Whitmore School – World’s First Online High School

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Today, I am here with Ellen Ray, the
Principal of Whitmore and Steve Ray, the Business Manager of Whitmore School. Interviewer: My first question is, Whitmore is the world’s first online high school and is
parent ranked as the number one online high school. Tell us what makes Whitmore number one.
Ellen: I think what makes Whitmore so distinctive is our mastery
learning approach. Just like a parent teaches a child to tie their shoes or to
ride a bike, they ask their child to try it and then try again and try again.
That’s really the way we teach high school courses. Students will submit
their lesson and instead of receiving a grade back on that assignment, their
teachers will work with them one-to-one, give them feedback on their assignment
pointing out the areas that they have done well and the areas where they can
improve. In this manner students work one-to-one with their teachers the
lesson may go back three to four times before the teacher feels that the
student has mastered the concept of the lesson. This is the way we teach and
I really feel like that’s why we are the number one ranked school. Interviewer: Can you
relate to other parents who are looking to enroll their son or daughter in an
online high school? Steve: Yes, in fact, our daughter went to Whitmore
school a few years ago and she was in our local high school at the time,
struggling to keep up, especially in math. When we found Whitmore School with a
mastery based learning she was able to go through the math course at her own
pace and she could master the learning objectives, but she could take her time
to do that and then the courses that she excelled at like English, she could go
through the courses a little faster at her own pace. Whitmore School changed
our daughter’s life and that’s why we’re involved. Interviewer: Is Whitmore accredited? Ellen: Yes,
Whitmore is accredited by AdvancEd. and they are the world’s largest and
most recognized accrediting body of Educational Institutions. Parents can
be assured that the quality and the rigor of our school is accepted by
colleges and universities certainly throughout the United States, but
actually, throughout the world. Interviewer: Thank you.

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