was like, that's not Bailey. That's Brooklyn 😂😂

  46. Gianna Lucarelli says:

    do you guys see that brooklyn and bailey swicthed places and thwey tried ti cover it up by having brooklyn act like bailey

  47. Life as Alanah says:

    That is Brooklyn for one of them 😂😂

  48. Lee Pei En says:

    Anyone noticed that Brooklyn was in the video …

  49. Caitlin Rechtien says:


  50. Iris Wenting says:


  51. Princess CupQuake says:


  52. Malia Landolt says:

    why was Brooklyn in at 5;33 but they then switched back. was that the prank ;/

  53. Panda Janga says:

    I want to go to Baylor and study vet things

  54. Shravasti Jain says:

    Wheni saw the video for the first time i couldn't make out the switch and so i watched it again. The Switches
    1)Before Liberty University
    2)Before Harding University
    (notice the strands of hair on either side, Bailey's is thick and Brooklyn's is thin)
    There is a small bandage on bailey's hand

  55. Shravasti Jain says:

    The Differences :-
    1)Bandage on Bailey's hand
    2)The strands of hair on either side near the ears-bailey's is thick and brooklyn's is thin
    Thank me later

  56. Bella Marshall says:

    switched to brooklyn at 2:25
    switched back to bailey at 5:05
    switched back to brooklyn at 7:14

  57. Sharon Cranston says:

    They have a different face tone

  58. Pradipta Chelleng says:

    You didn't get into Baylor and the rest of the colleges saw the video 🙃

  59. Abbe Lillian Tran says:

    wait why the heck is brooklyn in like half of the video lol

  60. Addi chesley says:

    At first I had no idea and then I was like bailey looks like Brooklyn. Your eyes look different . So I was like wait that is Brooklyn. Lol

  61. Hayley Taylor says:

    You and Brooklyn totally switched!! 😁😍😁

  62. Elyza Sancon Espino says:

    2:26 & 5:23 😍

  63. Alina Mohammed says:

    2:26 and 5:24 is when they switched

  64. Cammy Dunbar says:


  65. Caroline says:

    😍😍😍😍 right away!!

  66. Erica Hoyer says:

    I could tell by the voice both times.

  67. Aspen Booth says:


  68. julia nellie says:


  69. Gaby´s Amazing Channel says:


  70. Simba Parker says:


  71. Luna Herrera says:

    the first switch is at 2:27 and the second one is 3:47 the thrid one is 5:25 and lastly is 6:42

  72. Emilee Blanton says:

    I can't believe asa is related to the duck dynasty family…omg I love watching duck dynasty they are so cool and funny

  73. Hailey Limon says:


  74. Erin Tv says:

    Who else noticed Brooklyn

  75. Violet Pacifico says:

    I love these switches😍

  76. Itsmerileyd 123 says:


  77. Yo.itMakayla says:

    They switched

  78. Mariam Ali says:


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