Why Are Public Schools Fighting To Keep Home School Kids Off Their Teams?


Why Are Public Schools Fighting To Keep Home School Kids Off Their Teams?

I am a homeschooler trying to play sports at high levels to get into college. I’m seeing all these players that I’ve competed with for years and years and years succeeding and taking the steps that they need to to chase after their dreams and, you know, I’m sitting here frustrated, knowing that I can’t because the Tim Tebow bill didn’t pass. The Tim Tebow bill would allow home school students to participate in public schools’ sports teams. This long, ongoing issue has been split fairly down the middle throughout the country. My name is Caleb Carter, I just turned 17. So I’ve been home schooled for five years, it fit my style of learning much better and gave me more freedom with the subjects that I wanted to learn. We had established that we definitely wanted to move forward with home schooling because he was thriving in that environment. So the next problem was ‘how does he play soccer?’ It became an issue Caleb’s 9th grade year when everyone began playing with their high school team and then he didn’t have a place to play. When we first began home schooling that’s one of the questions you get asked. ‘What about sports?’ The Tim Tebow act is something in West Virginia that has been on the table and in discussions for almost a decade. It was basically a piece of legislation that allowed home schooled students, private school students access to extracurricular activities that are offered through the public school system. It actually passed both the Senate and the House a few years ago and then it was vetoed by Governor Jim Justice. There’s just not as many opportunities for to exercise those skills and to be a part of team athletics. I am the only home schooler on my travel team right now. All of the travel players that I’m playing with right now play for their school. They are training five times a week with multiple games in each week. I try to run as much as I can, I try to do as much fitness as I can but you know it’s still so much different when you’re talking about in-game. I did not play for any school or travel team in the Fall for my freshman year and that wast he longest break that I’ve ever taken, since I was four, from playing soccer. You can’t represent something that you’re not part of. So if there’s a name on your shirt, you go to that school, you’re representing that school. We try not to separate the sports perspective from the school. That if you’re a home school student you’re breaking the number one rule that says you must be enrolled in that school. I have a son, he’s a really good pitcher and he missed out on those 11th and 12th grade years of being unable to play any organized sports. So watching him grow up without that opportunity has really motivated me to be on top of things with the Tim Tebow Act. The home schoolers aren’t going to come in and take positions from public school players who deserve them. Home schoolers live in those districts, I still pay taxes for all of these schools but my child’s not allowed to go participate. Nowhere in our rulebook does tax ever come up. It never says, if you pay taxes, you get to participate. People who don’t own a car, don’t own a house, may be on some sort of subsidy, they don’t pay taxes at all, but if they come to school, they’re enrolled in that school, then they get to participate if they meet all other eligibility requirements. There’s a large number of home school students in West Virginia. That if all those kids start participating, there could be an additional cost to each county. I mean I think when we went to the virtual school, we’ve compromised. There might be people who are using virtual school and are having success with it. That doesn’t mean it’s the answer to our dilemma. I don’t know of any parent who has pursued virtual school more than one year. Are you guys familiar with the Tebow legislation for home schoolers? good. Yeah I actually have a daughter who had to go back to school just so she could play soccer. She plays softball, and so she plays with her community. Sure she does. but then when she gets to home school- Absolutely. My son pitched his last game this summer before his tenth grade year, I know, it’s heartbreaking he’s nineteen. I pay taxes on these programs and yet we aren’t allowed to participate. How old are your daughters? Thirteen and fifteen. We passed it in 2017 and Jim Justice vetoed it saying that the virtual school now was the solution. But what we’re saying is it’s not the solution it’s wasn’t the solution for 24 other states. Nice to meet you, what was your name again? I think that the home schooling parents in West Virginia overwhelmingly have the best intentions for their children. And so when we look at the course work that’s even offered through virtual school you’re asking families to sacrifice a curriculum that they’ve designed for their child specifically. I just don’t think West Virginia needs to ask us to sacrifice that. There’s a group of home school parents who don’t want anything to do with the virtual. And I think if you’re making the choice that we don’t want to be connected to the public school then it’s hard for me to say ‘okay you can’t be connected but we have to let you play athletics for, or extracurricular activities for that same public school.’ I was one of the first students to try the virtual school. I tried it my freshman year. What we were told initially was not the way the program ended up being. He ended up having to go to the school three to four times a week because they wouldn’t allow him to take even quizzes without being proctored by someone at the school closest to us. So I started my enrollment in private school part time my sophomore year. And the reason that I’m wanting a change from the private school is because they don’t get the exposure that I need to get recruited by a college. My dream college that I would go to would be Ohio State. So the only time that a coach or recruiter from Ohio State could see me is when I’m at a college camp. I don’t really know what I’m going to do about soccer next year. If the Tim Tebow bill would get passed then it would solve so many problems for me. Seventeen Republicans voted no on it this last year, and he’s not here anymore. But anwyays so these are the ones you need to work on. OK. Some of these can easily be swayed but if you look at what our vote total was, we weren’t far away last year. I’m just going to be very blunt about it: this is about money. Otherwise they wouldn’t make the virtual school argument, they would say ‘we want you in our school system.’ Right, if this passes, will the sky fall in the next two years? Will we see this influx, this crazy the SSAC can’t handle what’s going on? No you’re actually going to see a small percentage, I mean very small percentage, and even then that small percentage are just going to be the people trying out. We as the SSAC and our member schools and the home school community need to work to resolve this. You know this needs to be resolved by us, the parties that are involved. If we have to go back to the legislature, it’s going to be a fight, a ten year fight again. I don’t know anyone who is well versed in history who says you get what you get you don’t throw a fit and thing that that is sufficient for the American culture. We’re Americans, we fight for freedoms and that’s what homeschooling parents are doing through the Tim Tebow legislation. All of the players that are on his travel team right now in the fall they go to play with their schools. Knowing his passion for the game and knowing how much time and effort he gives. And then having to watch him not be able to go out there and play and have these experiences is really heartbreaking.

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100 thoughts on “Why Are Public Schools Fighting To Keep Home School Kids Off Their Teams?”

  1. Loathomar says:

    First, I think everyone should agree the idea of "cost" is total BS, home schooling plus playing school sports is still less of a tax cost then just going to public schools, clearly. The one issue I can see is that you fundamentally don't want people to be able pick the school they play for because it creates clear winners and losers for school sports and you don't get good games, which then sucks for everyone. Ei, School A did well in soccer for the last 3 years, so all kids looking to want to play soccer go to school A and now school A wins every game by large amounts and there is zero real competition. But allow home school'er to go to any school to play sports would have this effect in a smaller degree, but the solution is easy, you can ONLY play sports at the closest school.

    The only other issue I can think of is that schools often have GPA requirements for students and one thing I think would be reasonable to want to avoid is kids who are doing poor at school but want to play sport at a school but can't because of a low GPA leaves the school to be "home schooled" but really it is a back door to play without a GPA requirements. But if that is the issue, I would stay the schools need to give a reasonable option for a kid to test in. Have a grade level test that must be past to play. Ei, the school requires a 3.0 GPA to play sports, the average score on this standardized test for a student with a ~3.0 GPA is X, so home school students need to get X or better on this test to play.

    So, I guess my only issues is avoiding making home school a loophole for sports, but all those holes seem easy to close.

  2. Donald Hicks says:

    Why would anyone being home schooled even want to set foot on school property ?

  3. uluvhere ! says:

    I don't have an issue with them playing for the school. However, I played soccer at a highly competitive level most of my young life and played in select leagues. It was a normal situation to have college recruiters at our select team games, even more so than when I played in school. The biggest down side to select teams is it's expensive.

  4. Palma says:

    Why don't they just go to private schools?

  5. Donald Garin says:

    Because the home schooled kids are so much more smarter then the public school kids..proof is that public school kids are being corrupted by the government titles that are telling the public school all the lies.public schools are the worst in the nation

  6. BLUE DOG says:

    Belong to the people
    Not to the politicians …or the unions

    Schools are dysfunctional – Officials always defend remaining stupid

  7. Henrik Vaula Rasmussen says:

    In Scandinavia, this is a non-issue. Sports associations are based on area code, not school districts, so they do all the sports. They don't represent their school, they represent their local area. This includes all people, public, private, homeschooled etc. There is a fee to participate, but it's not much.

  8. Ezra says:

    I was homeschooled and i approve this message

  9. Michael Settles says:

    What a crock. They pay taxes and pass home school then they should be allowed to participate. There parents pay full taxes to support schools anyway and are only using a small amount if resources if they are allowed to play. Hell teachers are just scared that they will be replaced. Home school is way better, which is why they fear it.

  10. WickstarRunner says:

    Schools shouldn't be funding extra-curricular activities anyway.

  11. VicFroman says:

    The commissioner is not doing himself any favors with his tone and argument

  12. Matt Sezer says:

    At where I played, high school hockey was one of the few sports where home schooled kids could play on the high school team. Being a contact sport with a lot of injuries that wasn't as popular as football, the school districts didn't want the legal liability of having a hockey team, so all of the teams were non-school sponsored clubs; in other words, they were allowed to used the school's name, but didn't receive any school funding. I honestly think that all sports should be like that. Schools should get out of the youth sports business. They should allow them to use the school names, but that's it.

  13. BattlefrontMGFX says:

    Don't go to college

  14. Mirza Ahmed says:

    If you can't force a baker to cater to a gay wedding, you can't force a school district to accommodate athletes who don't go to the public school.

  15. Roma says:

    1) greedy politicians ruin everything
    2) schools sport teams shouldn't be a thing. You wanna do sports, go to a sports club.
    3) schools/universities are for academics, not sports. Sorry

  16. smokie says:

    Let's make sure you all keep these "fight for freedom" thoughts the next time black folks are fighting for our freedoms/ right/ justices (ie. kneeling) without being called unpatriotic, unappreciative, & unamerican.

  17. John Doe says:

    Unions are the scum of the earth.

  18. Curt D says:

    If you are in the district and play on a high school team you represent the district not just the high school.

  19. 01nmuskier says:

    So if school attendance is not a requirement for team participation, what is the requirement?
    Can I recruit any student from anywhere in the state? What about out of state recruits?
    My school will get financial benefits from a top performing athletic department full of non attending recruits.

  20. Colin Theriac says:

    Homeschooling is often way better than public school. I was homeschooled and everyone I have ever met that was homeschooled has outperformed public schoolers.

  21. pureum kim says:

    One solution to this problem is for home schooling families to create their own teams and training. It may be hard but there are soccer academies and they may strike a deal. Also, there are amateur teams that they can team up with. What I don't understand is that schools can also benefit from great players. So this could work out for everyone. Not so sure why WV is opposing this…

  22. Nun Ya says:

    Teachers unions are terrorist organizations.

  23. Gonzalo Muñoz says:

    Normaly I always support reasonTV and 99% of libertarian arguments, but this is going too far. Why can't the kid enroll in 4 online courses? Is this really so much to ask? I honestly don't think that his mother has his best interests in mind

  24. sidney Grosshar says:

    From the school’s perspective it’s all about the money and crushing the Home Schooling competition. Public ‘schools’ especially in poorer states are horrible at best. Most of the teachers are barely literate. Excluding Home schooled kid from extra curricular activities is no more than a petty and despicable punishment levied against children. Children for Gods sake.

  25. N.B. says:

    I am generally on the same side as what reason presents, but to offer perspective, I would say that the home school parents want to have it both ways. Personal freedom always comes at an expense. I absolutely believe that parents have a right to choose how their children are educated. Opting out of the public school system while wanting only the extra-curricular activities does seem like they are trying to have their cake and eat it too. The real problem is that the government, in this case the state government, wants it both ways as well. As pointed out @ 7:29, this is about money. The government should either allow home schooled kids to participate, or give their parents a tax exemption.

  26. mark wright says:

    renters pay rent for houses that tax is paid on.. so ya they pay taxes

  27. Old Computer Fun! says:

    As a WVian, I can say that government schools are just trashy leftist indoctrination camps. Pass the damn Tebow bill! :/

  28. D.J. R says:

    Let's just ban home schooling since it's a joke anyways.

  29. Juventin says:

    america is wierd as fuck.

  30. The Chopping Block says:

    Home school kids should be able to use as much or as little of the resources available at public school as their parents want. They're already paying for it.

  31. The Chopping Block says:

    3:19 false. Unless they squat on public land and never purchase anything off the economy, they are paying taxes.

  32. Cate James says:

    “We’re Americans; we fight for freedoms” – got me all mushy there.

  33. The Chopping Block says:

    5:28 Yes. Your dogma is toxic and until we have a choice about it, we don't want to participate. Go fuck yourself.

  34. Brianna Long says:

    Maybe it's an Iowa thing but schools represent there communities. It's not unusual for the whole town to be involved in school events, homecoming ect. Homeschoolers would be part of the community.
    Homeschooling laws here are not much better just a whole lot more complicated.

  35. Criminalize Obesity says:

    The solution is to never hire an obese person and never hire someone who graduated from a public school (except if you want to pay it lower wages).

  36. Allen Furlan says:

    Of course it’s bigotry against Believers…….it’s acceptable, especially when it comes to the leftist unions…..

  37. inowhy says:

    I think this is one of those things where people try to control others because they don't like the idea of something, but they don't have a good reason outside of that

  38. Wendy Fabian says:

    My kid played softball for 10+ years, I coached for 9. At this point we knew Common Core standards were coming and we decided to homeschool. I would have paid the district $6K (taxes) JUST for my kid to play softball, had they let her (the money issue is a BS excuse). the District does NOT own the sports teams. The spots on those teams are PUBLIC spots, and may the BEST player win at try outs. WHY would a District not want the BEST players available to them (know how many look to pull kids from other districts, towns, teams, etc., but won't allow one of their OWN an opportunity, simply because the the kid is not being CONTROLLED by "any" District)? And let's be REAL here, how many home schoolers are knocking down the doors to be included – not THAT many, that the District would feel the need to "protect" the team. The State recognized my child as a STUDENT, so why would the school not. I stood in front of them for EIGHT straight months fighting this WHY??? Cause our District is, still the ONLY District in the ENTIRE county that refuses. WHY – cause THEY could not control the education. Cause my kid was not required to take State testing. When I argued that EVERY OTHER SCHOOL has already worked those issues out, there should be no issue, they came back with "she could be sleeping all day and then just show up for games" "she could be at private practice all day and then just show up". I called EVERY Superintendents office in the County, got hard copy of every policy, made copies and handed it to EACH BOE member – they had all they needed to be able to create a policy and see how to work out all the kinks (if any). All they do is talk about "all inclusive", but that only applies if you are willing to be CONTROLLED by the District. Doesn't the District push about the BEST thing for our COMMUNITIES is a well-rounded student. That being involved is what makes the kids great. Yet, THOSE SAME PEOPLE said NO. That high school team that mine didn't get to play with was OUR team. She played with the girls, I coached them. I was President of the entire Rec League for 5 years. To this day this District still refuses! They SHUNNED us – after a DECADE of being involved.

  39. Brewergamer says:

    If parents are paying taxes to these school districts, if their kids are prohibited from participating in events that the parents are paying for then they should simply not have to pay that cost. They're paying for something they don't benefit from.

  40. DeadlyPlatypus says:

    They want to punish you for not subjecting your children to the Government approved programming…

  41. Marlon Moncrieffe says:

    …Eh, that one critic made many good points about not including home schoolers.

    Sorry, I am a conservative but I must give credit where credit is due.

  42. Mr. King Kitty says:

    "I don't make the rules. I just think them up and write them down." – Eric Cartman

  43. DeadlyPlatypus says:

    Bernie Dolan: "We let people who don't pay taxes come to school and play sports!"

    Found problem number 2…

  44. Jill P says:

    You get what you get and you don't throw a fit?!😠 I'd love to see him have to take his own advice after this passes!

  45. Ace Hardy says:


  46. João Tavares says:

    Change the policy and procedure so that everybody gets what they want at their own expense. If somebody wants to offer scholarship the more the merrier.

  47. João Tavares says:

    I see FABIANS everywhere.

  48. Park Justin says:

    home school has its pros and cons, you can't just decide that things r un fair when u r the one that decided that ur children will be home schooled. if you want ur child to participate in school activity than enroll them in school. this is a very simple thing, I dont understand this woman, how can she feel so entitled?

  49. Benjamin Rockwell says:

    School don't want free thinking children. Who is this guy? What is his work phone number?

  50. William Cornell says:

    Because home school kids are irritating

  51. Park Justin says:

    the rules r the rules, we dont just patronize handicapped people and give them whatever jobs or opportunities they want even though it would make a lot of us feel good. people can't just do whatever they want. u can't have it all.

  52. josiah montgomery says:

    They really don’t want people homeschooling their kids. Any sort of deterrent towards homeschool will be used. Gotta indoctrinate all the kids.

  53. Corbin Rogerson says:

    I've spoken to a European friend about this and he explained to me that in Europe most kids play a sport at a private sporting facility rather than tie their schooling with their sport. School is where you go for academics and sports are done outside of school. I don't know if that's the solution here but is there any reason beyond a cultural one why we make organized sports in America apart of a school curriculum?

  54. Kurt says:

    Just because you don’t own a house doesn’t mean that you are not paying property taxes. You rent money is pay the taxes for that property.

  55. Home Wall says:

    Because government does not love you or care about you or your children. They only care about the money they can take from you to build up their monopoly.

  56. Michael Worthy says:

    7:41 “This needs to be resolved by us.”

    You need to stop being an fucking asshole. Boom, resolved.

  57. Jen S. Terry says:

    Fat guy goes with rules are the rules argument. Which is an argument that cant be defended.
    If they are paying taxes to the school district, this shouldn’t be an issue.
    Put your boy in a dress tho and I’ll bet he can play on the girls teams….

  58. Brian Neu says:

    "if all those kids enroll in sports, there could be an additional cost to the county" — The same county that's collecting school tax money from the parents?

  59. emptybottleof151 says:

    Taxation without representation.

  60. pertybluestang says:

    Lots of tax arguments. Not very valid imo. Why do I have to pay school taxes when I own property but the renters in my area do not. Not a balanced system in the first place.

  61. pertybluestang says:

    No one is looking at this correctly in the comments or the video.
    Attendance is one if many reasons. Athletes represent the school. If you dont attend but have rules bent just for you then your going to have the argument of bending them for the students. Or worse kids changing to homeschool just to fake grades and attendance. There is a lot of problems here.
    Public schools can suck I agree but obviously not having kids on the team is a consequence of making the decision to homeschool.

  62. Bryce Bro says:

    Ok I get this and I’m with it, but as a former D1 Winger/OB if ur playing travel and hs ur not making it to Ohio State. And if you really want to play D1 try out for your nearest academy team. You need to play for teams like NYFC or Beachside or Red Bulls. You sometimes get lucky if you are actually filthy and go to a camp or two. But if you’re not even playing premier and you think you’re going D1 you better hope you’ve got connects. Like not tryna berate your dreams, in fact I rather have you chase them, just situate yourself better. HS and Travel is not gunna get you anywhere. Those camps are a better chance and if not that you gotta get into a premier league for a top 1/2 team in the state and email the fuck outta every school you want to play for. Then once you’ve compiled a list of offers always take the one with the most percentage cost covered / quality of education cause if you’re gunna play after there are ways to land a contract that don’t require you going to Wake Forest or Syracuse, don’t freak out over the name. Save money, play the game, it’ll come.

  63. stonehaven says:

    Bernie Dolan: May you burn in hell.

  64. Audrey Lin says:

    Sports is an extra curricula activity and technically should not be in the schools.

  65. Audrey Lin says:

    Something like this has already been to the supreme court. The state education taxes go to all towns. The rich towns have to pay for a poor town's educational system. Public school gets money from the state. He's a resident of the state — he can access the services.

  66. DeDraconis says:

    West Virginian here. Virtual School is pretty much BS; it's not a compromise when it's a bad program that gives a bad education.

    However, I also feel the need to point out that I have had nothing but bad experience with school athletics, too. Those Spring travel teams (specifically Primetime Basketball) is a much, much better environment for the kids to learn and excel at the sport. I sympathize with the lack of exposure to recruiters, but really, it would be better to rally for more funding to those independent groups and encourage them to have two seasons a year. Screw the public schools if the second one overlaps, and they then have to whine that their students end up preferring to go to those instead of playing for the school. Which I can almost guarantee is what would end up happening. 🙂

    I think the homeschool community as a whole is making a mistake by trying to get local public education institutions to give them anything. There's a reason you took your kid out to begin with. Band together and make your own versions of thing, especially in West Virginia there are enough of us.

  67. Diego J. Gavia says:

    People are so easily manipulated by "Reason". You have to be part of the school to play in school sports! It is that easy.

  68. Tullius says:

    Jim Justice is a twat

  69. Chris Banana says:

    i never was allowed to use the fields at the schools when i was a kid 🙁

  70. Taylor Horner says:

    I don't see the problem here. It's pretty clear that in order to play for a schoolyou must attend that school. It doesn't get any more clear than that. This is a fight for privilege, not freedom.

  71. Coach Ken says:

    1) it’s a PUBLIC school so if you live in the district, you should be able to play. 2) if you don’t attend the school, why would you WANT to play for them? 3) the best athletes don’t play for public school teams. They play for private schools and travel teams. The best players get private training. Public school teams are a dead end. Home-schooled athletes can do better than a school team. That should be the emphasis: public school sucks; both in and out of the classroom

  72. Trevison Clark says:

    Do they go to that school? No. Was it the general rule that homeschooled students don’t get to play in school sports when she made the decision? Yes. So perhaps that should have weighed in when she made that choice. Also do you get to pick the best sports team in the district to try and play for or can you only play the zoned school you are in?

  73. ZeroFox Gibbon says:

    I love homeschools, private, charter (everything but public), however, if you're putting your tax money toward any of those, you shouldn't be allowed to use public school resources.

  74. TheFoolinthe rainn says:

    It's called a "school district." Not a union Federally run agency

    Boycott paying school taxes

  75. david blick says:

    If they pay taxes then let them play.

  76. 中原マリ says:

    Come on now, playing sports is a privilege, not a right. Homeschoolers can form their own leagues if they wish.

  77. ISpitHotFiyaa says:

    I'm with the schools on this one. High school is a package deal. You don't get to pick and choose what elements of it you want to participate in. I mean obviously you can opt out of extracurriculars and opt in and out of elective classes but that's a little different. If you want to be home-schooled, fine, but then you've opted out of the public school and all its extracurricular activities. If you want to play sports then you'll have to do that through a club team or something. I mean these sports teams are essentially extracurricular clubs offered to the students at these schools. If someone who doesn't enroll there were to join it would be like me joining some club or team at the UW. I don't go there currently but I'm eligible to and I pay taxes which support it. Allowing that would change the character of the teams/clubs significantly.

  78. Castle Danger says:

    Imagine a kid wanting to play football for LSU and he doesnt go to school there. Home school kids are choosing how to do their schooling and their school has no sports program. Its that simple. I commend them on their choice. I have neighbors and friends who homeschool and support them in their choice. However, they are continually looking to piggy back on activities from multiple schools. They feel like they are free agents and have that right. They are wrong.

  79. Nunya Bidnizz says:

    Because those kids HAVEN'T EARNED their spot on the school's team.

  80. Alex H says:

    We need to get school vouchers that can be used for homeschooling supplies. I think I would have done better in a home school environment especially with technology how it is today. I have worked in schools where they had a room that they let a kid destroy while two people stood and watched him do it. Does anyone want their kid going to school with kids like that? Does anyone want to pay two people to watch a kid wreak havoc on the school? A lot of public schools are going down the crapper!

  81. Jonathan McGee says:

    I’m blessed to live in Pennsylvania where both my brother and I have taken advantage of homeschool law here to participate in musical ensembles. Sad to see some of my fellow homeschoolers not have the same opportunities I’ve had.

  82. Stephen Jensen says:

    I am pro home school, critical of public schools and pro participation in schools sports, however, I get why public schools are against homeschoolers participating in their programs. I do not feel there is an inherit right to "parts" of public programs. It makes sense that administrator of the program would need to protect things like funding and opportunity for full participating members. It also makes sense what would work in one place may not work so well in another, therefore, such a call would need to be made by the local administrator.

  83. Ellie R.A. says:

    So one of the arguments I’m seeing in comments is that “well most homeschool families are better off so they can travel and do other things to help the child. Kids in public school don’t always have that option.” You do realize that if these so called “well off” families had their child on Publix school teams they would most likely SUPPORT THE TEAM! And also like it was said near the end of the video you’re not gonna see a giant influx of homeschool students going out for public school teams. Homeschools are a small minority of kids in the state and an even smaller minority of that percentage will want to use this law. This reeks to me as if they want to try and keep more kids in the system by saying “well you like sports? Well unless your in public school you don’t get to play!” It just comes off as a way for them to punish homeschoolers for how dare you not go to public schools.

  84. webdca123 says:

    The arrogance of that Dolan guy is off the charts. The fact that these people live in and pay taxes to that community is exactly what gives them the rights they’re asking for. Bureaucrats like him can’t stand to not control every aspect of that kid’s education…that’s why they’re making them take that online class.

  85. J Vukovics says:

    Stop hiring union school teachers.

  86. kevin moseley says:

    This is awful and sad. This is the answer to all these fucking complaints and criticisms that homeschooled kids aren’t well adjusted and can’t be social or competitive. He’s trying to do the legit social, competitive blah blah buzz words and play competitive sports, something that could legit get kids NCAA scholarships. It just sucks.

  87. AKlover says:

    Why bother??? Trying to show your homeschool kids how the "Indoctrinated" sheep are?

  88. Bryan Lehman says:

    I’m not invested in this issue but it seems pretty trivial to bar homeschoolers from sports simply because they aren’t representing the school by being a student.

    I’m sure other schools could immediately tell which of their opponents is a fake. Give me a break. Weak sauce argument.

  89. Frito Bandito says:

    first world problem

  90. foonix0 says:

    No. You don't get to opt out of a system and then consume it à la carte.

  91. Trump says:

    why not just play in a private league, fuck government programs

  92. mO0nkeh says:

    Seems reasonable to me: school sports teams are for the kids who go to that school. If the homeschoolers want to play sports they can get together and form their own teams.

  93. Simon Newkirk says:

    Our high school did everything they could to discourage homeschooling. Went to college and every teacher and administrator were supportive and admired homeschoolers. Probably something to do with actually teaching and the homeschoolers consistently out performing public school students.

  94. londonoxfordstreet says:

    Build Home Schoolers' Team

  95. mjncad says:

    This is a sticky wicket as I see valid arguments on both sides.

  96. Simon Winn says:

    I was all for this, but then I found out he wants a sports scholarship and I wasn't really in favor anymore. His motives are to self serving and he just wants to use the school to get exposure.

  97. Rudy Julian says:

    Who gives a shit? Play on your homeschool's team.

    Lol, let's just make exceptions for everyone. Simple. All we need are exceptions to SAT requirements. Everybody gets to be ivy league now!

  98. ๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶ says:

    6:27 yo private school homies where u at

  99. Saul Fochte says:

    The state does not want you to educate your children, because it is a threat to the continuation of the state in its current form.

  100. Rojas-messilia says:

    Let's take a knee for creationists!

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