Why a BSN from Wayne State University’s College of Nursing


Why a BSN from Wayne State University’s College of Nursing

My name is Dr. Erik Carter. I serve as
the undergrad program director as well as the course coordinator for our med
surg course. And my name is Celine Dagher and I’m doing my BSN at Wayne State. So
one of the main reasons I came to Wayne State was because I like that it’s urban.
I love that the university itself is urban, nestled within, you know, the
confines of Detroit. I think that’s really really important. And I really
enjoy all that it offers. I just love being around different cultural
backgrounds. I think this is how we grow. We learn. It’s a great learning
experience and I do think that the culture and the diversity that we have
at Wayne State, I don’t think any other university does offer that or can
compete with that. One of the reasons I think Wayne State offers an excellent
program for undergraduate study is that one, our NCLEX pass rates are excellent. We are well above the national average. Secondly and more importantly they really
kind of encompass this way of training their nurses to provide excellent care
out in the community. One, meaning that they utilize the tenants of clinical
judgment, clinical reasoning and critical thinking. Which I think is
really really important as our students graduate and go out into our affiliate
hospitals. For me the big thing was that Wayne State is in the heart of Detroit
and I love being around patients and I love taking care of patients.
I love advocating for patients. I think this is what nursing is all about. I
think one great passion here that I see with faculty is their desire to really
assist in help our students do well in the program. We have tons of different
resources that we share with our students to provide them training, tutoring. And to me that’s really important. Because one of the main
reasons our students come here is because they want to be successful. And
we too want them to be successful in their journey in the program. What
really helped me at the beginning was they have something what is called the
simulation lab. It’s not only that they teach you but you get to have this
sense of how it’s gonna be, what the rooms look like, what are you supposed to
expect, how are you supposed to interact with patients. Talk to patients.
So this was a great benefit for me. In terms of professors, I think that
Wayne State has the best professors. I’m sitting next to one right now. I think
that Dr. Carter, when he comes into class and he teaches a lecture, not only he
brings his own knowledge and he shares that with us. But honestly, I think his
more clinical experience, the outside world experience, and he shares that with
us. And I believe that they truly teach us how to become registered nurse

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