Which Way Is Down?


Which Way Is Down?

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100 thoughts on “Which Way Is Down?”

  1. B C01 says:

    come back

  2. Paul E Mercer says:

    Full of shit. No proof of anything

  3. shaker ali says:

    Big G sounds like a rap name lol

  4. Jᴏsɪᴀʜ Sᴀʟᴀᴢᴀʀ says:


  5. JACKC1220 says:

    2:58 close your eyes

  6. Let's Talk Health! With Dr Ryan says:

    6.8k viewers don't like gravity. Sad.

  7. hippyjoe007 says:

    Very well done. Thank you.

  8. Ed Me says:

    lol. Mass is a property of energy. People only identify mass as its own thing because that is where we needed to start defining the universe into a model. And based upon what was available to people, mass was the smallest we could "measure".

  9. Yo says:

    Which way is up?

  10. Norman Sigurðsson says:

    21 months… almost TWO years since the last free Vsauce video.
    This is truly sad.

  11. Malcom42 35 says:

    My face is in my fockin monitor

  12. Lilly Loving Heart says:

    "Horizontal slapping"

  13. JakeArino says:

    1990: there will be flying cars and robots by 2019.
    2019: watching a video about where is down.

  14. The Nerdy Chewy says:

    Oh, Vsauce, we miss you and your regular videos, please, come back.

  15. Ant Hony says:

    Drink…….drugs n loose women.

  16. Enceladus saturn's son says:

    6:51 i could even notice the earth moving

  17. Matheus Araújo says:

    I think therefore I am

    OR AM I?

  18. xX_cracker_playz_Xx says:

    Vsauce: where is down?
    Me, an intellectual: downwards

  19. C NILE MAN BABY says:

    R.I.P Vsauce
    ~slappin' balls since 2002

  20. CyberTom 24 says:

    Finally i understand the "gravity" described by Einstein. Thank you!

  21. porrrnesian parrrapio says:

    11:18 all those tabs give me anxiety

  22. χχкѕρ_ρlαуєяχχ says:

    Q: Which Way Is Down?

    A: The direction your channel is going right now

  23. Will Munoz says:

    Pounds is actually a unit of force, the Imperial unit for mass is a slug.

    One Newton of force accelerates a kilogram of mass at one meter per second squared.

    One pound of force accelerates a slug of mass at one foot per second squared.

  24. KlickbateKaremel86 says:

    Fuck u YouTube red you stole my Vsauce

  25. Y E E T says:

    Get outta my head!!!!!! Your not real!!!!!!

  26. OokileyGMR says:

    Just imagine a flat earther watching this

  27. Pranav Chauhan says:

    Best video ever!

  28. Daniel Grigoras says:

    Vsauce is howtobasic

  29. WillyWonkaW says:

    Guys, Michael just had a baby so I wouldn’t even think of getting a new video anytime soon. Congrats though on your little baby michael!! 🎉

  30. Sean says:

    A man lost to YouTube Red

  31. Electric Zero says:

    Vsauce is better than all the teachers i've had

  32. ღAshley playzღ says:

    Basic Fact: Weight changes throughout the surroundings

    Vsauce:or is it?


  33. Justin Hammar says:

    Pounds are actually a unit of weight, not mass.

  34. Kirby The lizard says:

    it has nearly been 2 years since the last real sauce

  35. Cartoon Master says:

    Episode question: Which way is down?
    Not even a minute later: LeT's TurN tHe SuN inTo A bLacK HoLe!" 😀

  36. Carson Morris says:

    In the back of my mind I kind of hope he has been working on a half dozen videos and he’s going to start posting them soon

  37. Tommy Watson says:

    Why are these videos better then the YouTube red vsauce vids?

  38. Bob Rosshurburger says:

    Michael likes slapping balls…huh

  39. Bernadette Okoli says:

    Ok I'll weigh myself today that is full moon B)

  40. John Duncan says:

    wouldn't a man falling from a roof feel the wind resistance?

  41. NJK101 Games says:

    Big brain time

  42. Art of the Wizard says:

    So if we drop 9 trillion pencils from six feet at the same time, we could make the earth move a proton. We could do that, and move the earth then?

  43. KRay9ooo Gaming says:

    i watched this twice

    i still don’t get it

  44. zackcoruna says:


  45. S O M A says:

    Rip. VSauce

  46. Efgio🇵🇭 says:


  47. Christian Arthur says:

    Hey, nothing here

  48. Static Syndrome says:

    this episode absolutely has the best music

  49. Josh Windle says:

    what are the names of the songs from his videos… they’re never in the description

  50. Sveinn Arngrimsson says:

    This is the best video on YouTube

  51. Spatial Lapse says:

    Vsauce come back

  52. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michael come back

  53. Spatial Lapse says:

    Micheal come back

  54. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michael Stevens come back

  55. Spatial Lapse says:

    Micheal stevevens come back if i keep commenting for you to come back while misspeling your name you will comr back

  56. Spatial Lapse says:

    Back come back Vsauce

  57. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michael Come Back Home

  58. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michael come back

  59. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michael comr back

  60. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michæl come back

  61. Spatial Lapse says:

    Mike Stevens come back

  62. Spatial Lapse says:

    Mike dtevens come back

  63. Spatial Lapse says:

    Mike stevens come back

  64. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michael Michaels come back

  65. Spatial Lapse says:

    Michael pleeeeeaseeee

  66. Ryoss says:

    Why has Vsauce turned into a fucking sellout?

  67. Marlon Bernardes says:

    12:51 legend says there's a browser behind these open tabs

  68. Paul Paturel says:

    latitude are straitt lines bru

  69. Paul Paturel says:

    the part about the strait lines along the earth really is a joke

  70. Woke Man says:

    Say F to for Vagina sauce to cone back

  71. Game Zombie says:

    one last dance

  72. nick memeholder says:

    when will god return?

  73. DePuPo o says:

    My meat at 3am 2:58

  74. HrMulli says:

    Mey Vsauce Hichael here

  75. Floorboards says:


    Michael: 0:05

  76. Rafael Cruz says:

    I'm really impressed with this video but I didn't understand nothing 😀

  77. Hello._.Friend03 says:

    What would happen if the earths crust like inverted itself and floated off into space

  78. xMultiGamerX says:

    Hey Vsauce, if you ever remember your channel password again, can you make a video on the butterfly effect specifically?

  79. Tc says:

    If you confused on which way down is, its where your heading towards

  80. VUn karl says:

    Hmmm… 👇👇👇👌

  81. Connor RK800 says:

    Vsauce makes videos on YouTube Red only
    Me: you took him away from me!

  82. Rafael Castillo says:

    What Is real

  83. Gyro Zeppeli says:

    Please comeback

  84. 『 B e n j i 』 says:

    If we find time traveling machines im showing this entire channel to someone from the middle ages

  85. Eric Olson says:

    A pound is not a unit of mass, it's a unit of force. A slug is the unit of mass in the Imperial system.

  86. Kodek says:

    Y'all sure YouTube red isnt code for youtube making him bleed and squeezing everything good out of him and not putting it in his YouTube red series

  87. Nexus says:

    Vsauce : Just casually making videos


  88. Tierome says:

    Close your eyes and listen 2:59

  89. BattleBunnyQuinn says:

    I'm not sure why we refer to the speed of an object relative to the Earth when relativity comes up. Wouldn't the combined speed of all our cosmic hierarchy matter more? For instance, assuming the Sun were the center of the universe, wouldn't the part of Earth pointing away from the sun be moving significantly faster than that pointing towards?

  90. Raiyan Hasan says:

    Ok, Fine, Here's a quck explanation, Down is down, No problem.

  91. WilliamDopeFresh says:

    Which way is Down Syndrome?

  92. Over Very hight skill says:

    curiosity box is not delivered to Russia (((

  93. tigerpulse says:

    I miss the old Vsauce. 🙁

  94. tigerpulse says:

    question: which way is down?
    answer: YOUTUBE RED

  95. TheWrongBrother says:

    You made a mistake. The down for the person on the other side of the world is still yours and their down!!!

  96. Farmer Dingus says:

    Everybody should unsubscribe to show them we don't want premium videos

  97. blastbladevx says:

    Steel ball run

  98. Jobos a hobo says:

    I’m a time traveler in the year 2072 Jupiter falls off its axis and passes earth and its distance equalises gravity in Britain in other countries its just low gravity

  99. Jobos a hobo says:

    Next time I weigh myself ill make sure to eat an apple for a accurate weight

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