WSU online student Christine Lynch

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been an amazing gift, in my opinion, to me. To be able to work
full-time, raise a family, and get my degree finally
at 40 was amazing. CHRISTINE’S DAD: As a dad, I got
to say she inherited my gene. Her children have learned
a lot through this, also. This isn’t just
something for her. The whole family has learned. CHRISTINE LYNCH: Well,
I would say for my children to be able to see that
hard work pays off and that even though I took a
break from obtaining a degree, I was still able to do
it, they learned how to study right along with me. We would all be doing homework
together at the table. Mom would be doing hers. The kids would be doing theirs. They learned what it
means to have a goal, set it, make milestones,
and actually achieve it. CHRISTINE’S DAD: You think
as you raise kids, you don’t know if you’ve done
the right thing or not until you see
the lessons that they pass on to their children. It’s OK to start on something
and it’s OK to take a break. But go back and finish
what you started. CHRISTINE LYNCH: Well,
I had started my degree right after I graduated from high
school, just like most kids do. I went to Tacoma
Community College, got my two-year
degree, was funding it with myself and my
parents’ support, went on to the University
of Washington in Tacoma, funded that same way, working
hard, working full-time, and I literally ran out
of money and took a break. And once I got into the
career path that I’m in now, my boss really encouraged
me to go back and finish so that I could have
a promotion at my job. I am a director at a drug
and alcohol treatment center in Olalla. It’s called Olalla
Recovery Centers. I already received
the promotion and I’m in line for the next
promotion, which would actually be to be the general
manager of the company. CHRISTINE’S DAD: What I really, really
hope is, I hope that Nicholas and Olivia see that instead of
waiting until you’re 40 to get your degree, that they
get their degree before they’re 30 so that they’ll
have an added 10 years to develop their careers. CHRISTINE LYNCH: Highly recommended–
I tell everybody I know the best way to
get a degree is online, if you can’t go sit
in a university. If you’re 18, go
sit in a university. I think you need the discipline. If you’re a working person like
myself or raising a family, definitely the way to go. You’ll get it done and
you’ll get it done well. You’ll actually
probably, I think, do better because you
set your own schedule. When I researched, I wanted
an accredited school, a real school that had buildings
and walls and real people and this was it. CHRISTINE’S DAD: As a father, I would
like to see her go on and get a couple more degrees. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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