Which College Degrees Pay The Most?

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eric tom sent from the atlantic wrote a
great article and he talks about how georgetown university center on
education and the work force complex compile data on what majors paid the most money when you
graduate okay now in my opinion this research is
a little simplistic because of course there’s so many other factors that lead
into it they give you a good idea of what how much money you can expect to
make based on your major okay so at the washington post actually
made a graph of georgetown sc findings and i want to show you guys the graphs
you get an idea of what they found so quick to the graph at the vet harry bottom of the list you find education okay if you graduate
with an education degree you can expect to make about forty two thousand dollars
a year that’s a very small amount of money especially if you end up going to
university that costs you a hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars to attend
of at the very top of the list is engineering engineering degrees typically make
seventy five thousand dollars a year so if you know in the middle uh… you’ll see communications in
journalism which is what i studied usually if u are lucky enough to find a
job in communications in journalism you’ll need about fifty thousand dollars
a year and you know this this is an important
craft to look at because as i said it really gives you a good idea as to whether or not entering a certain
program makes sense and not every single school has the same
tuition you guys already knew that you know it definitely costs abm a lot more
money to attend let’s say usd for journalism as opposed to seize on which is where i
went for journalism so idu look if i graduate with a massive
amount of debt and aimed at getting a job like you might see if there’s not
going to be able to pay off the hook so you know this isn’t yet a little bit okay today i’d accident is doing fine hooding well that’s the thing is was that source
for the cost of engineering ellsberg mhm and were also i realized after graduation is members yeah i guess in the right field who
knows what it may be but it could be open kind of bizarre level of business i had not heard from a french as i would
like to move tool a different state turned it down that uh… analyzed i would’ve hated my
life so it’s kinda puts more pressure if your plan is from begin a thought issues in major into some of the kids
who are undecided in up to software here still undecided as to what they want to do then you have to me that problem so he’s
coming eighteen-year-old ticket him as well you know what you’re doing
it twenty-two when you still a kitten and so i think the star sitting on a guy’s
caramel but level or what up guidance counselors can have helping out with a high school but i
think the only such maybe if there are two billion who haven’t i don’t know the
the routine but a lot of times always got my schools
is de di thi towards the best scholars it since you are where you want to be
and how did get into collars were how to choose which one do afterwards
writing that you won’t be stuck with that and maybe this is our times may have changed yeah and you know you
make a really good point when it comes to that because a lot of people do enter four-year
universities thinking that they’re going to get a degree in i don’t know what’s a mathematics or
something and then they realize i heat mathematics i i don’t want to get a
degree in this so instead they decide to bitching completely abandoned that and start
setting something else then you’re looking at you know six
seven year undergraduate that career as opposed to
four years which ends up costing a lot more money so that’s why a game plan is so
important and you know you’re right there a counselors i was lucky enough to
have a really good counselor at my high school who constantly pushed us to really think
about what we want to after high school not a lot of high schools have that so
it’s really important for many parents talk to kids or you know find a way to get kids to investigate
what they’re going to do before they do it and if you’re undecided eighteen it
makes complete sense to be uncertain about what you want to do for the rest
of your life so what you can do is go to a community college which i think that
community college are still community community colleges are so underrated and so under-appreciated in society
people think like of you graduate high school district to community college that’s it your failure no that’s not the
case at all i hate when people think that way if you’re undecided about what you want
to do go to a community college transfer out
into university that you really like and get your major dot mailto with was that the that the community college does
different it significantly cheaper right and if you’re undecided it doesn’t make
sense to go to a four year college and pay triple the amount of money to take
your cheese right so the classes that don’t really
go towards your major but you have to take sixty units in something that’s not
related to your major so you take sixty units unit on the
general education field like adn english math alot you know sometimes have to take some pat
credits in humanities even if you’re getting a business degree you get what i’m saying don’t go to a four-year college and
spend all their money on that unless you know exactly you want to do and what pap
you want to take goto community college get that out of
the way and then i’ll give you time to really think about what you want to do
with it it would be wasting time view of the silks and leaving the fields that you
don’t want you to do he’s going to get through it you know it’s it’s but i guess is the
file processed account has been changed his i was doing johnson submit you’d feel like you guys is the waste of
time and it’s the same to minors but that that mindset is wrong because
it doesn’t take more time if you have like up perfect schedule and you take
full time classes it takes these exact same amount of time
to go to a community college get your g_e_’s done and then go to a four year and then get
your major dot okay because the cheesecake two years
the major takes another two years that’s for years right there it’s all about knowing what you’re doing
before you get into it who’ve been afraid allotted flight tonight instead of reading of you know
pay a pretty funny for that feeding into a fat you know two years
later he didn’t have to be right after high school but i get that
i’d get the appeal graduating high school going straight into a four-year but unfortunately you know that there’s
a price to pay for that now which i hate i think that i think that
we do need to have this discussion that this is even conversation that we need
to have idea makes more sense to find a way to
lower the cost of education so you don’t have to have these
ridiculous conversations of how we can scheming you know wiggle our way into the
education system without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars itself pathetic and sad you know i think that were made our
country great was the fact that people were able to go and get higher education just for stopping lightning when they
didn’t have to think about it as an investment but now what are we going to do were in
this huge messy thing politicians are going to change this you see this i mean
shit just by looking at this crap education is the very last thing on this list of profitable majors why is
that it’s because politicians don’t they don’t value education okay they
pretend like they do whenever there on the campaign trail
they pretend like education is the most important thing to them but it’s really not i mean if there was a man would be
paying teachers forty two thousand dollars a year most of the time less
than that

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