Hello Friends, If you are connected with me through seeken face book page then you must be aware that i had completed my engineering in 2016 My grades were decent but still i haven’t taken my engineering For that same certificate and degrees I and my parents invested hell lot of time energy and money Today i realise till some extent not completely but all that was just a waste Because at start the most important reason for me and for many to do an engineering was to get a good job will get decent income etc almost everyone think and say it, but while completing my engineering i realised getting Only degree is of no use forget about earning decent money , just by getting degree getting proper job is really very difficult i realised that others free career guidance was wrong and the only thing which come up as true was the knowledge which i gain through books and mentors thats why at the same time when my friends where posting their pics with engineering certificates and by saying that how much happy they are after completing their engineering at that similar time i was working for my youtube channel and on my animated book summaries that thing actually helped me to grow in my life and helped to earn when i remember about my college time mentality i feel little awkward the time when i used to give certificates so much important and value and after getting any certificate me and my family used to feel proud and happy whereas today for me that same certificates are of no use its not only about me, there are many people, whom certificates are not providing them any benefit Example, recently i have seen logical indian post where it was shown like more than 10 lakh people applied for a small government job in Madhya Pradesh and the actual point is among those 10 lakh people more than 1/3rd people were Ph.D and Post graduates similarly In UP For Janitors job more than 22 lakh of people applied and again under that 23 lakh most of the people were PH.D and Post graduates and this type of things has been done everywhere usually people have degree but no job if we talk about engineers, india produces more engineers compare to any other country. But sadly, among these lakh of engineers 60 percent people don’t get job and some who gets job they get in different fields and example for this you can get from any engineering person my majority of friends with whom i completed my engineering, and some are even toppers they too are working in some other fields for earning money means after giving so much money and years the thing which we had learned has no value in today’s market and if people wants job they need to learn something extra by investing extra money by doing an extra course or by doing and internship don’t you’ll feel we are behaving stupid? well even i took years to realise this simple thing hence author of today’s book is making us and our parents understand about this Author says the main reason for such problems is our mentality and education system which encourage everyone to become topper in studies but never provides financial education which is the most important thing which helps people to grow in life Because of fear of failure people pass their exams some even become toppers, but in the real world what happens they eventually works for such people who are considered to be failure and average as per system But actual fact is these some people are the actual topper in real life so today i will share 4 reasons because of which not from now but since very long time toppers used to work for average and failure people after understanding it maybe you will not be able to become topper at your school or colleges but for sure you will get success in your life or maybe you will hire your school colleges toppers in your company so let’s begin No.1 ) Fear of failure the biggest reason because of which many toppers don’t able to achieve something big in their life is because of their fear of failure most successful people don’t find education system good because since childhood people are trained about not getting fail, like failure is not good if they fail they will never able to survive in the real world they should always top and many more such things, and if any child fails then different punishments are given to them such as School don’t promote them to next class, parents beat them, criticise them say negative to them society makes fun of them, and in various ways children have being tortured literally others scare them, like if they fail they will never able to do anything good in their life with this negativity starts growing in the mind of kids, and it leads to fear of failure in them with lot of hard work child become good in studies so that can get good grades so that never gets fail so that can get good college job can earn money and never does business or anything new with the fear of failure, in short they just never want to face failure whereas successful people understands that fear of fear mentality can never allow someone to do something great in life example, if Edison would ever had fear of failure then he would never had invented light bulb if colonel sanders would ever had fear of failure then Kfc would never had become such a huge brand In fact you can search any top billionaire millionaire life story most of them are college dropout average or failure during their school college time they had failed in life many a times in different ways but still they never fear to fail, with their failure they grow and move ahead in their life they don’t play safe. here i am not saying that education system must encourage student to fail but many successful people do teach it to their children but in different perspective other than exams example, i was reading a story of a successful women where she had told that whenever she and her entire family used to sit together for dinner at that time her father who was successful used to ask them, on what all things they have failed today? and what all things you learned from that failure? as a reply, when she used to tell her father about her failure, her father used to feel very happy and used to appreciate and says her that not to worry next time do try something new and find out its solution whereas on someday when she used to tell him that today i haven’t failed at all at that time he used to feel sad and he used to tell her means today you haven’t tried anything new or you haven’t tried doing anything new This is a way to shape Children’s mentality That girl learned from her parents that failure is not a bad thing instead it’s good to fail because through failure we learn something new in our life and move ahead with this mentality that girl has achieved a lot of things in her life and become successful she learned through her failures she faced them and with such mentality she created successful life for her self Fearful people never able to do something huge in their lives and this things happen everywhere example people who fail in school days or who doesn’t do good in education system those people actually thinks above the education system and their brain become sharp and clear regarding earning money they realise that marks grades is not the only thing which helps to achieve something good in our lives so with this mentality they do different things and with different ways they become successful whereas on the other side toppers stay trapped under that system in which they perform very well everyone applauds for them and by playing safe all the time, they stay working under average or failure company. No.2) No financial Literacy Another thing which is not good in education system is, that the most important thing which is necessary and very useful for happiness and for survival is financial knowledge and education system doesn’t teach us nicely about it, example when child brain becomes capable of learning about important things at that time because education system we as child keeps on learning things which are not that important and which is not that important in real life, whereas things which are important and necessary in real life such as communication skill, self-confidence, relationship handling,financial knowledge such important knowledge which is really very important in our real actual life education system neglects that and we unable to learn such important thing, School basically teaches us to follow orders, which is good for discipline but this thing starts indulging servant and employee mentality under kids author says in order to earn money there are 4 quadrant first employemt means by doing job can earn money, second quadrant, self -employeed means starting own business where its necessary for you to get involve third by creating business means where you create such a system , where there is no need for you to stay always and 4th quadrant is investment, means which is from some extent is a passive income. at school, till second quadrant max education is being provided,whereas if they teach about financial knowledge then kids will understand the importance of 3rd and 4th quadrant and hence they’ll able to become big businessman and investors which is really very important for their growth and for country growth as well the reason why other countries such USA is way ahead of us is, there parents start teaching their children about financial knowledge since start since young they were taught about investment and business and many entrepreneurship programs happens there at school level whereas in our country parents and teachers not even allow children to speak about money Reason no. 3) injustice. There is a saying said by Einstein, everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its capability to climb a tree,it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. today’s education system is somewhat like this, where every student child’s different talent skill is major and judged by same old education technique, which isn’t fair and equal at all it is somewhat like grading monkey and fish on their capability of climbing tree this is another problem of education system, still this issue has not been handled properly and because of this issue children don’t able to do the things in which they are actually good and ca perform better and can also become topper in it through all this people will think entire fault is of education system and they must be blame for all this, but things are not like this, Yes Education system do have many flaws But instead of blaming you should try to change things, if you can’t change education system at least try to change yourself, and how you can do that you’ll understand it through coming point. Reason No.4) About Others The last reason for today because of which Toppers works for failure is, or you can because of which many don’t able to become successful is. because most of the people listen to their relatives and neighbours or you can say they take advise from wrong people, they listen to such people who are not even successful in their lives they have no knowledge about their surroundings and market hence you should learn from such people or should get inspire from people who are successful those who understand and have knowledge about the real world and market example; learn from mentors, do read self-help books, learn from their books because all these things will actually help in your life hence i share such useful knowledge through various useful self-help book in an animated form so that not only i grow and move ahead in my life but you too learn and grow and improve your quality of your life and able to do something huge and able to become successful and able become such a person, who maybe at some point hire school toppers in your company and give them a safe job. This knowledge i have shared from book WHY A PEOPLE WORK FOR C PEOPLE BOOK BY ROBER KIYOSAKI Robert has written this book especially for parents if you are a parent and haven’t read rich dad poor dad book then you must read this book. and if you want free audio book of this book then can get it through my website link i have shared its link in the below description if you never want to miss any of my new videos then can subscribe and can click on the bell icon and don’t forget to choose sent all notification option hence through it whenever i upload any of my new video on Sunday you will gets it notification so do click and choose option properly or else you’ll miss such useful knowledge and information do share this video on facebook and whatsapp with your friends and family so that their mentality gets change and also our country gets develop and finally thanks for watching….

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