WSU Global Campus Grad Reflects On Online Student Journey

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WSU Global Campus Grad Reflects On Online Student Journey

[MUSIC PLAYING] SHANIQUA MANNING: I had a great experience
as a Global Campus student. I learned a ton and I learned stuff that was directly applicable to the work that I do. When I started here, I was starting a new career, working full time, also being a wife and mother, and I didn’t have time to devote
to sitting in a classroom. I needed to be able to have a flexible schedule
that allowed me to learn and get my studying done and my homework
done on my own terms, at my own time, so it was the perfect situation that
allowed me to do that. I love that this opportunity was available. When I was searching for
graduate schools I looked at several global campuses
around the country, and in my previous career in journalism we had a lot of journalism interns at my television station, so I knew the quality of work that was being
done here at WAZZU, and that’s one of the things that really sold me on WAZZU
as the place that I wanted to get my degree. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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