Will Smith’s Full Interview with Ellen


Will Smith’s Full Interview with Ellen

Our first guest is one
of the biggest movie stars in the world. Please welcome Will Smith. [MUSIC – WILL SMITH, “GETTIN’
JIGGY WITH IT”] (RAPPING) Oh, come on. Ready, set, let’s
go, dance floor pro. I know you know I go psycho
when my new joint hit. Just can’t sit. Gotta get jiggy with it. That’s it. Now honey, honey come ride. DKNY all up in my eye. You got a Prada bag with
a lot of stuff in it. Give it to your friend. Let’s spin. Everybody looking at
me, glancing the kid, wish you was dancing the jig
here with this handsome kid. Ciga-cigar right from Cuba Cuba. Just bite it. It’s for the look. I don’t light it. Illway the amay on
the anceday orflay. Give it up jiggy, make
it feel like foreplay. Yo, my cardio is infinite. Ha, ha. Bit Willie style’s all in it. Getting jiggy with it. Na na na na na na na. What? Na na na na na na. Getting jiggy with it. Na na na na na na na. What? Na na na na na na. Getting jiggy with it. Na na na na na na na. What? Na na na na na na. Getting jiggy with it. Na na na na na na na. What? Na na na na na na. What, you want to
ball with the kid? Watch your step. You might fall. Wow, well, thanks a lot, Ellen! Oh, yeah. It’s been great. All right, thank you. That’s all we’ve got time for. All right, that’s all. Yeah. Thank you very much, everyone. We’ll take a quick
commercial break, and– hi, Will. That was– What is up? That was enjoyable. I had like a front row seat
to that wonderful performance of yours. Right? It was like you were,
like, on stage– On stage with you. –with me. Like I was chosen. You were– like
you were the one. Yeah, like I was Courtney Cox
in that Bruce Springsteen video. Yes, right! Yeah! Like I was pulled out to be– Pulled out of the
crowd for like– –to be with you. Stand here, baby. Make me look good. Yes. Yeah. It was wonderful. It’s so– I always
love when I know you’re going to be on the show. You’re so much fun. And this couldn’t be
a better time for me because I don’t feel
well, and you just made– Oh no, I got it. I got it. Just relax. Yeah, I’ll just sit here. Just relax. Good. Yeah, no. So I need to ask
you some questions, because you’re a very energetic
and adventurous person. Yes, yes. Energetic and adventurous. Yes, and that’s a
dangerous combination. Yeah, it can– You’ve done some things. Yeah. So for your 50– I knew we was going to have
to deal with this as soon as I got here, too. Oh, well we do,
because it’s one thing that you want to
jump out of a plane. Yes. But you made– you
forced your wife. [GRUNT] That’s what I read,
that you forced her to jump out of a plane. That’s– She’s scared of heights. She’s scared of heights. Doesn’t like flying. Doesn’t like flying. And you said, for
my 50th birthday, you jump out of a plane for me? Yes, OK. How did she– look at that. Oh, yeah. What was she– before, before– Yes, no, see? Look. Doesn’t she look happy? Yeah, ’cause she– no, what it
was, it was my 50th birthday. Right. And she looked at– [APPLAUSE] Oh, yeah. Thank you. You know, hence the
midlife crisis jacket. No. No. No, so we– it was
my 50th birthday. And you know, she was
in this like, you know, real fit of just
emotions as she realized, aw man, we’ve been together
for more than half our lives, and I love you so much. And she committed. And she was like,
I’ll do anything you want for your 50th birthday. Oh. Right? So she asked for it? She– yeah. And I was like,
aw baby, for real? ‘Cause you don’t have
to do that, you know? And she was like,
anything you want. And I was like, I want you
to go skydiving with me. And she was like,
how is that what you want for your birthday? Yeah. You know? So she agreed to it. And then the family agreed. So we all– we made it– All of you did it? Well yeah, except Willow. Willow was like, no. Willow was like, no,
I’m not jumping out no airplane for–
happy birthday. You guys can go. But wait, so did Jada
end up liking it? No, no. No, I thought she would, see? Because when I jumped, I had
like a spiritual experience, you know? It’s like when I walked up
to the edge of that plane and you get attacked by your
mind, like your mind is like, you stupid! You stupid! And it’s screaming. And you know that voice? We all have that
voice in our head. It’s not always our friend. It calls us names and stuff. And it everyone’s like,
you’re a dumb man. You’re a very dumb man. And I walked up to the edge. And when I jumped, [GASP]. And it is– I had the experience
of pure bliss. It’s not falling. It’s flying, right? And you’re flying. And you use your hands. And you’re like, oh, hey! And you’re falling for,
like, over a minute, like you– it’s
not no short time. Which must seem like
an eternity up there. Oh yeah, it’s forever. You’re like, oh I
recognize that building. And you just go into this
really blissful place. So I’m telling Jada,
you know, you’re going to meet heaven
when you go up there. And she didn’t. She didn’t. No. She didn’t. It’s a shame. Yeah, you know. But she did it for you. She did it for me
’cause she love me. Yeah. She love me. Yeah. Yeah! Yes, exactly! [APPLAUSE] She probably loves
you a little less now. Now– Have you ever jumped? Have you ever? No. You know when I was
younger, I thought that I wanted to do that. It was kind of a dream of mine. And as I got older
and wiser, I decided I don’t want to do that. We should do it together. No, no. We would break the internet
if we did it together. Yeah, I’m sure we would. And I don’t need to do that. I’ve done it on the
Oscars, and I’m done. Don’t need to break it again. Wasn’t all it was
cracked up to be? No. No, I think that– and I am, I’m scared of heights. Yeah. And I like to– I think the feeling
would be amazing. But I can’t imagine,
like on the edge– The edge is terrible. –when you’re that right before. No, no, no. That’s the bad part. That’s the bad part. Yeah, right. But then once you’re
out, it’s like it’s such a lesson in life, right? And part of what I’ve been
doing in my 50th year, I’ve been trying to experience
all the things that I’d never let myself experience before. And I’m doing, you know,
my bucket list experiences. And sort of what I discovered
is how cancerous fear can be in experiencing a life. If you’re, like– you can’t
be happy if you’re scared, you know? So I’m really confronting
all the things that I’ve ever been scared of. And I’m just finding this really
exuberant freedom in life, you know? Oh, yeah. You bun– No, I’m not doing either
one of those, yeah. You bungee jumped. This is from a helicopter. That’s from a helicopter. I bungee jumped
out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. Wow! Yeah. OK, so now, the heli– Don’t do that. Don’t do that, all right? OK. You should skydive,
but don’t do that one. So yeah, I was going
to say, so then you’re hanging there for a while
until the helicopter lands. Yeah, so what I did
is they didn’t– I told them I didn’t
want to know anything. So I didn’t want any brief. I didn’t want anything,
because we did it live. So I walked up to
the helicopter, and I was letting them explain
everything to me in the moment. I didn’t know. And the first
thing I didn’t know is I had to be on the
outside of the helicopter when it took off. Right, so I’m like, hm. But the camera’s on, right? You know how the camera
be in your face, right? And you know, I’m
an action hero. So I can’t– I was like, hm. Hm. You know? And that was the first thing. And then the next thing,
the guy, he’s looking at me. And he’s like, listen. He’s like, this
bungee cord, there’s five guys holding
the bungee cord. He said, this bungee
cord weighs 200 pounds. And when we let it go it’s
going to be the equivalent of 400 or 500 pounds. And I’m going to count
backwards from five. And on one, they’re letting
this bungee cord go. And the only way
you can get hurt is if you don’t get away
from this chopper, right? So he’s looking and it’s
[RUMBLING] I’m like– right? And then, so I can’t really– I’m barely hearing him. So I’m like– and
then I see him go– and I’m like– right? And he goes– I go ah! Was that spiritual, too? Yeah, it’s like– it’s like
the other side of not dying is fantastic. Yeah, yeah. Right? You know, I guess if
I died, it would suck. But– Yeah, yeah. The fact, and when the bungee
cord– because you go and you go and you go. And you’re like,
oh, please work. Please work. And then it goes, and there’s
this brief moment where you just kind of stop for a second. And you’re like, wow ah! And you go– Right back into the chopper. Yeah. How does that not– that would scare me, too,
that you’re going back. Yeah, you go back. I was like, oh, wow, the chopper
is coming back pretty fast. Yeah, man, oh man. But yeah, it’s bliss. It’s totally blissful, you know? It’s like fear has committed
some of the greatest atrocities on this planet. And being clean of fear is
just a really critical aspect of enjoying this life. I agree with you. I agree, to overcome
your fear is like, it should be a goal of everyone. Absolutely. Because it does get you sick. That’s not why I’m sick. This is Kris Jenner. We’re back with Will Smith. And we only have a
few minutes for this, but I really want
to talk about you, what you did in Budapest,
because you almost got arrested. Yes. Explain this while we watch it. OK, so what it was– so
Drake had the challenge. And everybody was
doing the Kiki. So it’s like, I wanted to
do the best Kiki challenge. And I saw this bridge. So I went out on the
bridge and I climbed up. And there was like– whoo, yeah. See? Yeah, so that’s illegal. Yeah. And so we went up there. And then, there’s
this dark internet where you can find all
kinds of stuff like that. So you know, I’ve been hanging
with too many 20-year-olds. So we found that. We went up. We went on there. We shot it. My buddy had a drone. And we did the whole thing. Amazing. You do all these things. I have this here, and
it’s going to be fine. But I have this– Oh, oh, oh! Hey! Hey, hey. All right, that’s fake. Don’t play with that. Don’t play with that. That’s a fake. You’re scared of mice? OK, yes. I’m terrified. No, I had a– no, I’m just
not no punk scared of mice. No, I had a childhood
experience with a– hey, you better not, Ellen. All right. I had a child– Here’s the thing. I had a child– You said conquering fear. We all were here. I had a childhood– OK, hey Ellen, seriously. All right. All right, listen. You ’bout to get your
whole show tore up. All right. I’m about to break everything
in here getting away from this. [SQUEAKING] Hey, hey. Stop swinging. Stop swinging. Ellen, stop swinging. Ellen, stop clear. Oh, yeah, I see that. All right. Look at, look. No, I really don’t do mice. I don’t really do. I don’t even like
knowing that’s fake. Why? I’m just showing you
that they’re little tiny, little sweet things. Overcome that fear. Do not do anything
with mice on this show. I’m telling you. I’m telling you, Ellen. Those are fake. I was not going to
show you a real one. But you should. You said fear is not a good. Ellen, don’t. I’m serious. I’m serious. No. I’m serious. There’s no real mice. There’s no– OK. I promise you. But overcome that fear. OK, I will. I will address it another day. OK. All right, maybe for your 60th? Yeah, yeah, for my, yeah. You’ll lay down and let
the mice crawl on you. Yeah, something. Yes. Yeah, for– just not today. All right. My people! My people are here. Yay! Two lucky people. You beat out hundreds
of actors for this. I mean, like everybody wanted
to be a part of this movie. And the two of you got it. You must be thrilled
with yourselves. Yeah, very blessed. Yes. We’re very blessed to
be here and grateful. And we hope people
like the film. I think they will. I think it’s going
to do very well. All right, and were you
fans of the original? Oh, yeah. Oh, I loved the
original growing up. I think also because it was a
movie that me and my brother, you know, loved, it
was– it has everything for everyone, adventure, drama. And of course, Princess Jasmine
was one of my favorites. Yeah. I mean, yeah. It’s kind of surreal. I don’t think it’s
really sunk in yet. So when you got the role
of the Genie, what– were you like, did you
know this was happening? Did you go after it? Well, no. The first thing, so they called. And they say hey, we want
you to play the Genie. We’re doing a live-action
version of Aladdin. And I was like, nah, man. No, Robin Williams like
smashed that thing, you know? It’s like– and you
have to be careful stepping into, you know,
projects like that. So at first I looked at it– [COUGHING] Ellen, have some water. Have some. Oh, Ellen! Ellen. And Ellen, she is
such a good host. Yeah! So she’s over in– [CHEERING] Bless you! I’m looking at her, and
she’s like she’s looking and she’s trying to
listen to the story. She’s like– [COUGHING] Well, we– [COUGHING] Aw. You know, yep. That could have been edited out. And now– now you’ve
made it entertaining. So, hey. All right, so you said you
said no because Robin– I said, yeah. Robin, you know, he
really smashed this role. He revolutionized what you could
do in these kinds of movies. So I was listening
and listening. And I was like, I just didn’t
think I wanted to touch it. And then I started
playing with the music. And the music is where I
found my in to the Genie. A Friend Like Me
was the first song that I messed with
in the studio. And then I found
that sort of hip hop flavor that was sort of– what Robin did was he
took his stand-up persona and used his stand-up persona. And I was like, oh, I could
just use my sort of Fresh Prince persona and use that,
because the Genie’s been forward and back in time. So he can pull
references from anywhere. So I mirrored that. And the hip hop
in was where I saw I could put my own
signature while maintaining the nostalgic value. And you sing. We know you as a rapper. But then you sing in this. Yes, I sing! It’s great. It’s the first time, yeah. First time we’re
hearing you sing. Yeah. It’s great. It’s great. So many talents. Your brother was obsessed,
right, with Will? Yes, my brother is the
biggest Will Smith fan. And I feel like you
know, people say that. They’re like, oh I’m the
biggest Will Smith fan. My brother actually has– or had, no, he still has
it– a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Will Smith before
I got this role in his room. And I would walk
past and be, ah, because I’d just, like, see
this life-sized cardboard cut-out of you. Yeah, no. And it’s the first
time that I’ve ever gotten an international
restraining order. Aw. On four continents, he has to
stay 50 yards away from me. Always a first. It’s true, it’s true. And then y’all shot in
Jordan in the desert, right? Yes. Yes. How was that? That was amazing. We got to the desert, and
there was champagne flowing. And they were giving us these
beautiful scarves and dancers. And we found out Will threw this
huge party in the desert for us when we got there. So it was amazing. It’s was amazing. And then we went back for press. Yeah, it’s just is
really important to me. Like you know, I’ve done
a lot of these movies. And as I’m getting
older, it’s starting to be more and more
important to me that the ideas and the
messaging of the piece be a contribution to the
human family, you know? And I just cannot wait till all
of your daughters get to see the Princess Jasmine
that that Naomi created. Thank you. Very cool. Very cool. [MUSIC – DRAKE, “IN MY
FEELINGS”] What’s up, everybody? Hey, hey! [CHEERING] (SINGING) Do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from
beside me, ’cause I want you, and I need you, and I’m
down for you always. JT, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from
beside me, ’cause I want you, and I need you, and I’m
down for you always. Babe, we’ve been kissing in a
way, kissing, kissing in a way, kissing, kissing in
a way [INAUDIBLE] I show her how to
[INAUDIBLE] chill [INAUDIBLE] Because I want you, and I
need you, and I’m down for you always. [MUSIC – WILL SMITH, “SWITCH”] (RAPPING) Girl’s on the floor,
all her friends around her. I mean, real clean, ain’t
got to touch or nothing. It ain’t like I like a
chick on chick or something. We just a sucker
for a hot track. [INAUDIBLE] chick
[INAUDIBLE] stop that. Dances are hot. Then a clap, flip it round. Now bring it on back. Take [INAUDIBLE] Now hey. Hey. Can’t hear y’all. I can’t hear y’all. Hey. Hey. Little louder,
little bit louder. Hey. Hey. I like it like that, like
it like it like that. Hey. Hey. Ah! Ah! Ah! I got a question I
need to ask somebody. Why is it that when y’all
see me at the party, y’all be looking like,
ooh, he a movie star. He ain’t supposed to be out on
the floor [INAUDIBLE] But I be wait, whoa, y’all forgetting
when I was amateur, spitting, before the scripts were written,
first one in, last one out the club, bursting in,
passing out in the club. Back at it, this cat is
the wit and the charm, taking you higher like a
syringe hitting your arm, making you higher, making you
[INAUDIBLE] bring me along. Let me see you clap
and spin baby, come on. Hey. Hey. Just the ladies now,
just the ladies. Hey. Hey. Just the fellas,
now just the fellas. Hey. Hey. Everybody now,
every everybody now. Hey. Hey. Ah! Ah! Ah! Hey. Hey. Momma gives you money
for Sunday school. You trade yours for candy. Oh, wait. What was it? Wish those days could
come back once more. Why did those days
ever have to go? I wish those days could
come back once more. Why did those days
ever have to go? Because I loved them so. Whoo! We’re back with Will Smith
and the cast of Aladdin. And now it’s time to play a new
game we’re calling Rub My Lamp. Whoa! Yes! All right. Yes! Rub My Lamp. We have a whole bunch
of lamps down there. Yes. Each one contains
a different prize. Yeah, yeah! OK. It’s for you, Will. Will is going to ask a question. If you get it right,
you get to pick a lamp and you see what you get. And you rub it. You rub it. Oh, you rub it the right way? You got to rub that
lamp the right way. Yeah. Yeah. Our prize models are down there,
Mena and Naomi looking just– Whoo! Yeah. Yeah! Yeah. You need something. Huh? You need something, too. I need something? Yeah, do we have something for
Will, because he needs to– For the Rub My Lamp game? Yeah, yeah. OK. Whoa, OK. Wow, whoa. OK, OK. Oh my gosh. I don’t think– I’m not sure. I’m not sure. I’m sure not– I’m not sure someone
should rub that lamp. All right. Feels like someone already did. All righty. Now, that will be
edited out of the show. Uh-huh, no. No it won’t. And I was just going
to say it’s been a while since I’ve seen a lamp. So I don’t know. I don’t know about size. Yes! All right! OK. All right, so– The views expressed
by Ellen and Will are not necessarily the
views of the Walt Disney Company or the– Speaking of that, we should
say that everyone saw the movie and loved it. So– [CHEERING] I think, yes. Oh, wait. Hold on. Oh, OK. That works. That’s better. That works. That’s better. All right, why don’t
we start with you? You stand up here. Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m sorry. Sorry. Come on down here. Sorry. All right. OK, there’s our first question. Yes. Hi. How you doing? Hi. All right, so what’s
the name of this dance? What’s the name of this dance? [SHOUTING] It’s a phone a friend. She’s going to phone a friend. The Carlton! Yes, yeah! Whoo! Yes! All right, you get
to pick a lamp. And then we’ll
reveal your prize. You get to pick a lamp. All right, let’s do two! All right, two. Two! Do we press it? Oh, there we go. Whoo. Oh! [SCREAMING] That’s good! Back up. Stay back. Stay back. Stay back. All right. All right. You, sweety, come on up here. [SCREAMING] Whoo! She kept going to you anyway. So we’re going to– Yes she did. Yes she did. I’m just going to– all right. So Will, what do
you got for her? All right. Well, I got one, OK. What 1970s sitcom
had this theme song? (SINGING) Fish don’t
burn in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill. Took a whole lot of trying
just to get up that hill. “Moving Up,” Jeffersons. Yes! (SINGING) Getting
our turn at bat. As long as we live,
it’s you and me baby. And there ain’t nothing
wrong with that. Well, we’re moving on
up to the East Side, to a deluxe
apartment in the sky. Moving on up. All right. Whoo, what is that? Seemed like just seven
of us knew that song. Pick yourself a something. I would ask. You could rub his, but
I don’t want you to. Don’t do it. OK, number five. Number five. Number five! Number five. Whoo! [SCREAMING] Aladdin opens in
theaters this Friday. We’ll be right back!

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