Why You Need College Degree for Career in Sales


Why You Need College Degree for Career in Sales

You can do extremely well in sales without
a college degree. You can do extremely well in sales without
a college degree for two years, and then you will start struggling. I started my sales career when I was 35 by
getting a job in door to door sales. Many of the guys and girls that I was working
with were 18 year olds right out of high school. They were driven, they were ambitious, they
were good at communicating and connecting with customers, they smashed their sales targets
and they made more money than me and more money than their parents. If you are finishing high school I would highly
recommend you doing exactly the same. Get a job in sales. Job in sales is a bootcamp of life, and the
sooner you take it, the better well off you are going to be down the road. While you former classmates are studying literature
and are worrying about their Facebook profiles, you will be Making Money. You will learn, not from textbooks, but with
your own sweat and blood, how to assert your position in the society, how to stay calm
and focused in the face of hundreds of rejections, how to make, spend, and invest your own money. Those skills are vital for success. But after a year of cold calling or door knocking
you would want more. There is a difference between selling life
insurance to a 70 year old lady and selling a business insurance to a senior executive. There is a difference between selling house
to a family and selling a city block to a development company. You can sell software, you can sell airplanes. To do that kind of sales you need to have
math skills, analytical skills, writing skills. You need to understand business structure
of your customers, you need to understand their challenges, and how your product provides
a solution. That’s why without a college degree most companies
will not consider you for a quality sales position. That’s regardless of how amazing you are
as a salesperson or regardless of the connections that you might have. Even if you are working for a big company
that sells a simple product, say life insurance, and you decide to climb a management ladder
– become a team leader, and then a regional sales manager, you will quickly end up surrounded
by people with college degrees that will be expecting from you certain level of skills. Can you climb a management ladder with your
will and determination to succeed? Yes, of course. But that also involves luck, and most of the
time luck is not on our side. Only one of my door to door friends managed
to do it. And the rest? Four years down the road, they are still foot
soldiers in door to door industry. Maybe it is enough for them. But would it be enough for you? So my advice is this: if you are committing
yourself to a career in sales, take luck into your own hands. Combine your drive and your people skills
with a college degree, and sky is your limit

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