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Winter Park Vlog | yourfriendcurtis

– What’s up guys? My name is Curtis and
welcome back to the vlog. Rollins College is one
of the most beautiful campuses in the country, but did you know that just steps away from campus, is one of the most charming
streets in America? From great shopping to awesome events, a weekly farmers market and
a variety of restaurants, where you can use your meal plan. Let’s go explore Park Avenue
with some of my friends. All right, we are starting off our morning right here at the Winter
Park Farmers Market, right around the corner from Rollins. I’m about to go meet up with
my friends Tianna and Mariela. We’re gonna see what the
farmers market has to offer. – Oh, there’s Curtis. – Hey. – How’s it going? – Good, how are you? – Good morning. – Morning. – Let’s go check out the farmers market. – Yeah. – Let’s do it. Awesome, I’m so excited. I don’t know about you guys,
but I love to come here, like every weekend. – Me too. I actually live, like,
super close by, so, yeah, I come here quite often. – A bunch of my teammates come here too and we go get food all the time. – That’s awesome. I like to get breakfast, coffee,
there’s flowers over there. Sometimes I’ll grab something for my mom and then fruit, you know,
there’s so many things, but what do you guys wanna try? – I saw, like, a burrata
stand and they were giving away free samples. We could maybe try that out. – Free samples, let’s do it. – This is my favorite fruit. – You guys wanna try some? Here. – Isn’t this crazy, how
close this is to campus? – Yeah, that is insane. – Very convenient. – The plants are always so cute to hang up in your dorm room. Oh, look at those. – Oh, they’re so cute. – Oh yeah, these would be
really great in your dorm room. – Maybe, this one. You
could put it right– – You could put this in your
window sill or something. – Yeah and you don’t need that much water, so it’s easy to take care of. – All right, let’s get some lemonade. – All right, let’s go. – You guys had their lemonade before? – Yeah, it’s really good. Kind of like sweet and
tart at the same time. – Cheers. – Cheers. – One thing I really wanna
go see is the flowers, cause, like, they always have something extra special around here. Let’s go check it out. They have mint. Oh yeah. I literally wanna just bite this. This is honestly making
me extremely hungry. Do you guys wanna get breakfast? – Yeah, let’s go. – Thanks, appreciate it. – How is it? – It’s fine. – I’ve actually always lived
in the city my whole life. – Oh really? – I’m from Santo Domingo, yeah,
in the Dominican Republic, so I actually was looking for
a college in a smaller town, because I wanted something different than what I was used to. – Doesn’t get any better than this. – Right. – Yeah. – Yeah. – We don’t have farmers markets back home. – Right? Thank you guys so much for coming. This was awesome. We definitely gotta do this more often, every Saturday, so good. But, thank you so much,
had a good time, cheers. I’m gonna finish this sandwich
and I’ll see you guys later. Right now, we’re here at the
Winter Park train station, which is right here in
the middle of Park Avenue and we’re about to go
see my friend, Fernanda, who’s just about to get off the SunRail. All right, here’s the SunRail. It’s really loud. Let’s find her. All right, I think I found her. Yo! Found her. What’s up? How are you? – Hi. – Say hey to the vlog. – Hi. – All right. How was the ride? – Good. – Nice. So, tell me about the SunRail. Why do you like it so much? – I love it, because I get free WiFi, I get to charge my
tablet and do my homework right before I go to class. – Oh, it’s perfect. What time are your classes
here in the morning? – 10 am Chinese. – Oh, sweet. We better get going. – Yeah. – So, what’s one of your favorite
things about Winter Park? – I love the coffee. – Ooh really? What’s your favorite spot to get coffee? – I like Barnie’s. It’s right across from
the SunRail station. – Perfect, let’s go check it out. – Yeah. – Love it, let’s see it. – A vanilla hot latte. – Can do. – And then two blueberry muffins. – Beautiful, thanks so much. – So, this is the courtyard. It’s so pretty. – Love it. It’s like your favorite
place to study and stuff. – Yeah, so let’s sit over here. – Cheers. So, tell me, what else do
you like about Park Avenue? – I love all the shops here. – Oh yeah? – Yeah and I love how beautiful the environment is and everything. Winter Park is so beautiful and charming. I just love it and it’s
very Instagram aesthetic. – Oh yeah. Thanks so much for showing me around Park Avenue and Barnie’s. I know you have to get to class
so, I’ll talk to you later. – Bye. – Bye. Now, we’re gonna go see my
friends Matthew and McKenna who are hanging out here
right at Central Park. Let’s go say hello. What’s up guys? – Hey Curtis. – How’s it going? Mind if I sit? – Yeah, of course. We’re just studying for class. – You guys come out here often? – Yeah, it’s basically
an extension of campus. – Yeah, we’re trying to meet
once a week for this class. But other times, I just come and hang out and study by myself. – Yeah, what else do you
guys like to do out here? – There’s great shopping. Synergy is a great store
for guys and girls. And then there’s a lot of
good boutiques for the girls, like The Impeccable Pig, Violet Clover. – What about events? Is there anything that happens around here in the park and stuff? – Yeah, for sure. So, there’s the Popcorn
Flicks in the Park, so they play free movies at select weeks, so they have them at 7 pm.,
you bring your blankets, bring your chairs, snacks. Yeah, everyone just lays out in the park. – There’s a lot of festivals and parades that Winter Park has and
it’s right on Park Avenue, so I went to the art festival a while ago and they sell jewelry, they have paintings and sculptures. – They have a fourth of July event, actually on the lawn here too, so it’s a lot of fun. – And, Christmas time’s beautiful as well. They have the tree lighting, you can come get pictures
and they have beautiful holiday decorations hanging
on Park Ave as well. Let’s go check out one of the stores. Which one do you wanna go to? – How about Synergy? You guys mentioned that earlier. – Yeah, it’s right over here, let’s go. – Perfect, let’s do it. – So for this shop, I love
the Life Is Good brand, cause I grew up with it, so
I come here for the shirts and there’s really cute stickers. – Love it. – There’s some specific
to Winter Park too. And for the guys, back here
they have a whole section. There’s a lot of Patagonia,
there’s tons of shoes. – So there’s a place for
everyone at Park Ave, so it’s just a nice place to be. – I just like getting off
campus for a little bit. It’s a really great way to walk a few feet and feel like you’re somewhere new. – Thanks so much for showing me Synergy. I appreciate you showing me around. – Yeah, thanks for coming. – Bye. – See ya. – See ya. I’m starting to get real hungry again and I love eating at all
the restaurants and cafes along Park Avenue, so let’s go grab food with my friends, Elijah and Gi. What’s up guys? – Hey. – How’s it going? – Good, how are you? – Good. Nice to see you. You guys hungry? – Absolutely. – Absolutely. What do you guys like to eat around here? – Well, there’s so many different places. A favorite of mine is Park Ave Smoothies and Power House Cafe. Both of those are great places to go. – Let’s head over to Power House. I wanna check that out. – Sure thing. – Sweet. – Power House is awesome. They have smoothies. It keeps the food light
too, so we come here before game days. It’s a good, healthy choice that’s tasty and just all around good. – My favorite thing is to
come here early in the morning before class and get a smoothie. when I don’t have time for breakfast, just a quick smoothie, because
it’s right across the road. All right, let’s get some smoothies. – Sounds good. – It’s so nice out here. We got so many options to eat from, all the desserts and stuff. – One of my favorite places
to go on Park Ave is Kilwins. We go to waffle cone
Wednesdays, my sorority sisters and I go every Wednesday, buy one, get one free waffle cones. We just pair up together
and I love Kilwins. – Ever try Ben & Jerry’s or– – Ben & Jerry’s for sure, they take R-Card so I use them as much as I can. – I didn’t know that. – It’s amazing. – Where do you guys go to
for brunch or breakfast? – Barnie’s is a favorite
of mine, definitely. – We were just there this morning. – Yeah. – Yeah, I had a coffee and a muffin. – I love their coffee, there. They’ve got all different kinds. – The Alfond Inn is not
too far off Park Ave. I’ve frequented there a little bit. Worked there for a little while as well. – Oh really, that’s cool. – It’s nice, great food. – Oh yeah, I forgot, they have a little restaurant inside, right? – Hamilton’s Kitchen. Park Ave Pizza is
another favorite of mine. – Oh yeah? – They take R-Card too. It’s kind of a late-night vibe,
me and my friends go there. – That’s nice. – Awesome. – Panera is a classic for me. Chicken noodle soup. – All the time. – Other seasonal favorites, definitely. – Well, I’m down for
BurgerFi, it’s right there, if you guys wanna go? – Absolutely. – Let’s do it. – Sounds great. – What can I get for you? – Can I get a veggie burger, green style, with no cheese, please? – Double BurgerFi cheeseburger. – BurgerFi bacon cheeseburger. – Do you guys take R-Card? – Absolutely, we do. – Awesome. – Oh yes. – Hey. – Thank you. – Here you go. – Thank you so much – This is really good. – Mm hmm. – I love all these
options here on Park Ave. So close to campus, beautiful
location, nice weather. – Winter Park, in general,
honestly, it’s just so nice. Honestly, I just like
coming here and just walking around with friends, you know. We’re about to have a good
feast on all this food, so I’ll catch you guys later. Peace. Thank you guys so much for watching. Hope you guys have enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to leave a
like and a comment below. I’d love to hear your
feedback on this video and if you have any
ideas for future vlogs, feel free to drop them below. That’s all for me, I’ll
see you in the next one. Peace.

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    What about The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art?? Beautiful Tiffany…so much Tiffany. The collection is the most comprehensive IN THE WORLD. It should be on every Rollins student's radar! And, that Christmas spirit–Christmas in the Park with the windows out in Central Park is pure divinity. Google it and include it. $1 student admission and tons of free events during the year! <3 <3

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